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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I choose this career of Physical therapy because i like help the others persons. when he is attending primary knee hurt me and give me went to therapy and saw other people. who they were also in the same and therapists helped them recover as much as possible so I like that work to help people to recover their limbs functions. I choose other career of Spanish because i like other latinos of this country understand the language and learn more of the culture latina because i am latino i want learn the culture of others latin countries this is my goals of my two careers.


University of Idaho is a offers a great education in a variety of fields. As an Idaho resident, I would be lying if I said that finances didn't play a substantial roll in my decision to come here. Regardless, the teachers are great and it would be hard, if not impossible, to find a better education for the price.


I love absolutely love my school. I am very invovled in many on campus groups and organizations and because of that I have had an amazing college experience so far. I think one of the greatest organizations on our campus is the Alternative Service Break program which allows students to spend their winter or spring breaks volunteering in different states or countries and serving in a variety of ways. I have been involved in three of these trips and have been the highlight of my college experience.


The University of Idaho has had a long tradition of being one of the more respectable collegiate environments in Idaho, but it also has a very rich greek system in which academics may be placed on the back-burner. With this greek system, their come multiple opportunities to both assist in ones academic pursuit and retract from it. With this being said, the most common stereotypical association with the university is that of a culture bred to party rather then to acquire a degree. Being a member of the greek community, I believe that this stereotype is one that is fading through out time. The campus has shown a vast paradigm shift from the early "animal house" days of the 80's. Opting for more of a modern academically competitive environment


The university is located in a small town, so the students are all very familiar acquaintances. Although the campus is small, this allows people to make many more connections on a personal level. I spend most of my time on campus at my sorority, but when I am not there, I like to study at the "fish bowl" located in the library. The University of Idaho is known for it's strong Vandal pride and support for all of the different sports teams. An experience that I will always remember from my time on campus is how welcoming the students and staff are towards incoming freshman, they have "walk" with the band and mascot dedicated to the new students.


I love the University of Idaho. There is tons of Vandal pride on campus, especially around football game days. Moscow is the perfect college town. While it could do with a little more in the entertainment field, there are plenty of affordable places to eat, and movie tickets are still under $10. There is lots of nearby outdoor recreation including golfing and rivers in the summer and skiing in the winter. The school has a very strong Greek life, and many Greek students are involved in student government, alumni relations committees, and other student organizations. U of I is surprisingly liberal and progressive for a school in Idaho, and many of the teachers teach from a liberal viewpoint. Many classes are a breath of fresh air compared to the normal conservative Idahoan viewpoint. U of I is a well respected school in Idaho, and has over a 50% graduation rate, which is high compared to most colleges in Idaho. An extremely strong Business school also helps give the University a boost in respect when applying for jobs out of state.


My overall opinion of the University of Idaho is that it is super student-friendly, and strives to make each student's academic and college experience be the best it can be. The faculty at UI are very helpful, and always looking for ways for to help students both in and out of the class room. I will always remember how important and helpful my professors have been when I have been applying for research opportunities and jobs.


I love the University of Idaho and I cant think of anywhere in the entire northwest that I'd rather be. One of the best things about my school is the Greek system. If you care about good grades, philanthropy, leadership oppertunities, and a social life, you'd be a fool not to go greek.


The school is great. I have made so many memories with all my fraternity brothers that I couldn't recount them all if I tried. It is so easy to work with professors, it is a rare day that I find a professor that is not willing to go out of their way to help me, let alone reply to an e-mail. The study abroad office is awesome. I will be going to Ghana in the spring and throughout the whole application process they have been nothing but helpful. The biggest thing I find myself upset with is the large amount of apathy on campus. Most students aren't overly concerned with school spirit and will only attend sporting events for a rival game. Plays rarely sell out. And most students are apathetic towards any social or political group. A lot of students worry about parties going into school. Yeah, there are parties every weekend. They're pretty easy to find if you try. However, if partying really isn't your thing, there are tons of other things to do around Moscow, most people just don't know about htem.

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