University of Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school has an amazing athletic program. We have won multiple football and basketball national championships.


My school is best known for it's high standards for education and an extremely great football team. Both of these are true, the University of Flordia has high hopes for all of it's students. The falculty provide an environment that students can safely live in and feel free to get the help they need. Though UF is a big school people are lways willing to help and there are so many advantages that this school can give. The people are great and are always welcoming to those coming to THE GATOR NATION!


Athletics, school spirit, party scene, research


UF is a great school for engineering , sciences, medicine and research. They are very competitive and select high achievers who will continue to produce great results throughout their career. They also have a great athletic department and provide a great social network, community service opportunities, and just about any type of interaction you can think of. It is a a fantastic place to further your education.


FOOTBALL! until this year, I guess you can call it a "rebuilding year" since we do not have Tim Tebow and friends anymore!


The University of Florida provides a great sample of education and has many programs for students that do not know what field they would like to pursue. There is something for every kind of student at UF. There is a rich culture and high diversity that allows students to learn and grow as a person in a positive environment. I'm glad I chose to go to UF for my undergraduate experience and feel that I am a better individual after my four years of undergraduate studies.


football team college of medicine and dentistry natural history museum research


The Research facilities of the school, partying, and awesome school spirit. The football games are packed. They also have a bunch of activities to do that dont involve partying if that not your thing. Everyone is really nice, also.


The University of Florida is best known for its outstanding contribution to the research community. In almost every department of study there is a tremendous amount of research conducted to further enhance our campus, the United States, and the world.


The University of Florida is know for many good things. However, I feel as if the predominant reputation of the University of Florida revolves around its athletic department. Specificaly the football department. This ofcourse stems from the fact that the Univerisity of Florida is the two time national champions. Nevertheless, this achievement I feel dwarfs the other note worthy traits of this school.




Probably the Florida Gators overall - but also as the best public school in Florida, and among the top tier of public schools in the S.East


My school is best known for the pride it shares for its sports teams. Gator football unites all those who go here in the fall at an almost religious level. It trumps everything else when it comes to what the students are focusing on. It sometimes makes it hard to focus on more educationally imporant things such as research papers when a game party was held the night before. I personally try not to focus too heavily on the draw of the game, but it is electric energy that takes over the entire town of Gainesville.


My school is best known for excellent academic and sports. Also, it is a public research university and is one of few schools to have public land and sea grants for research.


Now it is known for its Athletics. But it is know for its research that the school performs on a variety of subjects ranging from agriculture, to zoology.


Research focus, spirited fans, Gator football.


The University of Florida is the fourth largest campus in America. As the admission process becomes more competitive each year, only the most outstanding thrity-six percent of students are accepted. Throughout the 2,000 acre campus, popular landmarks of the university reside, including Century Bell Tower, the Stephen O'Connell Center, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, and Reitz Student Union. Whether you are watching the three-time national championship football players in the stadium, grabbing Gatorade (the school's own creation) from the fridge, or exploring the university's historic buildings, the spirit of Gator Nation can be seen everywhere.


Well the obvious answer would be Gator Football. But as I am not terribly interested in the football program, I would venture that University of Florida is known for its amazing research opportunities, especially those at Shand's Medical Center. Shand's seems to be ever expanding and is always willing to take on students for volunteer opportunities. UF has an expansive research and internship program for most of its majors.


Well, we did win TWO National Championships for football in the past few years!!! GO GATORS! But UF has so much more to offer than just sports.


The school is best know for its research and the medical center. The school has many research facilities that stimulate growth.


I feel like my school is best known for our sports programs nationally, but in the state of Florida it is known for being a prestigious academic institution as well. State leaders such as Marco Rubio and John Delaney have come from the University of Florida, and I don't expect that this generation will be much different. I feel that while we may be known for our sports programs (mainly football), this may change in the near future to focus more on our academics.




The University of Florida is best known for it's National Championship football and basketball teams as well as the tremendous school pride and spirit displayed by students on a day to day basis.


Most of the nation has come to know UF as an athletic power house in the recent years, especially with the football team winning two of the last four national championships, as well as being ranked nationally in many other sports. But among family and friends at home, converstions about the University of Florida usually revolve around how great a school it is, and how hard it is to be accepted into nowadays. This shows that people, at least in the state of Florida, are looking past the athletic side of the school, and realize the great academic aspect.


Despite the very competitive acadmemic nature of the university, most people seem to know UF by the success of the sports teams. Everyone knows who Tim Tebow is, or has seen both the football and basketball teams win two national championships within the last four years. That said, it is becoming increasingly known for it's rising academic standards. It is now the most difficult to get into university in the state of Florida, and boasts some of the top faculty and facilities in the country.


My school is known as a party school but it's actually very easy to avoid that. The University of Florida is also known for it's football program and for being the number 1 school in Florida. It's even called a Public Ivy by some.


Gator Football team.


My school is best known for its academic competitveness and sports.


The University of Florida is a university that is shadowed by higher tier institutions such as Harvard or Duke. However, the University of Florida stands at a school not far beneath those ranks and is growing as both a prestigious academic institution and an athletic institution. Academics and athletics are prominent in the University of Florida and are well stressed around campus. There are students every day who are jogging, despite the time of day. Students pride well in their education and strive to achieve the unreachable.


Athletics, as well as its medical and Architectural degree programs. In addition to these nationally acclaimed programs our school supports countless other degree programs, ranging from Engineering to Pre-Law. The University of Florida prides itself on its award winning sports programs and academic programs in which very few other schools within the state of Florida can denounce.


Go Gators! The Gators are not only known for its greatness among Southeastern football teams, but they are Florida's pride.


Academics and Football. Being one of the best academic academies in the public school system and a top ranked SEC football team the University of Florida is one of the best public schools to attend in the state of Florida and United States of America alike.


Competition! Competition in Academics, Diversity, and Sports. Everyone that attends UF is considered, "The Best of the Best". One is constantly challenged by classmates who are on the same level in all areas of academics. Also, There is an immense amount of diversity and culture throughout the campus. When I am on campus, I feel like I am at Disney World. UF takes prides in there ethnicity differences. The University of Florida is in Gainesville, but the Gator Nation is everywhere. UF's sports have dominated the SEC. Gator athletes have set records and legends that will not be forgotten.


The Florida Gator football team, beautiful people and wonderful weather.


The Gators Football Team!


We are the home of the Florida Gators football!


Football, sports, national champinoships.


UF is very tough academically, and there is a lot of school spirit that people carry forever...Not to mention our football team just won the national championship




UF is best known for its athletics and tremendous school spirit.


Our school is known for being a performign arts school. I attend New World School of the Arts in Miami, which is affiliated with UF. (It's a really small college.) Many people know about our dance and visual art departments.


Academic achievement and football!


Being highly ranked in academics and sports.


Our school is best known for the amount of emphasis we place on our academics, and the pride we have in our athletic programs. Every student, faculty member, and alumnus is honored to be part of the "Gator Nation" and feels that the University of Florida offers the best education for the cost.


Our football and basketball teams and partying.


Football and school spirit


The school is best known for its sports, especially football. Most everything on campus stops for a football game and everything else in the city is geared towards gameday.


The University of Florida is best known for it's large size and the opportunities those afford. There is a large emphasis on partying and football here, but most know and like it for the ease with which you can change your path.


Football, Partying, Strong Academics, Competitive admission, Fraternities, Sororities


The University of Florida is known for its amazing research. Gatorade which is an drink that replenishes electrolytes was created at the University. More recently we have been recognized fot our outstanding football and basketball teams. We have earned the nick name of TITLETOWN!

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