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I applied to 9 colleges and Iowa was the last place I looked at- I had my housing in at Madison. Best choice I've ever made was coming to Iowa. Second, studying abroad in Spain- absolutely awesome experience.


go hawks


Come to this University and get involved. While there are great professors at this University, like all Universities, the student body is truly one of the best in the nation. I have learned so much more from my extracurriculars than from my classes, so come here get involved and leave your mark on the University of Iowa.


Winter Weather Advisory! : The University of Iowa believes wholeheartedly in the overuse of sand, sand, and more sand to counteract the Iowa snow and ice. So bring boots and be prepared to never have clean pants hems. Also, be prepared to never have class cancelled due to weather. Unfortunately, if the Cambus can get around without literally killing anyone, the U sees no reason to save us a trudge through a blizzard. We had class cancelled only once halfway through an ice storm.


Some of the stuff I've said may sound negative, but truth be told, I love Iowa. It's a beautiful campus and I wouldn't mind living here my whole life just to be near the campus. I just wish everything wasn't so overpriced!




I don't know there's so much to experience here, and to put a whole year is almost impossible. Coming to college is the beginning of something amazing. Its nothing to be scared or nervous about. I'm having a blast.


I love this school!


I think i have said enough, GO HAWKS!!!




Iowa is a awesome school!


The University of Iowa is a diverse campus that has so many opportunities available to the students. Choosing Iowa has shown me that I can be whatever I want. I came in with just a Biology interest and now I am stepping towards a teaching career. It's okay to not know what you want to do your freshman year of college. This can give you the opportunity to try all the different fields of study that are offered. You may start thinking about a business major and take an art class for fun and decide you want to pursue your talent in art. Be open to all the great opportunities that are out there. They are out there for you. So take a deep breath and soak it all in, your in for an experience of a lifetime.


Iowa is the best school ever! I love it!


I've said a lot. I'm sure after I hit the continue button I'll be like, "OH SHOOT, I should've talked about this or that. But for now, I am satisfied, with my answers and with my college education. I think it is also important to mention about Careers and job opportunities. Students have a wealth of tools at their fingertips to find jobs, internships and careers. I know I hold two jobs on campus. The University doesn't allow students to work more than 20 hours per week, so that is helpful when it comes to balancing work and school. There are also job websites: Jobnet and Employment Expo. Both have great jobs listed. I know I found my summer internship, located on Michigan Avenue through Employment Expo. It was a wonderful experience and gave me so many resources and opportunities. It was with the University of Iowa Chicago Center. This was GREAT because I was working in the CITY OF CHICAGO but still working with the University of Iowa. That Center is such a great resource and is doing amazing things to help students, alumni and employers. And I don't just say that because I'm biased and I worked there, I truly believe it is a worthwhile opportunity for the University to have a presence in Chicago. Thank you for creating this website, I'm sorry I wrote so much! Good luck, I hope you get a ton of responses! I know I emailed this link to all of my STAR members!


BEAT STATE!! Come out and watch the Iowas Men's Tennis Team April 24-27 at the Tennis Facility on Mormon Trek Blvd. We are hosting the Big Ten Championships this year.


Iowa is an amazing place and i think everyone should consider it.


Go Hawks.


I feel that IOWA's campus is extremely well mapped out.


Go Hawks!


I absolutely love Iowa. Its exactly the college experience that I wanted. Yeah the classes are rough, sometimes its frustrating going to school with 25,000 other students, but at the end of the day I can call myself a HAWKEYE!