University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

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Uc has so much history, my dad attended there for a year, and he never finished college. It is unique to me becuase going here makes my dad and my family really proud. Also, there is a community surrounding the college, cafe's, restaurants, and shops. Another unique quality are the buildings. Some have been added on to, and it takes a while to learn all of the tricks to getting around campus, but its easy once all the short cuts are learned!


big school. lots of events.


The unique thing about the University of Cincinnati is that I instantly felt a part of something bigger when I got there. The other schools I considered were Case Western Reserve University and Boston University. Both had different atmospheres and I do not think I would feel the same way. I became involved right away and I developed a pride for the University of Cincinnati that would not have occurred had I went to Boston Univeristy or Case Western.


Our school is very architecural around the campus. All the buildings are unique and it's very city like.