University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its nostalgic programs. Coming out of the any limited enrollment program with a degree your gaurunteed at least 90k a year.




The University of Maryland is in an ideal location for a wide variety of internships that are guaranteed to accelerate any student into their preferred career field. The University is perfectly situated between Baltimore and Washington DC. Also, UMD is nationally recognized for great school spirit and serious Terp love. The campus is gorgeous and the professors are brilliant. We're also excellent at lacrosse, which is a fact that isn't as well-recognized as it should be!


The University of Maryland is pretty well known for their sports. Even when we're losing, sports remain a big focus. Students and other Maryland supporters show unrivaled school pride. As I found when I decided to come to the University of Maryland, our football team has incredible uniforms and just about everyone knows it.


Academically, it's engineering program, otherwise, it would be the basketball team.


UMD has some of the best science programs in the state. The availability of research is excellent, and professors, even those who teach 100-300 student classes, are receptive to take on undergraduate research assistants. The quality of scientific equipment is excellent, and lab experience is greatly emphasized. Students in UMD's science programs have an excellent change of finding a career in their field, and the respective college does everything that they can to help students find these careers.


One of the things that Maryland is best known for is it's academics and the quality of education that students receive. It is academically challenging and rigorous, which is why so many students are able to find jobs after graduation.


We are best known for our mascot testudo! during finals week everyone on campus will go to testudo on McKeldin mall and rub his nose for good luck on final exams. During my first semester I rubbed testudo's nose before each of my finals and passed them all. So I would say it works! Go Terps!


University of Maryland, College Park is known for its size (35,000 students), its research opportunities, its incredible community outreach, and its nationally recognized athletic teams. Though the campus is large, there are programs that break it down into more manageable and personal groupings. For instance, I am an member of the College Scholars Porgram, which affords me great internships and colloquia with fellow students who share my interest in business. Maryland is also known for its active Greek life, although students can opt for many other ways of socializing and meeting fellow students. Maryland has something for everyone!


I believe the University of Maryland is best known for its academic excellence. It has an outstanding journalism program, business program, and engineering Program. These programs are what bring many students to the university. Being a pyschology major, I know that besides these three programs, the univetrsity has many more excellent programs to offer. Also, I've always known that UMD was a challenging school and that the professors expected a lot from their students. After my first semester, I have seen that by having challenging professors, it has made my academic career more meaningful and rewarding.


I think UMD is best known for being a school with students who can balance everything. No matter who you or where you are from you can feel the school spirit that brings everyone together. Not only that, but everyone is so intelligent, they take school seriously and are succesful. It's a balancing act between having fun and getting done what you're there for.


My school is best known for the wide variety of opportunities it offers. UMCP is highly ranked in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Business, among others. It also offers a great amount of professional networking opportunities, including study abroad and internship programs. Its proximity to the nation's capital allows for both breadth and depth in off-campus connections. In addition, there is plenty of interesting research being undertaken on campus as well. Last but not least, UMCP is known for its athletics; the Terrapins represent our state at a high level in a variety of sports.


UMD is best known for their school mascot, Testudo, and school spirit. Go TERPS!


The University of Maryland is best known for its competitive position close to many of the nation's research labs and government offices. It is a great school to find internship opportunities in many different research fields, both on and off campus.


Our school is best known for its school spirirt!!


University of Maryland is perhaps known best for its business school and academics in general.


It is known for being the most popular school in Maryland to receive higher education.


Known for being a historically agricultural university. However now it is known for its diversity and international relations.


For the level of education it offers for the price of tuition. It offers a very high level education but it is not as expensive as some other public institutions or private schools.


University of Maryland is best known as a "public ivy insitution". It is a public school, but it is on the level academically with many ivy league schools as well as the opportunites the school provides.


Top rated business school.


My school is best known for the sporting events and the academics. It is considered a public ivy league school.


I believe what the University of Maryland is best known for is the positive school pride that runs throughout the entire campus. Athletic events attract students purely because they love this unversity and love to see it succeed. However, not only does the school pride exist at athletic events but in all aspects of the university. For example, the vibrant student government and historic monuments that grace our campus provide all students with a feeling that they are proud to be terrapins.


Aside from its beautiful and diverse campus, College Park provides its students with an unrelenting education that drives you to unleash hidden knowledge and talents that you did not know you possessed. The professors and educators at College Park not only challenge you to increase your own knowledge, but are always there to assist you throughout this process as well. They know it can be taught, so when you ask these educators will be willing to help in any way they can.


The University of Maryland is best known for the diverse population of students. Being exposed to different races and ethnicities allows for a better learning environment and more successful chance of making life-long friends.


I think my school is best knon for how passionate everyone is about their education, but still find time to have fun. There is a very good balance between the academics at my school and being able to relax. I also think we are known for the pride the students have in being a terrapin, which I am most proud of. It is such a great feeling to be apart of a school that really unites over sports games, academic achievement, and just being a student there overall.


Our school is very well known for their sports. Alumni especially take strong pride in their sports teams. Students consistently attend the games and engage in active participation in supporting them. Students get especially at basketball games against our biggest rival, which is Duke. I think that sports are a very important part of a college community as they bring students together to have a common goal and common interest.


We are best known for our engineering program, being bad sports at games (in fun) and being near DC.


The brilliant professors, a community that cares about its students, and an environment where opportunities for success are everywhere.


The University of Maryland is best known for its diversity in student population. With individuals from various backgrounds, it promotes cultural awareness among the student body. In addition, UMCP's Robert H. Smith School of Business is one of the top, well-respected, and competitive schools on campus. Also, the engineering program here is also very rigorous and popular as well.


My school is best known for the Robert H school of Business, our sports teams, and our engineering prgram. We have a wide array of other great programs but these are the main focal points, in my opinion, of the university of maryland.


Diversity, High Graduation Rate, Public Ivy league school.


My university is well known as a research institute. Many professors conduct research and students can also help their professors with their research which boost their resume. My program are also partnered with the Food and Drug Administration in conducting research on food bacteria and every aspect of the food industry. UMCP strong partnerships with the government agencies not only help these organizations but also the community.


Sports (Go terps), the bussiness school, the engineering school.


Maryland is best known for its research opportunities.


My school is known for its education, a public ivey. The engineering school is world renowned, the architecture school wins the solar decathalon everytime. Also, Maryland is known for having the craziest, most supportive, and inspirational sports fans of any school.


My school is best known for the Engineering and Business schools. It is also well known for being of an affordable cost for in-state students while providing quality education. The school is also known for being culturally diverse, close to Washington, D.C. and being one of the first choice schools for in-state students. This school is also known to have a large, diverse population and allow different experiences for students who attend it.


the level of education you will get here. only the best and it is going to help you alot.


In my opinion our school is best known for three things: engineering, pre-med, and business. It is a research university therefore there are a plethora of opportunities for students pursuing medical careers or engineering careers to gain valuable experience. Overall, I would say the University of Maryland has a strong foundation for those looking to pursue a degree in the sciences.


My school is best known for the engineering program. The campus is also notorious for its unpleasant view of rows and rows of plazas of franchise stores. UMD is also a notorious party school, on the weekends you can expect the nearby bars to be packed and rowdy, with campus police everywhere. The administrative offices are not well-organized, so when you first get accepted you have to jump over many bureacratic hurdles yourself and get passed around by many administrative employees (not so fun or welcoming).


My favorite campus tradition is attending the football and basketball games and singing the Maryland fight song and other fun cheers.


My school is best known for their engineering, bussiness and journalism schools. These three schools are some of the top in the nation. Being an engineer, I know that the engineering school has many new and exciting equipment that students use. But besides the educational side, University of Maryland is also known for our die hard fans. Every sport event is crowed with fellow terrapins that make it hard for the visiting team to make a strive to win. The University of Maryland is becoming one of the hardest public schools to get accepted to.


It's a big school with lots of clubs/organizations and lots of classes to choose from. It's also a research university, so there will be professors who are doing research on the side. The university is extremely close to Washington D.C.- a bus ride within campus can take you straight to the metro. The classes are pretty tough, at least for the science departments (or maybe that's a universal thing). My advice for new students: I guarentee you will find your niche in this incredibly diverse campus IF you make the effort to look around.


Not exactly sure. Possibly partying, frats/sororities. I believe our Business program and school are well-known.


Above all The University of Maryland is known for its large yet ambitious student body. Moreover, The University of Maryland is often recognized for its strong engineering and business programs. A phenomenal staff is one of the primary reasons for the university's prestige. The engineering professors and business professors are heavily involved in their respective studies, allowing students to expand their education beyond the classroom. The University of Maryland ensures that its students have the opportunity to gain internships in today’s leading corporations or become involved in research alongside some of the nation’s most innovative professors.


The school is best known for its great academic reputation and its sports. There are a range of programs to study and a wealth of resources available to you. It is a well-regarded public research university with professors that are world-known experts in their respective fields. The University of Maryland has a diverse student body and faculty, and plenty of clubs and activities that fit many people's interests. The school spirit and dedicated alumni help create a dynamic community.


Quality of students, great campus facilities and career opportunities.


UMD basketball team, academics, sciences and research labs, large campus and large amount of students, obama coming to college park, Maryland day, UMD is near DC, UMD has many other schools such as University of Maryland: Baltimore County, or University of Maryland: Medical School/Dental School/ Law School


Sports: basketball and football. The journalism and business schools are very good.


My school is best known for it's Engineering program as well as its Computer Science Program. In addition, our sports department manages to grab the headlines of newspapers from time to time.