University of Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is ready to learn and take part of a wonderful community.


This is a great school for those who want small class sizes and personal interaction and help from their professors. It is also a great school for those who are interested in Engineering, Music, Agriculture or Education.


The University of Idaho would be a great choice for a variety of students. I was from a graduating class of 16 but many of my new friends are from much larger high schools and are enjoying their college choice. It is a smaller campus, so students that would like a more personable staff, this may be a choice for them. I find that the students are very friendly and you see the same student regularly. The town in smaller and there are a variety of activities, both on and off campus.


Anyone could fall in love with Moscow and the university. Moscow is a small town, but full of interesting people and places to go. The University of Idaho is full of dedicated and fun-loving students who work as hard as they play. The campus is beautiful throughout every season, and there are always groups and activities looking for memebers. Though located in rural Idaho, the universtiy allows students to experience the world through numerous alternative service breaks and study abroad opportunities. From rural to urban, liberal to conservative, introverted to extroverted, UofI offers four (ish) years well spent.


A person who wants the university experience, but wants more one on one time with professors. University of Idaho is a great school for a taste of college sports, volunteer opportunities, as well as greek life. If someone is really interested in greek life, they should definitly consider the University of Idaho.


I think that people who are getting any kind of graduate degrees or higher should come here. My idea would be to go to a community college first and then transfer up to a four year school like this one. That is where I made my mistake in going here first, but I am going to go to a two-year next year, so I can get a little more help when needed. After doing this I will come back and continue into the harder classes required for my degree.


Small town people who are interested in engineering, business, or outdoor related fields. People who do not think that academics is the only important part of college. People who are okay being away from major shopping.


I think that this college could be for any kind of person. You just have to be able to make some friends that like the same things that you do and then you well have someone to hang out with and you well never know that you are living almost out in the middle of nowhere.




I believe that this school is pretty accepting of just about anyone.


A person who is looking for a beautiful campus and an active social life should attend the University of Idaho. There are many things to do on campus, including attending sporting events, going to plays or movies on campus, attending parties, or even going to a social planned by your department. The University of Idaho can take all kinds of students, there is plenty of opportunity to be active, but a student to is willing to take those opportunities will be most successful here.


Someone that doesn't care much about school and wants to party more.


hard-working and serious students who want to get something out of it


Anyone interested in undergraduate research, someone who likes smaller towns or universities.


outdoor oriented people


Someone who likes the outdoors more than watching college sports.


Anyone can attend the University of Idaho. We have students from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. We have students from many, many other countries and cultural backgrounds as well. I can see nothing that would or should discourage a person from attending here. I have not met one person in my time her that was even grumpy, everyone is happy and everything just sort of flows here. There are great programs within the University that accommodate most anything a person would need. The University of Idaho is just a great place to go to school! I love it!

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