University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

Describe how University of Maryland Eastern Shore looks to someone who's never seen it.


UMES is an HBCU on the east coast that has a diverse cultural enrollment.


A warm balanced environment that helps and promote the education and successful living


This school a very pleasant and quite campus.


My school is enlightening and very helpful to students; administrators are always there to help you, if needed.


UMES is an awesome school. They have the best program for my major. When I graduate I will have two degrees. One in Sociology and one in Social Work. Then I also will be able to obtain my masters in Social Work within a year.


Eastern Shore is pretty unexpected.


its nice when looking from the outside... but once you live it & become it, its pretty gross.


campus is really clean, wonderful building colors, SSC is the first building you would see when you step in to the campus.


unversity of maryland easternshore


I attend a University in Princess Anne, MD and there is alot of campus life. This school in a small/mid-sized town in the middle of nowhere, and people tend to stay on campus on weekends. I love living away from home and I've made some really good friends and we hung out on the weekends. I got the chance to meet student from all over the world and was taught different way to adapt to different situation.