University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


UCO is not very fun. Most of our events are small and don't have many students that attend


The worst thing about UCO is that there is always construction. Get it together UCO (:


To do your homework and I don't mean the stuff the teachers throw at you but research what classes you plan on taking. It could make all the difference between you taking a class you don't need and a happy first year.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the parking because after ten in the morning its almost impossible to find a parking spot. However, its a blessing to have that be my worst complaint of the University.


It's kind of hard to find the clubs? One thing I've been meaning to do is find a club, in order to try to make more friends. I think the campus sets aside a couple of days during the first one-two weeks for clubs to hang around and interest folks, but its almost always during times I'm in class. The clubs themselves have their own websites, however, the only downside is that the ones I'm interested in don't post meetup information that much.


The worst thing about the University of Central Oklahoma is that if you are not involved in greek life you basically don't exist.


I would said nothing was the worst thing about this school, as it may have been ways to drive to school each day it was worth the effort to finish up to get a good education. As UCO was a school that I dream of attending when I was little I am so proud of myself as I have live out my dreams by going to this school. This school has a beautiful environment with excellent professors who actually care about thier students, I personally have a long-term stable relationship with some of my old professor, as of today.


The worst thing is that the school doesn't give out very many scholarships. It is a very good school, it just does not have sufficient funding for prospective students. Most of the funds that they do get goes toward athletics.


The worst thing about my school is the internet connection. On campus computers it's great, but on laptops you have to log in to their network and sometimes it takes forever to connect or may not even connect at all, and occasionally it will kick you off and make you sign in again which is extrememly frustrating. It usually works just fine but when it isn't working it's terrible.


I believe the worst thing about the University of Central Oklahoma is how hard it would be to talk to your academic advisor. Though you can call and make an appointment you still have to wait and sometime you might not get to see one because they only see a certain number a day. Many times you call and call but continuously get placed on hold and never get through, so that is what I believe is the worst thing about my college.


The worst thing about the university that I attend is that it is a "commuter" college. Most of the students are people who already have families, or who do not wish to participate in college activities and live off campus. This makes the student activity number lower than it should be for how many students attend the University of Central Oklahoma.


The worst thing is that it is a huge commuter school with little parking. If I would have known more when I enrolled I would have moved into the housing on campus to get to know people easier and that way it would have been easier making friends, now I live off campus and commute ever day and it is a pain.


The worst thing about UCO is that their is not much participation in student organizations and activities. This makes it very hard to ever feel apart of the school or campus life. I guess it is just a result of UCO being more of a commuter college where students just come to class and then go back home to their parents, or families and other jobs and activities.


High non-resident tuition


The worst thing about my school is....well, their really isn't any thing bad about my school. You get an education from a school that has many merited staff at an affordable price. There are small classrooms, so the teacher knows your name, and overall its great learning environment.


This school seems to have a large amount of adjunct teachers. While there are some that take their job as an adjunct seriously and are quality teachers, most just meet the minimum requirements to get a little extra cash. If you are serious about your future and need to learn the material in order to do well in more advanced classes, this can be detrimental to your educational goals.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the professors don't really seem to know how to teach the things they are supposed to be teaching, but it is just a few of many, most are very good.


My school is very hard to get adjusted to. I came from being in the same public school system since I was in first grade, to a college in another city that I barely knew anything about. When I got to college it was like I was on the outside of a window looking in. I was very scared of everything, and people were just as scared as me, so they were not very out going or friendly. I felt like no one liked me.


I would have to say the parking. Unless you get here at 7:30 in the morning you are not going to find a good spot to park. And no matter where you park you still have a 5-10 minute walk to class


One thing I do not really like about my school is the parking situation. It costs $100 each year to park on campus, and it is always difficult to find a place to park. No matter how early I leave my house for school, I am sometimes late due to the lack of parking spaces available for all the students. The only other complaint I have is with Acedimic Advisment office. When signing up for classes, or asking about information regaurding my major, they often give conflicting advice then what my professors will tell me.


Their website is the worst thing because it is confusing and difficult to find the information you need, and in some places it even has conflicting information.


nothing really


It's hard to get connected to other students since it's a commuter school. There aren't many ways outside of class to get to know other students.


It is a commuter school, so there isn't much going on in the college community.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of on-campus parking and housing. A student union would also be nice!


There is too much emphisis on sports and not enough on acedemics.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of adjunct teachers. They are usually working on a degree for themselves and are not as focused on teaching as a tenured professor. They are not as experienced and it shows.


Undergraduate advisors can be a little vague.


Most people consider UCO to be a commuter school, which results in little campus involvment. Many of the clubs and organizations have very few memebers. Being involved in various activities on campus adds to the college experience. The university is working on this issue in some ways such as getting more students to live on campus. But in other ways the university is dragging its heels such as not allowing a 24 hour library. Much of the resistance comes from the city of Edmond which does not want to be considered a college town.


Try and ask students not administration. They act like they don't want to talk to you or answer your questions or even know what you are talking about.


I wish there more more than one of upper division classes offered throughout the day.


There is nothing I consider to be bad about this school.


The commuter parking is the worst. They removed the biggest lot we had to build another building, and raised the amount of the parking permits.


Sometimes there is too much going on. There are many extra curricular activities and ways to get involved but it is easy to get distracted from school. So that at the end of the semester you are scrambling to get everything done that needs to be done.


The parking sucks


The worst thing would have to be how it does not realy make you feel like a college student. The class room sizes are about the same as they were in high school and the campus does not really feel like what you normally think of as a typical university.


The most frustrating thing is that every so often, they will hire professors that clearly do not have the ability to convey information to students though they are very intelligent themselves. Also, the turnover does not happen quickly enough here; there have been several professors in my college that should have been terminated years go.


I believe the worst thing about the University of Central Oklahoma is the size. It is very small, and I grew up in a large high school, so coming to college didn't seem too much different. If I could change this, I would make UCO a much larger school.


I honestly can not come up with the worst aspect of the University of Central Oklahoma. The facutly and staff provide great help for anything the students need. This is the best university for me and everything I need to get my degree and have a successfull career is provided to me by UCO.


The price of tutition is crazy and the parking is terrible


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There are not enough parking spots on the west side of campus.