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There is a cultural diversity at Iowa that is very welcoming and unites the students and faculty alike.


The Feel of the University of Iowa is something I have never experienced before. From visiting people at many other universities, I always come back to Iowa as my home, each time more assured that I chose the best school out there. The campus is integrated to the downtown Iowa City life that provides endless entertainment and all types of activities for student. Each student at Iowa will tell you that they have made a home here, and will find it hard to leave, often picking the graduate program here as well. It’s a place for anyone and everyone.


The Greek life is involved but not necessary. I know a lot of people that were and were not involved in the Greek social squares and everyone was friends with everyone


UI has a very compact campus for the size of its student body. It has that small school feel, while maintaining its BIG 10 feel. It encompasses qualities like that of a smaller school, making it feel more like home. Here at Iowa, I don't feel like just a number, I feel like I really matter.


This school offers a museum studies certificate, which is not very common for undergraduate programs.


It offers a great IT program with career placement during my education. I will be completing my Associates then moving into my Bachelors seemlessly. The Chair of IT is an outstanding mentor to many students and I can't wait to begin a new adventure!


University of Iowa has the Big Ten school atmosphere while giving a more personalized curriculum in the varying fields of acamdemics offered on campus. Also compared to other schools, the university has given endless resources to all the students from academics to clubs and intramurarls.


It's amazing how nice everyong at Iowa is. I felt at home from the moment I came to campus for a tour. Iowa has everything I could want as a student-great academics, beautiful campus, fun environment in Iowa City... it's perfect. Go Hawks!


It is such a large school that it offers almost any class you can think of and also allows you to experience a lot of diverse cultures.


Lots of people, but you will recognize faces and see them often.Fraternities aren't huge here but they still throw some good parties. drinking is definitely more common than smoking the herb. classes are challenging but i would expect that everywhere. the definition of tailgate is Iowa football.


i chose my school because i was closer to home. my school is the perfect size, it;s not too big and it's not too small. you don't always get one on one with a profesor but you can if you try. because we are a small school in a small town people don't realize that we have some really good programs such as education, journalism and engineering. and even programs are a selective thing which says a lot about how qualified everyone is.


The University of Iowa offers a great deal of activities and things to do. I love coming here. The community and school is perfect. The classes are fun and the proffessors really care about each individual student.


The University of Iowa is unique in that it's a little, big town. The University campus/downtown area is at the center of the town, which allows for quite a bit of community-University interaction. Most professors are friendly, helpful, available and willing to help students who'd like or need extra help. Also, the U of I places a lot of emphasis on the importance of extra curricular activities, which I think is an important aspect of the college experience.


I have found the University Of Iowa is very advanced in medical studies. I want to get my medical education from a top-notch school and this school definitely fits what I was looking for in the school I wanted to get my degree.


The University of Iowa is world-renowned for its englishprogram and even offers a living-learning community specifically for undergraduates looking to pursue careers in writing--which means writers get to live together and hold weekly workshops. Not only this, but Iowa City is a UNESCO World Heritage site for Literature. It's literally (pun intended) the perfect school for undergraduate English majors.


This school is unlike others I considered because the art program offered here is so culturally diverse and rich that it provides for an inspiring setting to create art work. Also I chose Iowa because I run track for the school and the team had very high ovrall gpa and they were acadmically motivated with a much higher standard of education.


It's like being at a smal college while attending a Big 10 school in an Urban enviornment


The University of Iowa had a great atmosphere and environment. Everyone there seemed friendly and willing to help. The campus was really pretty and was just what I wanted in a school, which I did not even know until I got there. The areas surronding campus are nice as well. There are a bunch of little shops and resturants right there across the street from the Pentacrest.


It has a cute town surrounding the school with lots of social activities.


They have the highest ranked speech therapy program in the country (which is my major) so they really stood out to me.


If you go here get into good youth groups such as 24/7 or CREW this way you won't fall into the binge drinking party trap:)


The Univeristy of Iowa is unique due to the fact that it is a large school with a smaller campus. You do not feel overwhelmed or lost on campus, and there is a large support group in case you do. Iowa also has equal opportunites in both the arts and sciences. One is not valued over the other and you meet many people from each background. There are diverse degrees, values, and beliefs throughtout campus to broaden your perspectives.


My school has a good mix of city life with a small town feel.


The on campus community is unlike any other college. The small downtown and shopping near by compliment the traditional old but updated buildings. The appeals of having big school technologies and resources within the university's many labs and librarys, mixes with a small downtown charm that can give anyone a since of seclusion or community all at the same time.


It was the most diverse with the most opportunities no matter what I wanted to major in.


The Univeristy of Iowa differs from other schools in that the faculty are willing to do anything to help you achieve your goals. There are a variety of groups and activities to meet every student's standards. The environment at my school is very career oriented and goal-focused. It makes you feel like anyone can achieve with the determination.


We have great activities, and many nationally ranked programs!


The alumni support is really great.


What's unique about this school is the sense of community.


My school is very passionate about football and can be very enjoyable because of the pride and excitement associated with it. It is located around a river and has a historic downtown which gives the campus character. The campus is conscientious of recycling and the environment. The campus has some strong programs such as it's biology, psychology, medical, law, pharmacy, and physician assistant programs. Its in-state tuition is also very reasonable, and people in Iowa are generally more friendly than some other areas in the United States.


There is a huge variety of experiences available in Iowa City. The University of Iowa brings in top scholars from around the globe and the students here are very proactive about creating interesting things to do. There are so many cool groups to join and cool people to meet that I have never been able to take adventage of all of them, not even close.


It offers a lot of opportunities for students who are in the pre-health majors like pharmacy and medicine because of the university hospital and the pharmacy and medical schools. Volunteering and doctor shadowing is highly recommended and easy to get involved in. It is very rewarding.


I've never seen another school in Iowa with so much school spirit. It also happens to be one of the most accepting universities in Iowa in terms of diversity.


The town it's in is centered on the college. The community is very supportive of the university.


Our campus is tied in with downtown which makes a great atmosphere. It also has Division 1 sports all of them u nlike some colleges I looked and went. I was amazed to go to football games when I transferred to Iowa.


The minimum age to enter bars is 19, whereas in many other areas it's typically 21.


My school is in a unique setting: a Big-Ten university in the heart of a cultural, though quite small, city.


My school balances the city life with that of something smaller, offering a world-class education while employing professors who care about each student; this along with the culture that Iowa City can give to students through theatre and passing and local bands.


The school spirit is amazing. They never seem to let their team down. When I was looking for school I wanted a school that devoited to their school and what other way to see that then sports? It was outstanding and drew me in. This school has everything it takes to make every student their best it is in the students hands to decide what to do with it!




No matter who you talk to for help wveryone is willing to give you a resource to help you find your answer. The social life is top notch between sports events, extra-carricular ectivies, and weekend atmosphere.


very liberal and all students are thought of as equals. there is a large emphasis on partying and alcohol as a pastime


Winter is frigid. Bring a good bike lock and bad bike.


There's only one thing I don't like about Iowa, and that is the price of tuition. I had to drop out after my freshman year because of the price. If you are a lower-middle class, B average white student, there is no opportunity for scholarships. The only help I got for the school was through FAFSA, but that didn't even cover 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the tuition. The loans provided for someone with my parents' credit were non-deferrable and payments were sky high because of the interest. If I had continues going, by my senior year my parents would be paying over 1500 a month, which is my dad's entire pay check and some of his retirement. Iowa is my dream school, but they don't have the lower working classes' well being at heart. Carl Rove was paid a full student's tuition to speak for an hour and a half, and I don't think that's fair. With the price of tuition rising nearly every year, people like me can't afford a quality education at a school they love, but I know deep down, nothing is going to be done. When someone like me falls out of line, there is always someone else to take my place and pay more to be there.


Iowa Rocks. Girls are hot, Awesome Atmosphere, Bar Scene is nice (not only the popular bars but theres alot of ones that many people dont know about or dont frequent that are fun if youre in a different type of scene). Dorms are pretty nice, apartments can be relatively cheap, yea.


The UI is good school, I enjoy myself here Mayflower is really not that far from campus...Second floor is the the most quiet Ipods are a good investment There really is more to do than going out and drinking Be involved and find activities and groups that you like to beat homesickness. ...Excuse my typos, i wrote alot in a little time


Iowa is a great school, but not for everyone. I would not recommend Iowa to anyone who feels they need a lot of individual attention, guidance, or direction. However, if you need a lot of individual attention, guidance, or direction you are probably not ready to attend college. I would not recommend Iowa to anyone from the area - it's a big world out there! Quality of academics varies widely between programs, so be sure to investigate your specific area of interest before committing. Fire Kirk Ferentz!


Fun place, as a senior I'm ready to move on however. Very expensive out-of-state tuition.


When the weather is warm the bar scene teeters on insanity. Wading through drunks and pushing to get to the bar is common fare.


Go Hawks!