University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that the classes are very large and you must study a loty if you want to suceed.


dining hall and on campus food options


It's location, because crime is a serious problem and the police would rather bust underaged drinkers than stop the constant robberies.


The worst thing about my school is walking in the winter outside from classes. It does get cold and icy, but they do a decent job to plow the snow up.


I feel that our lack of attendance at non-major sports events is our biggest issue.


I would consider the crime on and around campus to be the worse part. Luckily i have not been involved in any of it (knock on wood). The police do a good job of getting there fast, but if you go 3-4 blocks in any way there are a bunch of thugs.


Academic planning. It was only until this year that I got a clear this-is-what-you-need-to-sign-up-for form. That and the fact that UC Tech has no idea what it is doing when it comes to computers and the internet.


The neighborhood surrounding the campus.


With a few acceptions, it seems like professors don't really care about their students. Most of them basically just read the book to you making attending classes a waste of time. Teachers at my school need to work on building off the material in the book instead of simply copying/repeating it. I would think everyone going to college could read.

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