University of Maine at Presque Isle Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that dorm life is obnoxious, even when you check "quiet living" on your pre-move-in evaluation. Finals week was spent combatting the noise of giggles and running feet with pillows over my ears trying to block out the sound. I also wish that I would have known that residence have no control over their room temperature., because we were always either way too cold, or it was upwards of ninety degrees.


The one thing that I wish that I would have known before coming to this school is that it is a big step from high school. Many people say that it is not a big change, but it really is. I have learned to step up my grades in college, and keep them maintained. I beileve that this should be stressed to students before they apply for college.


I wish I had known that they didn't have a good Disabilities program. I had back surgery and when my medical issues got worse my advisor advised me that college may not be my best option and I should look for other options. Luckily I went to the community college and got my AS degree first and trasfered back in so I could graduate. I am now enrolled in a masters program, but if I had known my medical issues would put me behind I would have found a school with a better program to help me.


I really do not know what more I would have liked to have known before coming to this school. It is simply amazing, very personalized, and the faculty are extremely well educated. My plans are to progress in the medical/biological field, and I feel that this school is actively helping me with this. I suppose I might have wanted to know how great UMPI was, and maybe would have attended sooner!


I wish I had known that I would basically be repeating high school all over again before I came to this school. Two years into college, I don't feel like I've learned much beyond what I learned in high school. It's disappointing.


There isn't much to do outside of the campus. Presque Isle isn't a good college town. The restaurants and stores are all on the other side of the town.