University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Central Oklahoma is a widely diverse, eventful, and helpful university.


University of Central Oklahoma is a communter school with tons of parking lots and if the number one school in the county for Education and criminal science majors.


The University of Central Oklahoma is a rare gem considering it's location, it is diverse and accepting of all walks of life. It is also the only university in Oklahoma with an accredited art program. The classes are smaller, the students are always involoved in some kind of activity, and the proffessors are wonderful. Being treated equally, with kindness and understanding is very important to the faculty at UCO. I'm happy to be at this school.


UCO is mainly focused on the student success, its great.


This school is full of possibilities because it is so diverse and has so many options and avenues to take.


All round, has pretty amazing professors who are willing to help, campus is beautiful, people are very friendly there, and class sizes are the perfect size!


Class work is harder than I expected.


The University of Central Oklahoma is a great school to grow in.


University of Central Oklahoma has a small campus with personal instructors that care about your future and are willing to spend time with their students in order to help themr each their academic goals.


University of Central Oklahoma is a welcoming and caring campus filled with teachers, faculty, and students who truly care about one another.


Gorgeous campus, very lively, always something to do. one of the oldest campuses in Oklahoma


The University of Central Oklahoma is a great university to grow in, not only does it give you a genuine college experience, but you still have the feel of your hometown.


University of Central Oklahoma is a modern day campus with values similar to what our parents grew up on.


UCO is home.


My school is one filled with school spirt, that may not be welcoming at first, but filled with people that help others suceed not only in their education but also in their life.


UCO is a great college to attend, and has a great enviroment. They offer help in areas that you need improvements. they never turn you down because of you past grades, they work with you , and they will offer you help in areas that you need improvements in.


The main thing that drew me to the university of Oklahoma was its friendlyness and the teacher to student ratio, as well as its inviting campus.


UCO is a great place to learn and Edmond is a great place to live - close to home.


This school is very caring and has your best interest in mind.


An affordable sencond choice.


You should consider the school as a temple you go to learn, in which you work extremely hard so that nothing is going to scare you after you graduate.


I did not know what to expect when I decided to attend UCO, but I've learned that I can expect a good education, good teachers, and good opportunities and never be disappointed.


UCO is a quaint campus, not too big, not too small.


UCO is a great college, it isn't too big and it isn't too small.


UCO is student centered university, focused on helping goals be achieved, and dreams lived.


A not too small, not too big place with a great social enviornment.


For working students.


Diverse and still small enough to not be overwhelming or scary.


fun, busy, hard working indiviuals with a clean atmisphare and on going activities