University of Kansas Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think anyone could attend this college and enjoy it.

Hima Bharathi

Person with disability of not having legs should not attend this college as this college don't provide a great transportation facility.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not serious about their degree. Additionally, if you refuse to put in the time and effort into your school work you will not do well here.


A person that is not open minded or ready to explore different cultures should not attend the University of Kansas, for KU is one of the most diverse universities in the Mid-West. A person who does not want to be involved with what is going on within the school would most likely not want to attend this school due to the organizations and groups that are waiting for more people to join. However, there is something for everyone to do, whether it be Hall Government or joining a sister/brotherhood, but do not attend if not willing to interact.


I would say that anyone who wants a smaller school shouldn't attend The University of Kansas. There are about 30,000 students that attend this college and I see people I've never seen before every day. In addition, anyone who doesn't care about school spirit shouldn't attend because everyone is very supportive of our school and sports teams.


Someone who feels overwhelmed by a large campus and large amounts of people. The majority of the general education classes had up to 900 people in them, and they can make you feel out of place or lost. But if you are good at self managing then this shouldn't be a problem.


Someone who does not take their studies seriously should not attend this school because it is easy to fall into the habit of skipping class as I'm sure is true at most universities. I knew quite a few freshman that were put on academic probation because of unsatisfactory grade point averages; and this is in no way due to the level of difficulty of the classes because if a student attends class, actually completes their assignments and devotes time to studying for exams the chance of he or she failing a class is next to impossible.


Someone who is trying to get away from the small town dynamic.


I am a very serious student, so I believe that students that aren't in school to get a good education and are only there for other reasons are the ones that shouldn't attend this school. I don't like sitting in class when I'm trying to listen and others around me are just goofing around and not learning the material.


Someone who does not want to interact with alot of people, or someone who doesn't like basketball should not attend.


Someone who loves the hussle and bussle of large cities.


People who aren't willing to work hard shouldn't go to KU.


This school would not be a fit for people expecting personal attention or those seeking a small, close-knit school. KU is very large and students can get overwhelmed easily if they are not prepared. Also, those wanting top-quality professors for all their classes should not attend KU; there are many professors that aren't necessarily awesome. But there are quite a few that are very knowledgeable and helpful.


A person who is looking for small classes.


A driven person who can push themselves to be the best should attend The University of Kansas. They need a strong mind and personality to keep up with the chaos that is KU.


Students who like to be to themselves should not go to this school, because at the University of Kansas, staff and faculty members are always concerned and want the best for students, so they ask a lot of questions and put you on the right path if you slip up.


People who want to get a good education but still have fun. Individuals who are nice and eager to meet new people will fit in well on this campus. Also students who are career oriented will do well at this school.


People who don't like to study.


Based on people who wouldn't enjoy this school, I've yet to see a "stereotype" that do not or would not enjoy KU. I've seriously seen or heard of something for just about every type of person at KU, or in the Lawrence/KC area. Physically, people who can't navigate fairly steep hills as there are many on campus and surrounding it. The type of person who shouldn't come to KU is the type who think college is just one big party and spend no time on their school-work. Those types don't do well.


If you are someone who does not enjoy having a large number of students in your classes or if you would like your campus to be smaller or in a larger city, then this school is not for you.


Any type of student would fit in at the University of Kansas as long as they are open to the diversity brought here by the rest of the students. I am never surprised to see anyone in particular on the campus. There are many styles, ethnicities, and goals among the students on campus.


Someone who wants to gain a degree in a program that is not offered at the campus. Someone who wants to get through school very quickly while working full-time.


There is not really a stereotypical person that shouldn't attend this school. KU is a very fun and accepting environment for all kinds of people regardless of ethnicity, interests, or personality type. It is a relatively large campus so I'd say if you don't want to go to a bigger school, you should probably look somewhere else but I really believe anyone can fit in and enjoy it here.


Someone who is close-minded to liberalism


Someone who is not committed to putting in the effort to receive a good education.


I don't think there is any specfic person that should not attend KU. It has always seemed that there are huge differences in everyone here. There's at least one other person that is just like you.


People who need to be by the ocean shouldn't attend KU, since it's in the middle of the country. However, there are many study abroad opportunities and there is a lake in Lawrence!


If you are afraid of a large campus then I would not suggest you come to this school.


If you're not a resident, then tuition is going to be pretty steep. KU is a great school with some nationally recognized programs, but if you're not sure about your academic direction, I would recommend looking into a school where you meet residency requirements.


It is a big school. If you are extremely shy and not willing to seek out people, may be too big


People who are intolerant of homosexuality.


since ku is considered a big party school. a person who cannot balance partying and doing school work should not go to this school because it is very easy to get distracted and not focus on your school work. there has been many people who went to school hear who have been kicked out less then a year because they believed that they would always be able to get back on track when that is not really the case at all. if your not serious about getting your school work done then you should not be here.


There were few minorities on campus. While the student body is very accepting and open-minded, the minority population is very small and one may feel less "at-home" on campus.


Someone shouldn?t attend the University of Kansas if they need to feel a connected with their professors. You might be a brilliant student but when there are 900 other students in your class, it?s very possible to have trouble. Also, I was from a small town and coming here is a huge cultural change. It?s hard to adjust when your use to seeing farms out your window, to coming to Lawrence and seeing people everywhere. It's easy to feel lost amongst the crowd.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who does not have good time management skills. Also, if someone expects other people to get things done for them and is not responsible for his/her own actions then he/she shouldn't attend this school either. Since the classes are relevently bigger than most, if someone prefers a smaller classroom setting then this school wouldn't be a good one to attend.


People afraid of a big school. People who are not willing to expand as a person socially and mentally.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone who fails to be goal oriented. A person who is not open minded may not fit in as much as they'd like to. Someone who shouldn't attend this university would be someone who fails to recognize the different social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds of others and refuses to cope with the idea that this is a very diversified university. A person that shouldn't attend is also someone who does not plan to graduate, the university pushes for a 4 year term.


I feel that anyone can find a niche at KU. There are quite a few opportunities to meet people and get involved. There is always something exciting to do and if there is anything missing the school is very open to providing the opportunity to accomodate the student's needs. However, I do think that with such a variety of majors and activities that an indecisive person may have difficulties continuing with one major and graduating in four years. A smaller school with more limited choice may be a better fit in this case.


Someone who is not motivated or self disciplined to complete assignments in a timely fashion. Someone who is not open to meeting new people or who is not open to liberal movements. Lawrence Kansas is the most liberal campus in Kansas!


A person who will get lost in the crowd. KU is a huge school, and there are so many ways to get involved! But if you don't put yourself out there, you'll never have a sense of community or family here at school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the type that cannot handle the balance between fun and school. More importantly, if a person does not take school seriously enough to turn down social activities when needed, that person will not find college beneficial in the long run.


Students who shouldn't attend the University of Kansas would prefer a school without a focus on athletic events. Students lacking motivation to learn and succeed in a competitive environment should not attend this school either.


People who do not like walking up and down hills. People who do not like being involved in school activities. People who do not take school seriously or think that college is one big party. If you GPA drops too much you will be asked to leave.


I do not think there is not one person that could be happy at the University of Kansas. There are hundreds of student groups and majors to pursue and study. The town has its own quirky feeling and has many unique places to see.


Someone who doesn't want to attend a large university should not attend this school.


KU is a big school on a big campus with a big student body and situated atop the only (therefore biggest) "mountain" in Kansas. KU is accessible to everyone, and nobody won't fit in. Each student has the rare opportunity to actively succeed in achieving their dreams as well as pursuing every interest that their brains can muster. The community is accepting of all and places a huge emphasis on allowing a student to grow into the true person they were born to be. However, if you don't like people, you probably shouldn't attend.


there really isn't a certain type of person who should or shouldn't attend KU. It's a good school, as far as state schools go. and it's pretty easy to get in too. There are so many different things going on on campus at a given time, any type of person can find something to do or something that interests them.


Anyone that is particularly academically oriented will be disappointed. While academics aren't neglected, the student body as a whole is much more interested in other things.


Kansas is all about diversity. Chancellor Bernadette-Gray Little and head football coach Turner Gill are both black. Gill is one of eleven total black head coaches in the FBS out of 120 schools. Similarly, the faculty is very diverse and welcoming as well. Also, Kansas ranks among the nation's elite in foreign exchange students. From my perspective, all of the foreign students enjoy Kansas and feel at home in the community. Thanks to the dedication to making and keeping the University of Kansas diverse, any student, regardless of race or gender, should feel comfortable attending KU.


A person with a low GPA, low ACT or SAT score, and a person thinking of the University of Kansas as a party school shouldn't attend this school. In addition, people without dedication to attain a degree, not willing to do hardwork, or looking for easy degrees should not attend this school.