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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice i would give my highschool self is that what you do now is important to your future, but the what peers think of you is not. Most high schoolers are focused on what others think of them and the approval of others, like I was, but if I could go back and change my focus to be on making better grades and truly comprehending the material I would. It is important in highschool to find out who you are, and not become the person everyone else wants you to be but also to focus on studies and learn whats in front of you. I would also tell my self to enjoy the four years of highschool I was given because it goes by faster than it seems it should. Enjoy your friends and enjoy the experience while you have it. You only get to go through high school once.


Dear High School self, To be ready for college you need a strong and sturdy backpack for all the books and supplies you will have to haul around campus. I suggest a North Face backpack. Also downloud the app Scholly for your phone. This app has tons of free schlorships that are quick and easy to apply for. Next, go out and buy a big calender and a planner the size of a notebook along with a pack of colorful pins. When you get your class schedule assign a color to each one of your classes. Then when you go and buy the rest of your supplies, get matching color 5 star college ruled notebooks to go along with the pin color you chose for your class. Finally when you have something due in that class take the pin and mark it in your calendar and your planner so you remember and you easily can tell which class it is because of the color of the pin and the matching notebook. I didn't figure that out till this year, and it has helped me get all my assignments in on time. Good luck! Sincerely, Your College Self


The advice I would have gave to myself was to stop rushing growing up and to enjoy the last moments with the people that you've spent the last twelve years with you have. I would tell myself that college isn't staying up all night running the streets and crazy parties that you on movies. College is actually hard and the nights you do stay up all night is because you will be in the library studying your brains out. That you have to grow up and be responible because there isn't someone there to make sure you are out of bed and heading to class or someone to wash your clothes. If I could tell myself anything before I went to college it would be to be thankful for the parents I have because in college those two people that have raised you your whole life are the only ones you can really trust and the only ones that will truly be there for you when you have a total breakdown becasue you've been studying for hours upon hours.


Dear high school senior me, do not fret. You may think that graduating high school will be the end of the world and nothing will ever live up to Friday night games and Homecoming, but you are wrong. College is greater than you can imagine. Moving in seems so traumatic, but in reality it is one day and will be over with before you know it. There are so many new experiences in college. The amount of people you meet is crazy. You will say your name, year, and major more times than you can count, but it is all part of the experience. You will meet people that will make you think and become a better human. You will find your bestfriend here. Everything seems so overwhelming at first. When things seem too tough and you are tremendously homesick, just take a deep breath. That big test will pass no matter how much you panic. You will go home and see your family. Don't be so overwhelmed and scared for the future that you forget to enjoy the present. Welcome to the next chapter of your life. Read slow, it will be over before you know it.


Dear 17 year old Petra, I know you are excited, nervous and anxious as you are about to begin your collegiate career. Here is my advice to you: Don't panic! You are in good hands. You are about to have one of the greatest experiences and make sure you soak up every second of it. This is a chance for a new beginning, high school was rough and people were not the nicest. Good news, the bullies don't make it to college with you. Take advantage of building relationships with professors, networking with professionals and making friends. These connections you make are so important for your future. College is a chance for you to find yourself and your calling in life. You are indecisive about your major and that is perfectly okay, everyone is a little unsure. Trust yourself when you are about to decide and get ready, because you are about to fall in love. Sincerely, older you. P.S. Listen to your parents, they actually know what they are talking about.


College isn't as terrible as it seems. Don't procrastinate. Ask questions. Join as many organizations as possible and meet new people. Get involved and volunteer as often as possible. Talk to strangers in the elevator. If someone looks like they need help, offer them some. Never miss out on free food. Don't take an 8 AM class. grab all the free stuff from tables outside and in the Nigh, even if it means having several pairs of sunglasses. And do whatever it takes to get the free t-shirts they give out. Take advantage of the Wellness Center, even if it's just sitting on an exercise bike do something. Fill out as many scholarship applications as you can. Always check your e-mail. And keep up with your online work.


If you ever doubt your choice of a Bachelor's in the Fine Arts, stop. It takes a lot of courage to pursue something you love instead of something sensible that you know will be able to keep your bank account in check. Sometimes it's going to be difficult and you are going to doubt your capability as an artist. This is normal, everyone questions there career choices, the important thing is to be true to who you are and what you love and believe in, because doing what you love and what makes you happy is important, don't ever think otherwise. Good luck kid, I know you have what it takes.


Hi, Faith! I'm so glad you've decided to go to college! You will love UCO! There are some tips I'd like to give you. First, enjoy it! You've come so far to get here. This college has so many opportunities, you'll feel like they're made for you. If you see something you like, don't let it pass by. Second, learn anything you can! That's what college is about, right? It has almost everything you need to create the life you want. The many things you're interested in could be right at your fingertips! There is no doubt that by the time you leave college, the expierience and knowledge you have gained will surely become a part of who you are. Lastly, focus on you! This is a time for you to really look into yourself and find who Faith is. Life is too short to mind what other people think. In the end, you will be so very happy that you did this all for yourself. I look foward to you remembering reading this. Remember, enjoy this expierience, learn, and just be Faith! I have no doubt you've got this!


I would tell myself to focus more on school and less time on playing video games.


The things I am about to tell you, about where I am in life, will probably shock you. Try your best to hear me out though because these things have led you to a good place. First off the facts: You have been to the same two universities two seperate times each yet you have yet to get a degree of any sort, you have moved back in with your mom, and at the age of almost 25 you still have yet to find Mr. Right. Like I said hear me out. The reason you have been in and out of college so much is because God was sending you on a journey for self-discovery. I had no idea what we wanted to do at your age. However this has taught us perseverance and determination. Also living with mom isn't so bad because she is helping you reach your goals financially so that you can sooner or later go to New York and follow God's dreams for you. And about Mr. Right? Stop trying to plan that cause that will just make you settle. Here's my advice: Dream big and know that God is with you!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would have a lot of advice. I would tell myself to look into more colleges, rather than just settling for a local community college. I would explain that I would be challenged more and that college is more than just an adacdemic experience. Now I have learned that it's important to find a college campus that fits one best. I would also tell myself to take my high school classes more seriously. As important as it is to make memories to look back on, taking one's studies seriously will help prepare for the future. One last thing, take the ACT as many times as possible, it will help open more doors every time you improve your score. Being proative towards one's future during high school is more important than students realize, as it will impact the rest of your life.


I would tell my self that i would need to learn how to time manage when it comes to transitioning into college. Time is a big essence to college you have a lot of classes and work to do, so i think time management would be the only thing i would tell my self to work on and get it down to a 'T"


Assuming I go back to the very beginning of Senior year, I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships, and generally try and be more active in school activities. I would also tell myself to keep looking for other means of employment, as my job at the time was a little bit too stressful and low-paying for it to be worth it while I was in college. Most importantly, I'd tell myself to relax. College (so far) hasn't been anywhere NEAR as stressful and time-consuming as I imagined. In fact, the incresed freedom to choose my schedule and study things I'm actually interested in learning has actually improved my study habits and grades signifigantly. The amount of time and freedom you gain once you're out of the traditional school system is liberating, and the courses aren't a monolith of papers and all-nighters like some would have me to believe. You still have to WORK at it, of course, but you actually have some semblance of control over the matter.


Apply for scholarships, you need to take advantage of any "free" money that is out there. Also, be open minded about what you want to major in, don't waste your money on something that you don't even know you for sure want to do. Choose wisely on your major, you have to be happy with what you do the rest of your life.


Push for your dreams, do not let anyone or anything hold you back, you are completely capable of succeding at a large university. Do not be afraid of people. Get out there let your voice be heard and get involved. Everyone is looking for new friends, not just you. Things will work out, more people have gone before you and made it, now it is your turn to show the world what you are cappable of and you have it in you. Just let it out! Go get em'!


I remember vividly many moments during my time in high school in which I would ponder over the seemingly inexplicable environment I experienced daily. One thing was clear for me- I would not allow myself to get caught up with a "bad crowd," so to speak. I had good support from my mother and other family members, so I never struggled with drugs, alcohol or promiscuos behavior. I had good grades, wonderful friends and was achieveing great things for myself. At the time it seemed as if I was riding the perfect track to success. Looking back, I realize now that I was missing an imperative aspect of life that would have changed my own and many others'. See, it was not enough for me to simply stay away from the bad things and the difficult people. If I could give any bit of advice to my senior self, it would be to invest in the lives of others while I could. I had what I needed to truly succeed- but, alas, it is not just about myself. Reaching out to others and making a difference in their lives is what matters. It can change the future.


If I had the opportunity to time travel, I would go back to the fond memories of my ninth grade year in high school. In that time period, I would tell myself who my “real” friends are, and ignore the “fakes.” I would motivate myself to study, work harder, and repeat to myself that everything is worth it. In doing this, I believe I could have excelled more in the high-school environment overall. Most importantly, if I had this opportunity I would have encouraged myself to obtain an AA degree before graduating high-school because afterwards, the worst is over, and all I would have to do is concentrate on what is important to me, such as my bachelor’s degree, what university I would be attending, and what major I choose. I feel that if I had the opportunity to talk to my “past-self” I could have eventually moved from my parents house and started living on my own long ago. However, I am happy with where I am at now in Polk State College, I am proud of being an eagle, and having the opportunity of attending this spectacular school.


Apply to as many schools as you must, military will not be your field trust me. You will have a sudden heart change right before your pledge instead apply for school.


Knowing what I know now about the college transition I would tell myself to take more concurrent classes so I could get more of my credits out of the way. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships because it is always smart to be prepared and have money for your schooling. I would tell myself to be as involved as I can and to make everything I do fun, because school is shcool and it is what you make of it.


Do not wait until the last minute is one of the many phrases you'll be hearing and is undoubtedly the most accurate. Once you graduate things will only get harder, especially financial wise. You'll be presented with several oppotunities to apply for scholarship programs that will be beneficial towards paying for college. I told myself "oh, i have plenty of time to this before i graduate." now I'm struggling to pay for my first semester, this is not something that can be done with the snap of your fingers. Another thing would be not to hesistate, I had to re-take the ACT because I missed it by 1 point, but ultimately decided not to because I knew money was tight. If i had decided to pay, then I would probably not be in the situation I'm in right now. So what I'm trying to say is never let yourself waver because of money issues, always take the chance because by doing so it could potentially be one of your greatest assets. Always remember that by spending a little now, will lead to prosperity in the near future. Be wise in making your decisions.


I would tell myself to join National Honors Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, STUCO, and a few more of the other clubs Piedmont High School offered. Although I was very involved in the sports, musicals, and yearbook, the other organizations and clubs would also help my transcipt and resume. I would have told myself to volunteer more often and step out of my comfort zone.


I would say to think harder about where I wanted to go in life so I could choose the more appropriate way to get there.


I do not regret anything that has happened in the past, however I always think of how interesting it would be to see how I would have turned out had I known in high school the things I know now. I've learned a lot during my first year of college. I now understand that I don't need to worry about every little thing. We are not in control of everything. Dwelling on mistakes will only lead to more stress. College is much more difficult than high school and mistakes are going to happen. Any who try to reach perfection will only be let down in the end, for perfection is unattainable. I graduated high school with a 4.0 and receieved my first "B" this past year. I was upset at first, but I realized that I should focus on the positive rather than the negative. I had worked hard all of high school and never made below an "A." That's something to be proud of! If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself that everything will turn out okay and that looking on the bright side is vital to college survival.


If I could go back I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships early and then to apply for as many as I can find and that I qualify for. Secondly, I would encourage myself to go for it. Apply for more universities, including those states away; follow my heart in my degree of study; and I'd tell myself that it's okay to try out different majors, this way I'll be more secure in the one I feel is right for me. I'd tell myself to continue to value my roots, but to not be afraid to fly :)


I would tell myself that it is going to be a long battle, you will go through some tough times on your job as well with school. It may seem like a long struggle but there is a light at the end of tunnel and you will become a person you want to become.


If I could talk to my high school senior self there are three major things I would tell myself. The first would be, take more challenging classes. The classes I took senior year did not prepare me for the work load I would face in college and did not help me gain the study habits I would need to be the most successful in college. The second thing would be to get more involved in student activities. I was in some activities like National Honor Society, Yearbook, and Newspaper but I think it would have helped me greatly when applying for scholarships had I been involved in more activities. One activity I would have gotten involved in is FCCLA; however, I did understand what it was really about so it was not something I looked into in depth. One other thing I would tell myself is, volunteer more outside of school. I believe this would have assisted me not only in applying for scholarships but also in creating relationships which I have learned in college that it is something very important. While I cannot go back I can still do these things while preparing for graduate school and my career.


I would tell my self to do as much as you can in high school such as participate more in ROTC, join government take high school seriously and study really hard.


If i could go back in time to give advice to myself, I would tell myself that I have to separate fun time from study time. It is hard to succeed in college if you party more than you study. You also have to know how to study. It would be better to study for periods of time instead of one big study session. You must also go over the notes and read the books mutliple times. College is not all about studying though. You will have a lot of time to hang out with your friends and party on the weekends. Don't do it too much though. If you fall behind in classes it is very hard to catch up. Schedule your classes around a time where you will perform your best in the classroom. If your not a morning person then schedule your classes in the afternoon or evening. Showing up late to classes can hurt your grade. Especially if there is a quiz at the begining of class. Remember, have fun in college but remember what you are there for. The main goal is to get that degree. Stay focused and good luck.


I would say to apply for more scholarships, beacuse it is very difficult to do eighteen hours of classes and a twenty hour work study job. You do not have to worry about fitting in, this is not like high school where there is a "popular crowd". Everyone here is so different from one another that it works. Do not stress about clarinet auditions, they only happen once a semester. And above all, be happy. College is the best thing you will experience as of yet.


Please believe in yourself and your dreams. You can do anything if you stay focussed on your goals. Don't let friends or family talk you out of your dreams because they think they know you better than yourself. Only you know what is in your heart. Take the time to reflect on yuour choices to be sure they will help you achieve what it is you want. It's O.K. to let your hair down once in a while, but you have to get right back in the ring and keep fighting for your dreams. Try not to get too bogged down in debt by your education and don't let the price tag keep you from pursuing your higher education. Apply for scholarships! Ask for help if you don't already know how to do so. Most importantly be true to yourself and your values. College should be the best time of your life. Explore your options. You can't know what you want if you don't know what is out there!


I wouldn't give much advice except for to let myself know that it's only school and to not get overly stressed. I thought college was going to be this big, scary monster, and I really let it hold me back my first semester. If that's the advice I could give myself and all incoming freshmen, I would give it a million times over.


Get back in the chair and learn a lot more math. Learn Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus like the back of your hand and then get into the sciences. Stop focusing on what you think so much because it narrows your vision of how things work in the world.


It was that holy cow moment; I realized that in just two years I would be graduating college. What was going to happen to me after that diploma? Would I continue to spend hours watching reruns on TV, playing volleyball with frat boys, and checking Facebook every half hour? It was time to redirect my focus; my whole future was ahead of me and I had all intentions of making it a successful one. My adult mindset took front seat; I began a conservative financial plan and a future focus education, I finally understood their importance. My regret, why did I wait to practice this frame of mind? I would love to chat with my 18 year old self; I would simplify what took years to learn: 1. Don’t spend money frivolously, most stuff you won’t want in a year, save instead. 2. Start internships early. Practice networking and relationships because those will be valuable in the end. 3. Focus on what is important now, why wait? How were any actions of my younger self of relevance to my future? Well here it is again, that holy cow moment, because everything you do can reflect a brighter future.


Nothing will ever be as simple as it is today. Once highschool is over everything will change. School will become very important and will be taken into consideration in everything you do. Do not ever take this time for granted and enjoy the time you have with your family because when you move away to college you will miss them, no exceptions. College life is exhausting, you will eat the same cheap food everyday and sleep in a tiny bed in a tiny room. This might sound scary or upsetting but it is not all bad. All in all college is great. It is a wonderful place where you will meet new wonderful people as well as familiar ones that you will spend time with all going through the same experiences. At your home away from home friends are who you have to rely on. When you get down and need some help they will be there because you will be there for them when they need you. Have fun and enjoy yourself but keep on top of you work because school is your future and the better you do in school the better your life will be.


I would have told myself to do a better job of seeking scholarships and other financial aid. I also would have told myself to get involved with more organizations as a Freshman & to utilize the tutors available.


I would tell myself to apply for many many many scholarships because finding a job is not easy and scholarships are not just handed down without working for them. Finances play a big role in attending college, especially if you are going to live on campus. I would also tell myself that the transition is hard at first, but change is a good thing. Make many friends and really study for classes, even if that means meeting up with other people from class. If the best you could do was a C in a class, take that and move on becaus as long as you gave your best, it doesn't really matter. Just make sure you work harder in your other classes to make up for the C. I would definitely tell myself to make sure I had a job so that way my parents would not constantly remind me that I need a job. Work hard in all you do and have fun as well. Live life to the fullest and be prepared for a challenge.


Take as many challenging courses as possible while in high school. Take ACT/SAT prep workshops to improve test scores to increase chances for scholarships. Learn how to balance academic and social life better.


The growth experiance from my college is invaluable. There are most definitely not any precise words to describe the transition. Thanks to my college I have grown into the woman I have always wanted to be and am still growing. College has tested my faith, my relationships, my integrity, and always my knowledge. My college is a great place to grow.


I have learned a lot in college. The biggest things are to study, get invovled, and don't give up. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers and friends that I have met out here. I am getting a wonderful education that is going to be very helpful in the future.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience so far! I chose to attend college in order to find out what I'd really like to do career wise, get a degree, and of course, be able to get a better job. I've met so many amazing people who have had a great impact on my life and will always be my friends. Through my part time job on campus I am learning more about what I can do with my major and it's helping me figure out what I would enjoy doing as a career. I was in a sorority but unfortunately had to drop because of finances, however during my time in it I made many friends and got much more involved on campus and around the community. These are just a few of the many reasons why I believe it is very valuable to go to college. Not only for the academics but also for the networking, friends, and opportunities to become a more well-rounded person though campus activites, volunteering, jobs and various other things. My college experience has been great so far and I believe it will continue to be.


I have learned a lot due to my college experience this year. Many students go off to college, and believe since they have no real authority figure around, that they can slack off and not go to class. I had to learn how to be responsible enough to attend all six of my classes and also set time out to study each day. I believe I grew into a more serious person who set goals to accomplish and also concurred most of my fears. As a out-of-state student my most valuable experience was learning to be independent. Though many individuals might not find this important while in college, I believe that it is. Being in college is one step closer to having a career and being out on your on. That is what I learned from my college experience at the University of Central Oklahoma.


My college experience so far has been better than I could have ever expected it to be. I have learned so much about myself with the help of different professors pushing me to be better, and also with the help from the friendships that I have made. I feel that if I would have attended any other college, I would not have had nearly the same experiences that I have had, and I am very thankful for that. The different organizations that I am apart of at the University of Central Oklahoma have helped me to learn different life long qualities about myself, such as how to be a good friend, how to be responsible for my actions, and also how to manage both my time and money efficiently. My college experience so far has been very valuable with buliding me into the person that I want to be.


College has taught me respect for myself and to utilize my ability to the best that I can. It has also showed me that if I work hard enough that I can have my dreams and be happy doing it. Without college I would not have the knowledge of how to live life and how to respect myself as well as others. I use to think of life as re-liveable, but everyone needs to live life to the fullest and never look back just leap forward. If I could reach just one young person and make a difference, I would want them to know not to abuse their future (be AMBITIOUS), live it like you were going to be gone tomorrow and never give up on your dreams. Because what is life without dreams or ambitions?


I have learned that no matter what happens I must hold my head high and be proud of what I have done. Show others around me that I am a striving college student. College is a new and exciting new chapter in my life. As first it was really rough with my kidney problems and hospital visits, but I am now on track and I treasure moment I am here. I was once told that knowledge is power. I truly believe that statement. I believe with knowledge anything could happen. I believe with the education I am recieving I will hold great power to be a leader and help others in this world to doing and becoming great.


College has shaped me into a much more well-rounded person. It has given me the knowledge and direction necessary to proceed through life as a more integral part of society. The college experience has taught me much about myself as well as others, and I am thankful for the privledge to be a part of such an incredible community of instructors and learners. The value of college is unforgettable. I have bonded with extraordinary people, and I have found that my academic success has been more significant because of those bonds. College has taught me to work harder, study more, and keep myself more disciplined in many aspects of my life. I've grown to understand the unique challenge of balancing class time, study time, work time, and free time. Through it all, I've learned that dedication to academia is not always easy, but to achieve substantial success, I must concentrate on completing the next immediate task and persevere regardless of any obstacle that may arise.


I am currently attending the first semester of my freshman year as a 29 year old student. My experience so far seems limited as I'm always looking at the bigger picture, but it has been very good. I have come to know some truly amazing teachers and form friendships with them, as well as meeting younger students that look to me for direction. The most valuable personal aspect has been meeting other non-traditional adult students and gaining support through those friendships. Academically the teaching style of the professors I have has been very hands on and easy to understand. They truly teach for the student instead of at the student. This has been valuable for me because jumping into a large institution with classes in packed lecture halls is very intimidating for me easing into my education again after ten years. I believe this was the perfect choice for me academically and personally. I have experienced nothing but good things every day on campus.


My college experience has been great. I have made plenty of new friends that truely care about me and hope nothing but the best for me. All my teachers are amazing! We have a maximum of fifty kids per class so it makes it easy for the teacher and student to get to know eachother better. Coming into this experience i expected for college to be a little bit easier, but with a full load of classes and work life gets pretty stressful. I've learned over the learned over the last couple of months that you arent always going to have someone sit there and baby you, and as much as i don't want it, it's time step up on my own and experience the real world as an adult. College shapes who you are and what your going to become and even though its just the beginning i am going to make the best of my situations!


I am a single mother of 2 boys, aged 2 and 3. They have changed my entire world. When I graduated high school in 2002, I went on to attend college because, well, that's what you do when you graduate high school. I didn't have a drive for schoolwork because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I then was granted the privilege of becoming a mother, and took time off from being a student to attend to my life as a homemaker. This all worked for me until I divorced and became a single mom. I kept my head high and decided that I would finish my education and get my BA so that my children didn't have to be raised by a waitress. I have since started back up, and am absolutely loving school now! I am going to get my degree in Social Work, so that I can help other families that are in need of assistance. I have a huge passion for this, and that is why I am excelling in my classes. I have such an important reason for graduating. My beautiful family.


I am learning to live on my own and manage my own time. With college classes, university color guard, and working as a color guard instructor at a local high school, my schedule is busy and stressful. Living in a dorm is stressful. Trying to live with a very limited income is stressful. Finishing college is still my goal.


My college experience so far has been valuable in many ways. I have learned more about myself. I have gained a new appreciation for education and I have decided on my life's work. I learned that I was stronger than I thought and able to overcome challenges on my own. I learned that all the things that parents and educators had told me in the past about the importance of a good education, study skills, and work ethic were all right on the mark. The most valuable thing I have gained from my college experience so far is that I am so excited about becoming an Early Education teacher. I want to learn all I can about the field of education, I want to experience an elementary classroom and I want to be the best Early Childhood teacher ever. I have always loved children and cannot wait to be a part of their first experience with education. Hopefully I can instill in them a love for learning that will last them a lifetime.