University of Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is very large, but if you find a group of people that you feel a part of it can feel much smaller.


My first time stepping on UF campus, I was in awe. It is so big and has this look like it is full of history. This campus is very big but I love it. UF is like a city rather than a school


Good reputation, decent course curriculum, but more of a research university than a place to receive mentorship in learning.


The University of Florida is where the academic and athletic come to share their gifts, and express their unending pride of being a Florida Gator.


A place where you can always find something to get involved in.


Unversity of Florida is a very balanced school which excells in both academic and sports




The University of Florida is a school where a student can learn all the necessary skills and learn more about themselves in order to shape themselves into a distinct individual for the career world in order to achieve their dreams and become successful no matter what path they choose to follow.


The University of Florida is a massive yet close-knit community that works exceedingly hard to promote values of leadership, innovation, integrity, and academic excellence in order to produce intelligent, well-rounded, contributing members of society.


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A place where football games are more important than academics.


My school is full of very diverse and accepting students.


UF is a tough academic school filled with tons of spirit and students/ alumni who love going here.


Put together very well and a great place for educating students.


The University of Florida a well-rounded school with a large variety of resources and opportunities.


University of Florida is one-of-akind type university; everyone here is sso helpful and friendly, it truly brings out the best in everyone. the ultimate defintion of a college town.


There are so many parts to campus because the campus is huge, and all of them have a pretty different look. Overall, the campus is beautiful. There are palm and spanish Moss trees everywhere which make it look so pretty. The buildings on the west side of campus are particularly beautiful. The whole campus is pretty though, everything is pretty aesthetically pleasing.


It's very good at keeping up appearances.


Large university wherer the students have the passion to learn.


The heart of the Gator Nation.


Best school in Florida, hands down!


A school which prides itself on educational and athletic excellence.


The University of Florida is very diverse.


The University of Florida is in Gainesville, but the Gator Nation is everywhere; Go Gators!


A school with a beautiful campus where one would enjoy spending free time, dorms that build a secure sense of community and pride, classmates who become friends who last a life time, professors who are (for the most part) happy to explain things and to help their students, and an overall atomosphere of pride and commitment to excellence and happiness.


The University of Florida is an innovative, eco-conscious institution that challenges it's students raise above the status quo and not only achieve good grades but to get involved in the community and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.


The University of Florida prides itself on the successful education and community of its students.


To someone who's never seen the University of Florida it looks well HUGE! The population is large, the campus is expansive, and the school spirit is larger than life. But these are all GREAT things about the University. The large population allows you to meet all types of people and to pick your new best friends from a batch of students brimming with creativity and talent. The large campus is only large for like the first week of classes, but once you get used to seeing the same buildings you definitely get a feel for exactly where you are on campus at any point in time. And the school spirit...well let's just say that I'm not sure if I've applauded in a non-Gator Chomp fashion in the last four years. There are so many reasons why It's Great to Be A Florida Gator!


The perfect combination of old school architecture and modern education, creating an amazing evironment to learn and live in.


The University of Florida is outstanding academically and athlethically.


Unparalled excellence.


University of Florda lives up to it's awesome reputation.


The University of Florida is a diverse institute of higher education that engages students, challenges norms and develops the leaders of tomorrow in the state of Florida, the United States and the world.


My school is the most resourceful school I know


A place where teenagers find their way and are provided the tools to succeed in life with the help of other students and inspiring professors.


A large school with an extremely tough curriculum. Definitely satisfying to study hard and succeed and to see what I am capable of.


If you are looking for a school with numerous career development opportunities throughout school, many diverse types of people with different personalities and backgrounds and cultures, a school where you can meet hallmates your freshman year that you end up living with off campus for the remainder of college, food prices that accomadate the college wallet, that has a beautiful campus where students feel so comfortable as to just hang out on the lawn and take naps, study, play frisbee, bring their dogs, the University of Florida is the only place to be.


To me, UF is like it's own little world. It makes me feel like I'm not in Florida. It has such an old feel to it (in a good way!). There are trees everywhere and gardens. The buildings are all made of stone. UF has no need to envy any Ivy League schools. It's truly a sight to see! UF is an open campus, not closed like other schools, meaning the streets are a part of the town and regular people can drive by. This also makes the school freakishly huge. But don't worry! There's a bus system that takes you everywhere you need to go, not just at UF but the bus system can take you anywhere you need to go in Gainesville, and it is HIGHLY efficient. I know, it's surprising, especially for a small town in Florida. But it's true. On campus, I don't really have to wait very long to get on a bus. 10-15 minutes tops! The gym on campus is just amazing! It's HUGE and modern! The food court at the student center is like walking into a mall. You have so many choices, it's amazing. I really encourage people to go check the school out. It's truly a beautiful campus! It's very welcoming too. P.S. The bus system is free for UF students with their student ID. :)


The University of Florida is large and full of activities.


A brick beauty that, despite being so large, provides a sense of belonging to the Gator Nation through athletics and academics.


This is a big school with lots of people, so there is plenty opportunity to get out there and find something you will love, and others who also enjoy similar activities as you do. Sometimes you may have to search for it, other times it's right in front of you. Though, don't get too distracted, because this still is a school, and you don't want to overload too soon. That being said, it will be a wonderful journey!


The University of Florida is super awesome and incredibly social!


A very spirited athletic and social university with a large administrative focus on academic research.


Very scholar-oriented, but well rounded with many social groups and activities to incorporate any personality, especially with school pride on game days.


I love my family, but when I wake up in the morning and remember that I am a Gator, life just simply FEELS better.


A united community where students can come together based on common interests and are altruistic , intelligent individuals who will go the extra mile to help anyone in need withough making any judgement of who they are or where they come from. They must be selfless and genuine towards one another and have the passion to academically and personally strive for success.


The University of Florida is a very large and diverse school with plenty of opportunities to do basically whatever you want to do.


UF is what you make it; you have to go for what you want.


We are the Gator Nation, it is not a school but, my home where guidance and support allows us to seek our goals while building relations from the foundation which we are given because the University of Florida is not made up of just a body of people; although we are all different we are here together as a nation that shares a common spirit and pride.