University of Hartford Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would stop reading websites and articles about what to expect from certain Universities to help make my choice. I realize now that who I was in highschool was not who I was in colleges, and that my interests changed tremendously. Had I chosen a school that would have offered me an array of acitivites and to chose from, I could have expanded my social circle and found my niche more easily. In highschool I was very against Greek Life, and having the opportunity to try it was important to my college experience and personal growth. As a senior in high school, I thought that college was a place where you had the time of your life automatically. I learned that it took work to make my college experience what I wanted it to be, and I was in charge of my fun. I also would tell myself to try and place an equal amount of importance on socializing and academics. If you stick to one or the other, you will not get the full college experience. College is about self-discovery both in preparing for your future and in creating the company you enjoy.


I would tell myself to not stress out too much about taking all honors courses in highschool. Half of the honors courses I took in high school were not even applied to my college credits. It was too much stress for too little gain. I would advise myself to spend more time practicing my insturment so that I could have gotten into a better music school, or just been more prepared for music school. I would tell myself that you will make friends in college no matter how scared you are. During the first semester of school you will meet so many people who are feeling just as scared as you are and who want to make lasting friendships. However, don't feel sad when you stop seeing people as often. You will most likely have a completely new set of friends by the end of freshman year. Focus on your classes, but give yourself enough time to socalize. You will most likely take a smaller workload first semester, and thats a good thing. Get adjusted to your surroundings before you make too many commitments. Transitioning to college is scary at first, but you will be fine!


I would tell my self to look at colleges more seriously. Don't worry about the cost because you'll end up in debt either way you look at it. Also, start reading daily because you will be needing to read a lot in college and getting started early can only help you in the future.


When the time comes for you to attend college, you will be ready. Venture out explore your campus, get familiar with all the surroundings. Find places of social activity and quite places for yourself. College will be a great experience and it is your opportunity to learn more about the career you choose. Don't be afraid to take the opportunity to use every resource available to attain the education you desire. The professor are their to assist you. Put your all into everything you do, you will never regret it, especially because your reputation does follow you wherever you go!!


You will get home sick and you will want to go home. It is part of the experience. Do not be scared. Stick it out and make as many friends and talk to as many people as possible. You will find out that you have become a much happier person after you go to college. College will be four of the best years of your life. Go and enjoy them.


I would say, focus on yourself. Words i can't stop telling myself now. When i started college, i can honestly say that i was more focused on who i would meet than the real reason to go to college, to learn in order to be someone great. There was this fear of not having those stable friends from highschool and teachers who you've known for four years that made things difficult. But, things have changed for me, i am starting to see that you should be the most important person in your life. Yes, it can be a bit scary to go to a new school but who really cares, who isn't scared just a little? in the end all you are going to be worried about is who you want to be. It isn't about everyone else, they all come in second when it comes to suceeding. Be it getting the best grades, being involved and managing to still have a job at the same time will only make you better. People who can still manage to see you somehow and understand how busy you are, they are your friends not the ones who leave.


I would tell myself to relax and enjoy the ride. College openen up so many doors that I never knew I had. College has shown me that I have so many resources at my fingertips and I can to anything I put my mind to. College has introduced me to so many more cultures. I would tell myself to use the facilites that are available to me to help make the transition easier to handle. I would tell myself to relax and to get as much out of the college life that I can.


If I was talking to my old high school self, there are a lot of things that I would like her to know. You are still very young so it’s ok not to have everything figured out from the start. Transferring schools is not such a bad thing if you think you have found the one and that will help you grow. Life changes and as you go your ideas will also change. Trust in yourself. Don’t be afraid of making decisions and sticking to them. When you stand in my shoes here you will see that the most challenging decisions are yet to come. If you didn’t do the right decision at first you will get it eventually, life gives you many tries. Have confidence in everything you do. It’s not because you had braces throughout your senior year and didn’t hang out with a lot of people that it made you any less worthy. Years from now you will realize how that is not important at all. The good and real friends will stay and the ones that weren’t meant to be in your life will slowly fade away.


I would tell myself appreciate all the teachers all campus. The teachers at school know what they are talking about and they are giving great educational material. Trust that they are truly there and ask questions. Learn as much as possible and actually study. Spend less time hanging out after school and don't work so much at Chick-fil-A. There are way more important things in life. When entering college don't be scared to join a club or talk to a stranger. Cherish the few months left with the parents. When they move two states away in August they are going to be missed. Mature and love those around the community. Prepare for a new world and new teachers and friends. Don't be scared of taking risks. Above all love God, family, friends and community. They'll always be there so cherish them. Good Luck young man!


To go back to when I was a senior in high school, I would take the opportunity to provide myself a little guidance in regards to college. Knowing what I know now about my choices that I have made about college, my advice for myself would be not what one would expect. As I look back now on myself as a senior in high school, I would suggest to change aspects from within myself. Making these specific changes, I believe would assist me through unexpected struggles relating to my college decisions. I wouldn’t stress on any of my academic choices, or any other choices I made thereafter. My academics in high school, I believe, were acceptable. My delay start in entering college and my slow progress, I don’t regret. I would explain to my younger self that my choices are what molded to who I am. It’s important that I allow myself to take risks, and that it’s okay that I took time to figure out who I am. I would tell myself to accept my failures and learn from my mistakes without shame. Realize someone will always judge, and be confident to not to bother.


I would tell myself to actually stay focused in high school and not become distracted by everything else that went on in my high school. I would also tell myself to stay focused on the dreams that I want to experience and stay focus on education because thats the key to everything you want in life by society's point of view.


I know you want to be an actor--always have and probably always will. However, you need to give some serious thought as to what you want to do with your career. Charlene was right--you need decide what your genre will be. You also need to think about your location, whether you want to do film or stage or radio, etc. Don't give up on singing either--you have a gift! I know it is a lot to ask of a girl not yet out of high school but this will help you a lot more down the road. The Hartt School at the University of Hartford is excellent--the professors know what they're talking about and you'll grow stronger as an actor. However, Hartford is not where you want to be for the rest of your life. Do not be afraid to take that jump across the pond to the UK that you're contemplating. Yes, you'll miss Mom, Dad, and Duncan dearly, but you will make great friends no matter where you go. Follow your instincts and do what you think will best serve you in the future. I wish you luck!


The advice I would give myself is to be responsible person for example take college serious, focus on my courses, and considered the advantages of financial aid. I think that is one of the biggest advices I would give. Now, I wish I was financially prepared to pay my courses and not in the need of paying my tuition. The only hope I have is a scholarship that can help me with my future tuition.


It’s completely true that college will be the best four years of your life, but this won’t happen by simply showing up. First, forget that you aren’t going to your expensive dream school. You can have everything you want out of the school you’re at, (aside from the gourmet meals), if you just have an open mind and take advantage of every opportunity. Try anything that interests you, even if it means going alone to the first meeting. You haven’t had to make new friends since middle school, but you will be okay. Stop caring about what anyone thinks of you and don’t be judgmental either, like by checking out his or her Facebook pictures. You’ll have preconceived thoughts and miss out on amazing friendships. As for the academics, the most important lesson, besides learning to drink coffee, is to use every penny of your tuition. You can learn a lot from those intimidating professors, with a long list of degrees, if you listen. Ask questions; go to their office hours, and soon they’ll be finding you job connections. Just don’t let school get in the way of college.


I would tell him to make sure you you meet such and such so you can start having fun at college early.


Pick a school that will be fun but challenging. Do not take the easy way out, challenge yourself. You will feel better about yourself in the end.


Well hello there lazy but smart high school senior. I am you from the very near future, already attending college. Let me give you some little advice for what is about to come. Before you know it you'll be graduating and all the things you should have taken into consideration while still being in high school are going to be over. Apply to as many scholarships as you possibly can! Even if you have to stay up all night applying, it will benefit you and it will even help you practice staying up late doing all the homework or studying you have to do at college. Also study as much as you can for the Sat’s and take the test as many times as you can, the higher your score the more money your college will give you. Finally don't let the little arguments with your parents lead you away from home and take the quick decision to live on campus, consider commuting. Think ahead and remember that you don't want to be in debt for life. You graduated as salutatorian from high school, so I know you're smart enough to take a good decision.


Look for more school options! Save money! Look for more scholarships.


If I had the oppertunity to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to stay on campus during my undergraduate period. I would encourage myself to push aside all the fears and anxiety I was experiencing, and assure myself that living on campus is a one in a lifetime experience, that should not be passed up just because of a significant other (who you probably will not marry). Also, I would encourage myself to not work as much, and put all my efforts into school work. By doing these two things, I would have many oppertunities to grow as a person and meet new, interesting people.


Stay calm. You know what is best for you. Its alright if your high school friends are all going in different directions. You know which path to take. Be confident that you know what you are doing! Don't be afraid to ask questions. There will always be someone who has the answer, or who will be willing to help you find it. Be yourself. Don't change to fit in. On a college campus there are all types of people. You will find your niche and you will meet interesting people from all over the world. Take a risk. Look outside your comfort zone. Don't worry about what to major in. Try classes that sound exciting and are new. You might just find a subject that you love and had never thought of before. Get involved. Join a club that matters to you or start your own. You are on your way to changing the world. To do your part, you need to be proactive. So again, stay calm and have fun!


If I could go back into time, should I say and be able to talk to myself as a senior. I would say Shanikah, don't waste this opportunity of a lifetime, college may be a place where you find yourself, but it is as well a place where you can lose yourself and what the main focus of life is. I have experienced alot going off to college, learned alot about myself and other people. I would tell myself don't screw up, don't try to fit in, don't worry, be patient the outcome of goin to college is going to be great. Life is not easy and school is not easy, so just hang in there and study, stay focus, make yourself proud first then others, have a social life, and don't be epressed. Be you, become one with the study and don't try to rush anything because things don't come easy and life is about struggles. I would also tell myself boy was I wrong when I thought college would be this fun and collective place. It is at times but it is also a leaping stone for the real world.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give this simple advise to myself; Andrew Smith please push yourself in all your classes and take AP classes because they will pay off. Knowing what I know now, that would be the number one thing I would advise myself. I always did well in my classes and was ranked in the top 10% in my high school but I did not challenge myself. I did my work and use the rest of my time to have a lot of fun and play sports. I thought that people would treat me different or class me as a nerd or self-absorbed person if I showed me true academic skills. After graduating high school, I realized that I had wasted many opportunities to attended an Ivy league school and even be a member of the America Honor Society. Andrew Smith, take my advise, please push yourself in all your classes and take AP classes.


I would make myself allot a certain amount of time to school work every week to make sure I got it all done, and still had the opportunity to go out and have fun with my friends. I would also do the same thing but allot a certain amount of money per week so I could also start saving so I wasn't always totally broke. I would definitley invest in a minor or a second major and also join more clubs/organizations to make more alike-friends that I don't just meet at social parties and gatherings.


To my former self, I would give the advice of fighting harder. I'd let myself know that everything was going to turn out fine, and that I shouldn't be so afraid. I'd tell myself that I should fight for my dream because I deserve it after working so hard for so many years. No matter what happens, don’t lose who I am, don’t lose my spirit, and most importantly keep doing what is right because that’s what will make me feel free.


Berthonya, Don't worry so much about making friends ! Things will all fall in to place, just relax and let your guard down. Don't forget to leave your door open every now and then, you'll never know who wants to peak in and say hello ! Go into classes with an open mind, not all teachers teach, or grade the same. It will take a while for you to adjust to their teaching style. You should take some risks, join clubs you wouldn't normally think of joining! College is a whole new world filled with great activites and little judgement. Your freshman year will be great, so relax and enjoy it !


I would tell myself that I could get a good college education without going to an expensive school. As much as I love my school and I wouldn't leave now that I am here but the cost of my school is really high and it is going to take me a while to pay back my loans. I would tell myself that I should look at more colleges and not be afraid to go to a community college or a trade school. I would tell myself that I could get the same education at a cheaper school.


My college experiences have been very positive. For example, I am a student with autism and I have been able to adapt to college classes and life very smoothly. I transferred from Capital Community College after earning my Associate's, where I learned many skills. I mastered time management and setting my own priorities first. At the college I used to work as a student administrative assistant. I learned to connect more with people and volunteered at college club and events. Furthermore, as a university student and a senior I am extremely happy with University of Hartford. I have learned various skills for teaching children and many interesting facts about human behavior and personalities. These are lessons that will help me throughout my life. On the other hand, I have learned to appreciate more other academic subjects such as, music, art, history, poetry, politics, sign language and statistics. I recommend for anyone considering attending college to go ahead and get an education. This is what will makes you shine in whatever career path you chose in life. As of today I am still learning, challenging myself and still at the Dean's List.


For me, college has changed me in such a little amount of time. There isn't a day where I don't learn something new and actually enjoy it. I have never been happier learning what I love, architecture. And every student in architecture knows the major time constraints that come along with it, but I've learned how to manage my time so efficiently, where once I've completed my work I have time to have fun and socialize. Going to college has changed that in me, in high school I was the shy, quiet one, and now I'm the complete opposite. Being at the University of Hartford has taught me that even if it's flooding outside to put on your rainboots and just keep going, life doesn't stop for anybody and although the work will get harder every moment is worth it. I have such a diverse group of friends whom all love what they do, and it helps knowing that we're all working towards being something great. I don't think anyone could disagree with this.


The most valuble thing I have gotten out of my college experience thus far has been a greater understanding of myself. I am currently a fulltime student-athlete. I moved three hours away from home to take part on a softball team where I initially knew no one. These last two years, I have learned much about myself; my abiity to cope with stress, injury, pain, and dissapointment. I have also seen myself fail and succeed countless times. I have discovered that I never let myself become down, and that I have a surprising knack for powering through rough situations. I've broken my foot in three places, competed daily for a starting position on the ball field, struggled financially, and dealt with very personal issues. I see my college experience thus far as being a road map outlining my maturity. I am a better, stronger person due to my college experience. I've met new people, adjuste to a new environment, and overcome struggles. I appreciate my college experience, and hope to continue my education as well as my path to full self-understanding.


Attending college has given me insight on many different aspects that might not have been available to me otherwise. I am enrolled at a local college in Missouri where my goal is to receive my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Law. The greatest benefit of going to college is the completion of a long term plan/goal. The course work that I have studied along with preparation for my field has made me a better learner, researcher and creator. In order to get the best out of my college experience, I joined the Engineering Club at my college. This enabled me to be part of a team setting and enhance my understanding of my chosen field. I realize that because of college, there are a lot of opportunities available to me in my future. Without the college experience, those future opportunities are slim to none. The college experience opens a variety of outlets that places me within an elite and diverse group. For some people, college is a way to advance their careers or a monetary gain, for me it’s a reference of how to develop the person you are meant to be.


From my college experience, I gained valuable insight on the importance of working hard before you play hard. This is my 5th year in a college institution, with the University of Hartford being my third school. I was blessed and motivated throughout my college career to have done five internships. I tend to procrastinate frequently but even more so in the past. Now that I am in my 23rd year of life, I've gained a different perspective on the importance of education. When I first started college, I was there to please my parents. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and living on my own. However, I feel like I didn't give my education enough undivided attention. Over the past year, I finally found a school that is a perfect fit for me . It is close to home in distance and I enjoy my new major much more than at my previous schools. College has been a trial and error fiasco for me but I finally feel like I'm developing into the responsible adult I am destined to be.


My college experience has been like any others. I've had my moments of fun balanced by the late nights of needing to get work done. In short, college has shown me the values of friends and good work habits.


Furthering my education and gaining a world view on life in genera.


I learned a lot about life from college. I dont think i would trade my time there for anything. I met a lot of good people and friends who will always be there to support me. Because I attended a school so far from home I was also able to grow up and become an independent.


Being asked what I I have gotten out of my college experience many things come to mind. Being a college student, I learned that anything is achievable in the world as long as you go after what it is you want to achieve. The most important thing I believe i recieved from going to college is the fear of speaking in or to a large number of groups and my social skills are much more out going and out spoken. College has turned my life around the moment I arrived. Attending any college of choice should be a priority on everyone's list of things to do hafter highschool or recieving a GED. College not only advances you in knowledge, it advances you in the real world and teaches you self responsibility. The economy is sensitive and fragil as of right now, and going to college is the smartest thing anyone can do, it can turn your whole life around in a blink of a semester. I appreciate the chance in getting to go to college and the advances that I have been able to make in the last four years.


Being a student when I was young was just a fun thing to do. Now I have been in the work force for 30+ years and want to make a difference in the future of America. Our children need good teachers and I acn give them real world knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Our children need great direction and solid values so they can face the world we have created for them. They need to know the good and the bad so they can make things better. It took me 10 years to get my Associates degree, I attended one class every semester until I had finished my goal. I worked full time and raised 2 wonderful daughters. Success depends on the individual and I am determined to finish my education and get my teaching degree. I will be the best Middle school Science teacher and my students will make America a better place to live.


I had no idea that the music at my school was this prestigious. I was aware that it was competitive but the teachers here are truly incredible. Everything outside of the music school seems average to me. I have learned how to adapt on my own. I am still trying to find my people on campus. It seems hard with all of the credits I take, but I know I'll find them soon enough. Campus is extremely friendly and resourceful in that aspect. Everybody is more than friendly and I do feel at home when I come back.


I dropped my bags in my freshman dorm that first day of undergrad a giddy young girl sure of herself and her path. At 18, I thought only in absolutes. I was stubborn and over-confident. Four years later, a transformed woman held that diploma and smiled for the camera. My confidence had grown from knowing everything to knowing I possess the strength to take on anything. As "Miss Perfect" from a small town and a comfortable home, college forced me to be independent, to wade through a sea of difficult life decisions, and to not drown in the consequences. The choices I made were all my own. Yet college afforded the safe, supportive environment I needed to dare to risk, to make those harder choices (for better or for worse.) The skills I acquired in those four years were far more valuable than any formula I memorized or paper I wrote. I learned that life will come and circumstances will change. How I conduct myself within those tough moments of decision will define me. Success requires being proactive, not reactive. College has equipped me with the understanding, flexibility, and the confidence to take on all that is to come.


Between 2007 and 2008 I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta where I graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts. It was the first time I felt as though I was part of a community. Here was a place where I was surrounded by several culinary professionals, extremely knowledgable in their craft, who were always available to inform and encourage. To be in an environment with so many other individuals all dedicated to similar professions is such a huge part of learning and developing relationships that can last through-out a career. College is full of those with different ways of thinking, various levels of education, diverse life experiences and cultural backrounds that has been crucial to my personal growth and a large part of my life experience.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a true passion for my career, and an education that no one can ever take away from me. I stated off at Miami Dade College, located in Miami Florida where I had to work extremely hard to get a good GPA to prove that I could be accepted to the University of Hartford, located in CT. When I graduated high school I stood no chance of being accepted into a university, I was denied at every school I applied to. Since I have had to work very hard, I am more appreciation of my college education, and it has enhanced my experience tremendously. I am very passionate about my career choice in historic preservation and I have been very fortunate that my professors encourage me to take electives pertaining to historic preservation. I will be graduating with a B.S. in architectural enginnering, I decided that I would go for a B.S. in architectural enginnering first and then get my masters in historical preservation at Roger Williams University, RI so I will be able to do more to save the historic buildings that I so dearly love and appreciate.


is a unique experience, where u learn new stuff everyday and your social increases. i have gotten great friends and life time experiences.


I have attended University of Hartford since 2007 , currently being a senior. I've enjoyed every moment here. I have involved myself with the community, joined a soroity, become president of the dance team, proctored students and I also tutor students in math that are having a difficult time. My life here at Hartford has been extremely rewarding, I look forward to my graduation and moving on eventually to my Masters then P.H.D. Hartford showed me that I can accomplish anything my heart desires. I think that it is important for students to feel welcomed and worthy of being anything they can be.


The biggest thing I got out of my college experience so far is enjoy every minute, every activity, every meal eaten with friends, just enjoy it all. You never know if you're going to get it again, so really live for those moments. I believe it was very valuable to attend my fabulous school because its the start to my great success. I know I'm going to make it big and I truly believe that without a college degree and more importantly the whole college experience I won't be able to do that. In my eyes college is evrything and its up to you to make it that.


I learned who I was at college because of the diversity. I got a B.A. in English Lit, but I have to admit I learned a lot more about how to live than academics. I took on many leadership roles at the school and I gained so much hands on experience. I wish more people would get invovled and have the same attitude leaving school that I did. I am confident. I am proud of who I am, and I am SO excited about being able to take the next steps in my education. I just got accepted into Fashion school and I'm so excited. I would have never had the drive to continue education in such a competitive field if I wasn't given the opportunity to explore my talents at Hartford.


In going to the University of Hartford I feel I gained a lot. I learned proper time management and the consequences of waiting until the last minute to do work. I aslo gained a sense of maturity and responsibility. Living on your own at college is an entirely different experience that causes you to think by yourself and make proper decisions for example how long to stay out when you have class in the morning, when to do your laundry, and what to eat, and how to exercise to order to keep yourself in proper shape if your not playing any sports. I learned how to cope with new people from across the world and accept their different perspectives. Also in working i learned to fully balance responsibilities. All of these experiences were valuable in developing my character and maturity into a man.


What I have gotten out of college is the thought that you are on your own and nobody is there to make sure you wake up on time not even yoour roommate. It has been valuable because it has helped grow me and make me more of an adult and women because I am more responsible.


Ever since my freshman year of high school, I've always envisioned myself attending college. It just always seemed like the right path for me to take after graduation. When the decision finally came around, I chose to begin my undergraduate studies at Central Texas College. For me, attending college was very beneficial to many aspects of my life. My college experience has allowed me to meet a great deal of extraordinary people and form many new friendships. The constant studying and challenging coursework have forced me to become a more hard-working and disciplined person. Despite rising tuition costs and a struggling economy, I know that a college education will really help me in the long run. The skills and traits that I'm picking up from attending a university will definitely allow me to excel in any career that I pursue. Simply put, attending college has really opened up a window of endless possibilities for my future.


I have recieved a great amount of wisdom and knowledge from my university. Most of everything that I attend school for can be found in Hawk Hall and if it's not there, then I could always ask a professor, advisor, or R.A.


I have not started school but i do start on may 21, 2010.


I have received an education that has helped me advance in my career. I would like to advance my education and receive a masters degree in school psychology so I can better support my family.