University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Central Oklahoma is known as a commuter college and for the Nursing and Education departments.


While it's known for many things including academics and the arts I feel like what it is best known for is that while it is a rather large university you don't feel like you disappear into the crowd there. They are really good about being there for their students and giving them the resources they need to succeed.


we are known for the forensics program


The University of Central Oklahoma is best known for it's forensic science department.


We are best known for our outstanding students who want to change not only our campus and ourselves but our community.


My school is best known for it's education program. We supply many teachers. Also, we are known for our new music program. The program is good for many music carreers and is run by current band managers.


The University of Central Oklahoma is most known for being the first university in Oklahoma having been opened in 1891 as a school for teachers. UCO is also known for having the most diverse student population.


i would have to say our sport. everyone gets an equal chances to make it on the team, and all the coachs are friendly.


UCO is best known for their community service. There seems to be opportunity weekly to donate time and energy giving back to the community. I have participated in many events and find the majority of students do as well.


there teaching program


Are school is mostly known for its education depapartment. UCO has the best teaching department in the state of Oklahoma although all degrees are great.


Our school is known for being laid-back and liberal and still being innovative and academically challenging.


Broncho Football


Happy Graduates. I have not yet graduated and although I have had my rough times just being a student, employee and mother, Its a place I always look forward to coming, they accept the right kind of people., everyone's a blessing to be around.


The University of Central Oklahoma is best known for the many different opportuinities it provides through different unique programs. Leadership, volunteering, Forensic Science, Education, Business, Art, Music, are just a few of the programs that UCO is well known for and stands apart from other universities. Leadership offers unique opportunities for students to get involved with leading in the community and on campus. The program has grown over the years and continues to grow.