University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are friendly, outgoing, and responsible.


All of my classmates are very nice, friendly and always willing to help others.


My classmates are typically bright and vibrant individuals that know how to go out and have a good time as well as keep up with school work and strive to receive a great education.


my classmates are focused, fun, energetic, an involved in our campus life.


My classmates are smart, hard-working students.


My classmates are interested people that help me learn about different people and cultures.


In my program classes, they were mostly people who thought they knew it all, but the classes outside of the program were better and more diverse.


My program is actually unique in that it is not only competitive, but selective. I am in class with the same 14 people for every course that is a core part of my programs curriculum. In that way, it is a very unique, almost grad-school, like program. I get to know these people really well and we all support eachother as we progress through the curriculum together.


My classmates are all eager to learn, enthusiastic about school, and diverse.


my classmates are diverse in age and backgrounds, in addition they are helpful and friendly.


Incredibly rude people who form cliques and get drunk instead of doing their work - the most annoying people on earth.


Do things by the book, don't think outside the box, and not open to alternate ways of learning.


My classmates consist of a wide variety of people.


Supportive and collaborative.


My classmates are helpful and willing to do anything to make you feel comfortable in class. If you ever need help or assistance, it is easy to set up a time and date to have group studies. They are going through the same things you are so it is easy for them to relate to your needs.


Some are motivated, some are not....probably like at many colleges.


My classmates are generally willing to learn and help others learn.


my classmates are supportive of everyone, yet strong individuals who are competitive.


My classmates are a diverse mix of individuals relative to race, background, income levels, and motivation.


Most classmates are nice and willing to help anyone that asks for it, although a few others can be too competitive to help, but even those are mostly nice to their classmates.


Very judgemental towards other people who do not fall into their "Catagory" of people.


Everyone at Uc is different, there is no one sudent that looks or thinks the same.


Everyone has their own social group and don't really accept quiet people into them or people that are different than them.