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A particularly unique aspect about UMES is the living situation--students are only required to live in a dormatory for two semesters in their freshmen year and then are moved to an apartment. This forces much growth and maturity upon many students during their early college years.


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my college is cheap. it is the best college i have been to so far. it has various majors but the only thing i can say is, if you are trying to major in engineering, this school is not the right school to do that because it would only help you specialize in it.


Well, what makes UMES unique compared to other schools and universities is that the family atmosphere with a small campus. The school has so many student activities for the student body to connect as a whole.


the university maryland eastershore is most unique than the other schools i could have went is because its much lager and a very beautiful and quite campus.


At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the majority of the professional staff is related, and everyone is predominately from the same area. With that being said, the school gives off a family vibe. Unlike other schools, at UMES you know everyone ; whether they work at the Physical Plant or if they work in dinnig services, you know them and they know you. This make it easier to matriculate through school, and makes my school unique.


I believe University of Maryland Eastern Shore has a very good child/teacher ratio, to me this is very helpful when we are in need of thee extra assistance in getting work done.


The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is the second most beatiful campus in America.


My school is an HBCU, it is one of the most beautiful campuses, and it also do not have a football team. Most schools their social life revovle around the football team,band,etc... At UMES the students are very encouraging to each other.