University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag to my friends about the environment and the setting of college park itself. It has great athletic teams what are enjoyable to watch when its in season and I get to experience the Duke v. Maryland hype in basketball.


The campus is huge. Extremely diverse scene which allows students to learn more about different cultures. The diversity adds to a students creativity, it will help them be successful in the future. "The more you know, the more places you'll go"


Nothing really. I don't brag.


My classes, I love kinesiology.


When I tell my friends about my school I tend to brag about our athletics and overall gpa the most because both are very competitive and sucessful. All of our sports teams have been to at least one championship in the years I have been to this school and the gpa criteria just to apply is constantly on the rise making the application process more and more competitive because of the success current students have set the bar to.


The most frequent thing I brag about to my friends about the University of Maryland is the opportunities that I am provided with; whether it be career-oriented, or activities for pleasure.


University of Maryland focuses on research.


Maryland does a great job of making a big school small. There are more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate students here, but the application of small communities and individualized programs really works to create a feeling of family. I am in the Honors Humanities program, one of several living-learning programs on campus. I made so many close friends through living-and learning- with students like me in this program, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. I highly reccomend getting involved, and finding a program and people that suit you.


The diversity of University of Maryland is by far its greatest asset. There is a vast range of opportunities available at Maryland, both academic and non-academic, such as honor's societies, positions in the student government, various committees within each college, not to mention student groups. There is a group for everyone, from dance teams to social justice groups and community service groups to political groups. This diversity allows every student to find their place within the University.


We have one of the biggest schools in the Nation. As a result, theres always something going on and people to meet, no matter what kind of person you are. Everything is open to all the students and it makes meeting people easy to do.


Maryland is a large public university that prides itself in its diverse academic offerings, student body, and the fact taht we run by the play hard, work hard mentality. Our classes are not meant to be super difficult, and yet our faculty is always there for us when we need them. On the weekends, we know how to relax and take college for what is it. Being so close to the nation's capital, we always can go into D.C. for sightseeing, for Friday nights, or for hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat.


The University of Maryland is the place to be because of the great emphasis it places on students to be the best all around. There are lots of activities to choose from like study abroad, vlounteering, internships, and clubs and so on. The academic research in University of Maryland is one of the best in the country.


Beautiful and fun school that consists of some of the best and most renown professors worldwide.


The performing arts center is beautiful.


When telling my friends about my school I often brag that I am always happy at the University of Maryland. I love all of the people I meet, my teachers are great, and my classes are very interesting. I also brag that there is always something to do on or off campus, whether it involves a club or attending a sporting event of one of our many very successful sports teams. I enjoy every second of my day and can rarely ever complain about the life I am living here at school.


When I talk to my friends from home about the University of Maryland, I always have to brag about the many opportunities that are available to students. From intramural clubs and sports, to internships and externships, UMD offers thousands of different options that cater to all types of interests. I love the Univeristy of Maryland because of this, and I love to let my friends know about all the interesting things I can get involved wiht!


When I tell my friends about the University of Maryland, I usually praise the vast amount of resources that it has to offer. We have many libraries, sufficient study abroad programs, and research facilities.


When I tell my friends about my college I brag about the beautiful campus. It is so vast and green. I brag about my classes and my professors. They all are so passionate about both their subjects and about the students. I brag about my dorm hall. The floor I live on has become a family and everyone gets along great. My roommate and I have grown extremely close and I have met many new friends. I brag about everything from the basketball games to the cafeteria to the RAs. I love my college and I never regret going there.


I love the campus atmosphere. Everyone seems to be in harmony even while doing very different things. The students are extrmely school-spirited and support the atheletic teams, which I love. Everyone has the same goal in mind; to suceed. People tend to lend a helping hand whenever they see someone in need! I like the area in which the school is located. I feel very safe and very free.


All of the people at North Greenville are just amazing. They go out of their way to help you and give you the best education possible. I also love all the opportunities available for helping others out, whether it be mission related or community related.


I often talked about how beautiful the campus is and how vast it is compared to other institutions in the nation. Of course, I sometime find myself simply talking about the university's selectivity and prestige as the flagship public research school in the state of Maryland.


When I tell my friends about my university, I love to brag about how much better the schedule is. In High School, I had to wake up at 5:55 am and come back at 2:10, which is tiring and inflexible. Now, I design my own schedule and have control over when I study, when I come back from classes and when I go to classes-which is the freedom that I wanted so much. Because now I have the CHOICE, I feel less stressed and actually do a lot better in college.


University of Maryland, College Park is a large campus that is a perfect place to meet new people, obtain different opportunities, and receive a challenging and promising education. There are hundreds of different clubs that you could easily find interest in so you will find your niche. Professors and students alike are supporting and a great group of people to be around during your time at Maryland.


When I brag about my school I like to mention the diversity. I came from a university that was not diverse , to say the least. Whenever I get a chance to talk about my present university, I boast about its efforts and accomplishments in diversity.


I focus on the benefits that are gained from the size of the University of Maryland. While many individuals feel that the school is too large, due to its size the university is able to offer an immense variety of courses and extra curricular activities. Every student coming into the University has the opportunity to choose their course of study and find their niche outside of academics. While sometimes it may feel overwhelming, the University of Maryland gives its students the chance to receive effective and beficial education, and to really make the most of the time spent in college.


It's *the* state school. Fear the turtle. The criminology dept is one of the best in the country (that's the dept I'm in)


The resources


My classmates come from all over the place--different countries, religions, cultural backgrounds--and yet we end up, somehow, at the same school, which unites us all and allows us to communicate not as strangers, but as fellows, working for a common goal: education.


That there is no other school in the state of Maryland that even compares with the opportunities that I have at College Park. From our amazing faculty to the clubs and organizations we have, Maryland has it all. Along with having great opportunities on campus, less than a 10 minute drive away is Washington D.C which has countless amounts of opportunities for me. And best of all March madness with one of the best ACC basketball teams in the country. The University of Maryland really does have it all.


We have great school spirit at football games and basketball games. Also, the campus is great and is fun to just walk around at.


It is a very diverse school with student from all over the world , thus one also learn from other cultures. The school has excellent resources to help student with their work. Faculty and staff are always ready to assist student to achieve thier academic goals.


the study abroad program, the experience of going to sporting events, the concerts held on campus, sometimes the bar scene, the gymnasiums, the bus system


I brag about everything, the academics, the great campus, great food, great football and basketball teams!


I brag about the the gym equipment here, since it is such high quality ,there are always machines available and the pool is amazing; always the right temperature.


good engineering program with lots of engineering opportunities in the area around DC


How widespread our extra-curricular activities are, and how awesome the Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter on campus is.


Lots of activities, nice gym, interesting classes.


The opportunities to participate in research


It's really close to the city and there are always things to do.


Our football team and the location.




TERPS ROCK! We have the largest mall in all of the universities in America. Terps Rock. Our Men's BB rule (regardless of their performance). Connie Chung went to my school. We have NASA / DHS research offices on campus.


awesome parties and fun sports


greek life


The opportunities, the diversity, chances to get involved, great sports teams, gives me a chance to study environmental issues, lots of connections


That we have a long winter break (about 1 month for winter classes).


That it's a great education for a good price.


The diversity, the proximity to the Capital, the people.


Alot of things to do, not enough time to do em all. Very diverse institution and alot to learn from people and classes.


That we're ranked pretty high. I think we just recently jumped to another tier. We have a lot choose from; both academically speaking, and socially.