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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Students should visit each and every school they are applying to in order to see the atmosphere of the school. Students and parents should also discuss each choice before making a final decision. It is important to choose a setting in which the student will be comfortable and happy. In order to make the most of the college experience, it is extremely important to take advantage of professors' office hours, speak with advisors, and attend social gatherings. Students should be outgoing and try to make friends in order to ensure a happy experience while living away at school.


Best advice would be to always keep your mind open to new ideas. Sometimes your first choice of colleges could seem like the most beautiful garden in the world only to get there and find the crazy queen of hearts is your advisor. The last place you thought you'd go could end up being the best choice you ever made, but you need to give yourself the chance to experience it. Just keep an open mind after the campus tour as well. You never realize the potential you have until you have to do (almost) everything for yourself! Parents, although you miss it being noisy in the house, don't be afraid to give your child the independence they need to realize what they can do all on their own. there is one word that describes a good college experience, revelation. Many people will tell you "you'll find yourself in college" but how many of you 17/18/19 year old kids really believe that? While keeping your mind open to all the various people and activities going on around you, that unexplainable epiphony will find you. Work hard, have fun, and keep an open mind.


Visit the college as often as you can. Ask questions. Set up and overnight with a student in your major. make sure you school has other options beside the major you wish to persue.


I would tell any parents or prospective students the same thing that I am telling my little brother and sister as they are getting closer to graduating from high school. I feel that when you are looking for a school, you need to visit as many schools as possible and look at all of your opportunities. Think about what you like to do best, or a subject that you think you may want to focus on and concentrate on schools that have that activity or that specific subject. Read about schools online and try and research as much as you can about the schools and the areas surrounding the schools. The school that you decide on will effect your future, it will decide on the people that you meet over the next couple of years and the experience you have. As a student always think about looking at schools that are a little far away from where you live, as a parent make sure your child considers going away for school. College can make a student independent and teach them how to manage on their own if they get that chance. Good luck with everything.


In order to make the most of your college experience you have to be willing to accept and embrace change. When you step onto your college's campus, the lifestyle and the atmosphere is going tobe completely different than what you are used to at home. YOu just have to become outgoing and will to take risks, if you do that then you will truely enojy your college experience. Become friends with your dormmates and just enjoy the ride. You only go to college once, you better make it worth every second.


You need to find an enviroment, where your heart feels immediately comfortable and satified with the atmosphere. Your instinct will allow you to make the right descison, just listen to your body's responses and ask your self if you feel right on the campus. Look for a school that has alot of social interaction, may be with various clubs and activities. People will be eager to meet others through their commitment to the organization. I would also recomend, as a non-conformist, not choose a school with soretities and fraternities. I feel they tend to be very clique-ish, and their pregorative is not to respect others, they give a sense of superiority that is unwelcoming. Joining a program that serves your interest or willingness to help others will allow you to gain a sense of beloning and part of the community, which I feel every student needs to feel, while enrolled in the university.