University of Houston-Victoria Top Questions

Describe the students at University of Houston-Victoria.


My classmates came in a variety of race, age, and sex.


They are very helpful and determined.


i'm not in college im in high scho but i want applied for this scholarship because i dont have any person taha support me and i want follow studied and i'm mexican and i can't write very well an speak very well but every day i tred to do it .


Working together on projects helped bring us closer together and friendships developed. Having the same goals and striving to complete semesters together was uplifting. Knowing that I was not alone but was in this with friends help make this experience enjoyable.


Evergreen students are typically friendly, laid-back, socially and environmentally conscious, a little on the liberal side, and most endeavor to go beyond what our classes cover, often through on of our many extra-curricular activities and groups


Online classmates are respectful and willing to help one another. All students give positive feedback in a respectable way. Face to face classmates are somewhat quiet unless we do groupwork.; then the classmates actually form a speaking relationship. Unfortunately, I have not been aquanited enough to enjoy their company out of the class setting.