University of Florida Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The initial learning curve as a freshman was nearly impossible to overcome. You are expected to know how the system works ahead of time, and the resources for doing so are few and far between.


The most frustrating thing when I was working on my undergraduate degree, was my biochemistry professor. Although she was a great instructor, she despised football and of course I would have biochemistry in the Fall. She always scheduled our exams on the Monday after rivalry home games. I missed all of the games because I couldn't risk doing poorly on an exam.


The most frustrating thing is not being around like-minded people.


Inconsistency of online systems, arrogance of professors, poor testing procedures, terrible financial aid policies that possibly breach HEOA guidelines (first come / first serve not allowed), online group projects are awful to complete.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they have Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola.


There is so much I want to do but I do not have much time to do everything I want to do.


The most frustrating part about my school is the lack of financial aid. There are no grants awarded for the summer semesters, yet there is a mandatory 9 credits that must be completed during a summer semester, so the money to pay for those 9 credits comes out of your pocket.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is the emphasis placed on sports. The money that goes into sporting events could be better spent increaing funding for education rather than closin down majors and continuing to increase the athletic budget. Also, the financial aid awarded to students on academic merit is very small, while the one granted to student athlets is a lot larger. The university should focus its resources more on academics rather than sports.




The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is it's size. While it's size provides endless opportunities, it also makes it somewhat impersonal. Coming from a small town in Ohio and a high school of 450 students where I knew all of the faculty, administration and students, I was somewhat intimidated in seeking out help when I needed assistance. I am very thankful for the excellent support and guidance that I have received from my Resident Advisor which helped to make my transition to the University of Florida so successful.


The work load can get overwhelming if you don't keep up with it.


Nothing, I love it!


The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is the size and seemingly unplanned layout of the campus. You see, the University of Florida started sitting on University Avenue and blossomed from there, organically, without any true rhyme or reason. Departments will pop up in one place, and then expand a few years later, in a distant and confusingly misplaced part of campus. On the bright side of this however, you'll find your buildings you need to go and your shortcuts you need to take in no time, and soon enough, it'll be just like home.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is one of the more superficial reasons. The facilities are simply old. The laboratories are in a state of disrepair and a lot of the equipment is old and rusty. The elevators in my dorm are consistently broken down and some of the desktops seem to have been made for people half the average student’s size. Other than that though, there’s not much to complain about. The faculty is top notch and I’ve learned an immense amount in my short time here.


Parking on campus


The Advising office always gave me poor advice - reccomended classes I didn't need or talked me out of pre-req's I wanted to take (i.e. wanting to take pre-chemistry since I had never had chemistry. They advised against it and I struggled in the Chem 1 course and all the following because I never mastered the basics.) I never had the same advisor twice. Also many of the professors and TA's were not english-speaking natives which made understanding lectures and asking questions difficult at times.


Not knowing my way around campus yet makes it hard to feel confident about where my classes are. Summer sessions are shorter than most and I feel like I have not had much time to mingle and make new friends as quickly as I would have wanted.


The most frustrating thing about UF is the feeling of getting lost in the immenseness of the school. Class sizes are large for general education requirements, which can make you feel like just another student in the crowd instead of an individual. It can take time to figure out your personal place in the school because there are so many different oppurtunities and groups pulling you in different directions.


The most frustrating thing about my school was adjusting academically and socially to the rediculously large campus.


Professors sometimes do not care about their students and accordingly students don't do well.






The most frustrating thing about my school is the huge classes for the introductoray level courses. For example, chemistry and physics were really big classes. It was difficult to connect to the professors. However, it was helpful to form study groups with the students in the class.


You are truly just a number. The University of Florida boasts about the "gator nation" and how we are all one unit--this is simply not true. It is a business trying to make money, and to do this they want to bring as many students here as possible. With over 50,000 students attending the university, it is hard to feel that you are anything but a number in a system and a GPA.


First starting a University of Florida and not knowing anything is the most frustrating thing about it. Even though everyone goes through orientation, there is so much information that there is no possible way to remember all of it. It is a school that you need to be very proactive to figure out the ins and outs of the college. After the first year there are still many things you find out that you never knew before. There is not a straight forward manual of how the college is.


We tend to have to balancing studying for multiple exams that all fall within a week from each other often. It just seems that all the teachers happen to have test fall in the same week. It's very difficult to devote enough time to individual tests.


The most frustrating thing about the Univeristy of Florida was adjusting to the large lecture style of teaching.


It can be pretty frustrating driving around the University of Florida's campus, considering how many buses drive around. It is even more irritating attempting to find a parking space on the campus. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else that is frustrating at the University of Florida. Just make sure you try riding a bike or walking around campus instead of driving, it saves quite a bit of time.


The most frustrating thing about UF is the size of the student body. Often times, students can feel overwhelmed when trying to establish connections with faculty and staff.


The variability in difficulty from teacher to teacher. Some teachers are incredibly difficult, whereas others are incredibly easy. Some students have to work ten times as hard as others and their GPA suffers for it.


It is primarily focused on health related sciences, and I have always been given the run around when dealing with administration.


The most frustrating thing about this school is how big student population is, and how little the administration cares about helping students get acclimated and feel welcome. My two years in a dorm were awful in terms of student life -- my RAs may have lived out of the country, for all I saw of them.


The most frustrating thing about UF is probably the costs that are associated with it. I do not think that people realize how much money you have to sink into a college education and nowadays, you can't get anywhere with just a Bachelor's degree! I am only halfway done! Books, living arrangements, etc are all factors that have to be taken into account aside from tuition and I do feel like everything is so much more expensive in a college town!


Because of the sheer volume of students at the univeristy it can be hard to get personal one on one attention and it tends to be rather impersonal. But it possible to get its just not as easy as with smaller colleges. Its also harder to make friends unless you find a way to get into smaller groups that allow you to really get to know people.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is it's trict grading policy. As I compared other schools grading policies, such as the University of South Florida to my own, Florida's grading policy didn't include grade forgiveness for repeat courses. If a student were to fail a class before withdrawing from the course then their grade remains permanently on their transcript. Furthermore when the failed course is retaken both failing and passing grades are prorated and to make matters worse the course must only be retaken at the University if Florida to receive GPA credit.


The class size can be overwhelming and hard to learn difficult subjects.


focus on social life


College is not meant to be easy; if it ws any, and every person could get a degree. You have to be determined to work hard to succeed. With that said, the most frustrating part of school is prioritizing. I never had to do it in high school so coming into college. I did not know how to pace myself, and I did not put the important things first (i.e. classes). I had to learn my lessons the hard way and am working on prioritizing better.


The lack of scholarships and funding for out of state students and students pursuing a dance major. It is very hard to compensate financially for the vacancy of financial support for these particular students.


Lack of available parking spaces for students. The residence hall I lived at was a few blocks from the commuter lot where my roommate kept his car. We would have to take a bus to get to his car.


That there was no help in graduate school planning


There is nothing I find frustrating about my school.


The most frustrating thing about UF is the party-atmosphere. As much as college students party, it tends to get in the way of other students who don't party. Yet those who party don't show up to class and make better grades than some students who don't party and show up to class.


I'd say the most frustrating thing about my school is the parking issue. There's not much room for undergraduate cars, much less excess accomodation for students living off campus.


The campus is so large and has such a large population of ambitious people, its easy to get lost and difficult to meet people. Its very competitive, even in clubs and organizations.


The weather at times can be bothersome. Temperatures can range from really cold to extremely hot.


Parking on campus is the most frustrating thing for design students or anyone; there is never enough and they hand out parking tickets like free coupons.


Finding parking spots is a frustrating aspect of living off-campus. There never seems to be enough spots even if you have a decal. Sometimes you might risk missing class if you decide to drive to campus. I recommend using the bus system or bike riding to campus to avoid parking problems.


I have a hard time finding anything negative about my school. If I had to choose one thing that was frustrating it would be that four years is not enough for college. I loved UF and Gainesville and would love to go back!


there is nothing frustrating about my school whatsoever. nothing is wrong with classes or student life at all.