University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are from Chicago and want to be a decent distance from home so as to really spread your wings and mature, this is a good place for you. There are also many opportunities here because the campus is so big; you are sure to find an extracuricullar activity that is right for you.


I believe that people who are very anti-social should not attend this school as people at this school are very outgoing and friendly. There is always something to do and many activities one can enjoy.


The University of Illinois fosters highly competitive, intelligent and motivated students. The goals and accomplishments of each person will amaze you. Your fellow students are not only your peers but new wells of inspiration to draw from. If you were not a highly motivated individual in high school, perhaps UIUC is not for you just yet. The University of Ilinois is a very welcoming place, but it would be beneficial to take the time to learn some valuable skills at a community college before submersing yourself in such a competitive atmosphere.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are afraid of large classrooms and lots of people always around.


You should not attend the U of I if you are not driven to learn more and put in the effort to do so.


Don't attend this school if all you want to do is escape. UIUC requires hard work, as well as an active interest in study and pursuit of higher education. Don't come to UIUC if all you want to do is drink, run from family problems, or party. You will not succeed. UIUC insists upon a greater level of students, ones that can rise to the academic challenge proposed. Don't come to UIUC if you can't manage yourself. You're parents aren't here to check your homework.


If you are not dedicated to learning then you should not attend.


People who are very shy or who are not self-motivated (i.e. need a lot of outside encouragement) should not go to this school. Also, students who need a lot of individual attention or who do not like crowds should not attend. Students who want small class sizes, even in gen-ed classes should not attend.


Students who don't care about their academic achievements and who do not have high ambitions should not attend this school. It is not necessary to have perfect grades and score on the ACT to be admitted, but once a student is enrolled, they are expected to work harder than most. Being devoted to your education is of high importance. It is also recommended that students be active and involved within the school because of all of the opportunities it offers.


People who want a school where you know everyone; People who need to be in a big city;


Someone who is not smart or willing to work


Those who are not truly focused or interested in furthering their education should not attend this school. To me, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a prestigious institute and students in attendence should be serious about their education.


A person who lacks determination and portrays charateristics of a lazy individual should not apply to a school like university of illinois


UIUC is not a place for those that only come because they think it is easy or a party school. The campus is superb, and the students are awesome, and the faculty are amazing, mostly. But without a doubt the parties are legendary, the fun, the excitement. Still to balance it all out, those that do not have self control are the ones that burns the brightest and the quickest. They would lose the great potentinal that was in their future, because of the lack of self control, the lack of determination.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who prefers smaller campuses, smaller classroom sizes and less people.


A person that isn't interested in working hard and excelling in their coursework. Someone who is only looking for a party and not looking to learn anything. Also, a person who is afraid of diversity, because there are a lot of different races, ethnicities, religions, political views, social views, etc.


This school has pretty good academic standing and a good social atmosphere when one finds their ideal social circle, but each year, the tuition is getting more expensive. While it is acceptable to be undecided, a person who decides to study here should have a strong drive to succeed and know what they want to accomplish so they can get the most for their money. A person who has completely no idea about their goals for the future should not pay such money when they plan to just take some classes without really a plan or a puropse.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is an ideal place for anyone. The University offers countless different majors, extracurricular activities, and the ability to research in any field one desires. There truly is something for everyone here and that is evident by the very diverse student body. Not only is there something for everyone to do, but there is someone here to do it with. With the diverse population, one is guaranteed to find another who shares similar ideals. Also, the student body as a whole is very accepting of every individual, as are the professors and staff.


Someone who is scared to succeed and not ready to get an experience of a lifetime they should not plan on attending this school. This school helps to mold and shape students to well-rounded individuals ready for the outside world beyond school. Failure is not even an option going through this school and sticking with it you would come out successful. Students not ready to work and are not ready to meet the demands of the school should plan on not attending. This school is constantly growing and helping people to become great contributors to society.


People who don't like being around other people or being in classes with a lot of students. My World Religions class is sitting somewhere around 700 people, all of which cram into a massive auditorium for lectures twice a week. I would also not encourage people to attend this school if they do not like being around greek life and drinking. I don't participate in either, but if it is something that would bother you, then UIUC is not the school for you.


The University of Illinois is home to all kinds of students, but is not right for everyone. Illinois is a huge school. Undergraduates may have to take a class in a 200-700 person lecture hall. Also, the campus itself is large and it could potentially take 25 minutes to walk to just one class. If the big campus environment scares you, U of I is not the school for you.


The school is for everyone who feel that they are not sure what they want to do in life and for those who have known their whole lives. If you are not motivated and have no dreams or goals then you should not attend this school.


Someone that is striving for eduacational excellence and a strong base to launch a successful career. Must be willing to put in the time academically but still be part of the many extra curricular activites.


This campus has so many niches or communities that it would be hard to describe someone who wouldn't feel comfortable here. It is a large school that is sometimes overwhelmingly diverse, so someone who prefers a smaller, more quiet setting may not be comfortable here. While there are great athletic facilities, the surrounding landscape is largely agriculture with almost no elevation change - it can be monotonous. People who enjoy outdoor activities might be disappointed. But all in all, many communities make up this campus and one could surely find within our populous a home where they feel comfortable.


The person who should not attend this school is the person who is afraid to learn, to discover, to live life. This school offers so much to each student that it is almost impossible to not find your own path.


With the University of Illinois being such a large school, it is hard to believe that anyone would not find something they love about the school with the wide variety of things it offers. However, if someone is initially looking for a more personalized education where they are in smaller classes and get direct interactions with the professor, they may not want to attend University of Illinois. With some entry level lectures containing hundreds of students, they will need to take the initiative to seek out the teacher for help, pushing students to be more independent.


Someone who is not used to big schools because U of I is a really big school. Someone who cannot sit in lectures of more than 50 people should not attend this school.


Someone who is close-minded & not open to diversity and being around a lot of people. The U of I campus is most definitely one of the largest. If you are going to be a student here, you CANNOT be withdrawn. Making friends and networking is a benefit to ANY and EVERYONE...attending U of I only makes that much easier!


There is so much diversity at the University of Illinois that there isn't a type of person that shouldn't attend this school. In fact, the University is so diverse that if one looks, every type of person can be found. At first it may seem difficult to find a niche if you don't join the Greek system, but even if you don't join a fraternity or sorority, you'll find your place.


Someone who wants a small school definitely should not attend this school. It is absolutely huge and it's easy to get overwhelmed if you don't join the right organizations that make the school feel smaller. Also, if you like the city, this isn't the college for you. It's a college town in the middle of Illinois.


a lazy, unsocial student or someone who is extremely quiet and inhibited.


Someone who feels the need to be treated as an individual - I am thinking the artsy and creative people who need more advice and guidance for their careers should look else where. This is not to say we don't have a good fine arts faculty, but the suppor that they will be looking for outside of the classroom from their peers just won't be there.


I don't think there is a "kind" of person that shouldn't attend the University of Illinois. Rather, I believe that before entering the University, he or she should make sure their will to learn is strong, and their want to change the world is an active thought. If he or she doesn't have these qualities, they should rethink their decision to attend, or change the way they view higher education.


An unmotivated individual who lacks personal and professional dedication should not attend University of Illinois. Someone who does not want to be intellectually challenged should not apply, in addition to those with absolutely no school spirit. A person who absolutely cannot learn in a large classroom may not want to attend this school, or those who cannot manage their time. If you do not enjoy combining a high quality education with valuable memories with new friends, then by all means, this school is not for you.


If you are a city person and you want an urban experience, DON'T go here. This school is campus life to the fullest. Everyone here is attending school, no matter how old/young they look. You should be ready for football tailgating, basketball games, random parties on the quad as well as a truly great campus experience.


Someone who needs constant stimulation from a big city. It is in the middle of illinois and there isn't much around outside of campus. Campus life is very exciting and there is never a dull moment but it is very campus-y.


I think that the University of Illinois really has something to offer every single person that attends. The college is not for someone who is used to being handed an answer to problems, the curriculum and way of life are meant for self discovery, and require a lot of self discipline. But I believe that this is something very valuable that each person has the ability to learn while attending the university.


A person who should not attend this school is a person with no motives or does not care about school because he/she does not pay for it. Someone who parties all the time and can not prioritize.


A person that is not focused, motivated, dedicated and hard-working as one will most likely not succeed.


People who are not motivated or have no idea what they would like to do in the future should not attend this school.


A person who is overwhelmed by large classes or a diverse culture should not attend this school.


They need to be able to balance school, work, extra activities with their social life. U of I has a lot of parties but we do put a stress on class. It 's not looked upon to not go to class. You need to be hard-working and plan your time well. There is a lot to do at this school which can seem overwhelming but once you grab a group of friends, you will do just fine.


A person who lacks self-motivation should not attend this school. When you show up, there will be plenty of distractions right from the start. Also, someone who requires a lot of one-on-one attention in all of their classes should not attend this school. Obviously you can get the one-on-one attention you need if you go out of your way to get it, but large lecture halls and lots of students make it somewhat difficult to get that personal attention.


I recommend any person attends this school so long as they would enjoy a big school. However, if you plan to attend the engineering or a technical field, that you are capable of learning the material on your own. Professors are more interested in research than the student population's understanding. The ideology is pretty much: if you are smart enough to be here, you'll figure it out yourself.


Someone that should not attend the University of Illionis is one that would be easily swept up into the "Union life." The Union is a place where neasrly everyone gathers to be sociable. It is very tempting to spend everyday there if you get sidetracked. But find a balance between being responsible with school andstaying connected with your social networks.


Someone who thinks a big school is daunting


Someone who likes smaller classes should not attend this school.


Someone who doesn't want to spend time on school and doesn't want to be far away from home


Again, although I'm not necessarily correct, I think that, unfortunately, a very motivated but strictly academic student may not be a perfect fit at Illinois. I feel that the majority coursework centers around self-learning, which a motivated student could really obtain at any University (or perhaps even a library, mind you). Not to mention, many students' effort and work will be significantly less, and still achieve a similar (if not the same) grade as that highly motivated academic. No doubt Illinois' reputation is admirable, however a bachelor's degree means less and less in today's society.


People who are not used to being around large groups of people. You must be really dedicated in studying and working hard. And you should be very open about other cultures and beliefs.