University of Idaho Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Engineering, Music, Agriculture


The music and engineering departments are nationally ranked (I believe both are in the top 50 around the country for all postsecondary education institutions).


The school is probably most known for "Hello Walk" which was started by Alfred Upham who was the president of the school in the 20's. He insisted on Saying hello to everyone he passed on his morning walk to school and if someone didn't say hello, it's said that he would follow them till they did, often times to class. "Hello Walk" also features many hisotrical statues in the President's Grove where Teddy Rosevelt and other istorical figures are displayed. The alumni Mark Felt, or Deep Throat also went to school here, a Watergate scandal reporter.


Their crappy football team.


Our school is best known for it agricultural studies and research. Because of its location, the University of Idaho is well equiped in this area and offers a wide variety of fields to study.


The Engineering department as well as the Agricultural department are the biggest draws to UI. We have excellent, award winning professors in both departments and have the highest return rate for students. Our Engineering students are helping design things in the community and Ag students are helping out with local farmers. All undergrads have opportunities to help with research-something larger schools cannot afford. Our Swim team is coached by Olympic Gold Metalist Tom Jager and Vandal Football is becoming increasingly better with Coach Rob Akey.


My school is best known for its school spirit, the silver and gold.


The Disability Support Services (DSS) has helped me adjust to college. They provided me note takers, tutors, and personal counseling. I have needed these services to persevere.


Its wealth of Engineering majors, strong military programs and respect for these programs and being located in a small, friendly town. The school is not too big but not small by any means and the students all smile upon greeting you.


The University of Idaho is best known for their academics.


As mentioned above, the Business school is one of the best funded, most technilogically advanced schools in the country. There is a high emphasis in top-level class work, interaction with business, government (Local, State, & Federal), and non-profit organizations, and internship opportunities for the students. Add to that, the University of Idaho is one of the flagship schools offering the PGM (Pro Golf Management) major in its business/marketing program. This provides students studying in this area the ability to become a PGA Professional with a business degree and opportunities outside of golf course management.


drinking, snowy weather, business school, engineering


I think its best known for our lionel hampton jazz festival or a football team that never wins!




The University of Idaho is probably best known for it's Agricultural based degrees. Also offers one fo the finest Law degrees in the upper Northwest. The students at U of I are known to party pretty hard when it comes to weekends. Their Biology research and development isn't that bad either.


The parties and how cheap it is.


the receation center, our engineering programs, law programs, student social life, fraturnaties an sororities


Our school is probably (unfortunately) best known for having a football team that never wins.


Engineering and law school. Also a cheap place to go.


Quality academic programs


The University of Idaho is not a well known school but the students that do come here enjoy the academics. Other than the good academics, our football is not the greatest and the first thing the people that hve heard of the University will talk about how the Vandal football team is lousy or that they suck but we offer a lot more than football.


My school is best known for it's agriculture department and research.


its busines, architecture and Forestry schools.

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