University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are like family.


Super friendly and practically family. Everyone is helpful and wants to see everyone else succeed. It's almost impossible to walk down the halls and not have anyone say hello to you.


All of the classmates I've met are hardworking and dedicated and seem to really be working hard for their degree.


Some students are hardworking, while others sit in class doodling or texting on their cell phones.


I think the two words that best describe my classmates are eclectic and diverse because I feel like there are so many different backgrounds here and because of that I really feel like I learn something new from everyone I meet.


They seem like very nice people. Many of them (as far as I know) hang around and do normal college kid things. I've only been in my new classes for a week and a half so far, so I don't really have that much of a grasp on many of them yet.


My classmates can be describe as unique, each and everyone of them is different. They are all from a different back ground, and a lot of them from different countries and cultures.


I would said my classmates were caring, helpful and we work together as a team.


My classmates are very diverse and most of them will help you of they can.


The class sizes were small and you had majority of the same students block through your major classes with you. You got to know your classmates well.


Very goal orriented people.


Each person is different., some are outgoing, some are quiet, but almost always all are genuinely nice.


Everyone is really friendly. They are all open to helping each other out! I like them all.


My classmates are always smiling and helpful.


Some excited about college. Some bored with college. Most working and attending college.


Classmates are great, very helpful and willing to branch out and meet new people. very willing to form a study group which is awesome, and you meet new people everyday and you'll love it.


They are friendly,empathetic, and unique.


My classmates are great teachers. Full of potential, and open my eyes to new ideas and beliefs each and every day.


I dont really know my classmates.


The classmates at UCO are very helpful as well as willing to be involved in all campus aspects.


Majority of my classmate are diverse like me. Every one has a different culture, religion, orientation, ethnicity and age. We all accept each other differences and try to learn more about them we all become on big family.


they are all very helpful and friendly


For the most part, lazy or unmotivated. I do not see how a person can go to an university and not give his/her best effort, but it seems to happen all around me.


My classmates can be caddy but are usually fun and talented people that support one another.


My classmates are to diverse to summarize in one sentence.


They want to learn and help others in achieving the same goals.


Everyone is very friendly


They are education driven and determined.


A unique group of culturally diverse philanthropists, who have made my college experience one I will never forget.


Most of my classmates are outgoing once they are comfortable with you. They are always open to new ideas and can always give a helping hand when you need it.


Very Diverse and open minded.


Try living on campus. It will get you involved and you'll find things about school that will help ensure that you stay in school. Always go to class. Its important to push yourself to be a better adult. You are here to learn and that means outside of the classroom as well.


My classmates are very friendly, outgoing, and respectful.


Everyone is always friendly and engaging.