University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would consider the lack of clubs as the worst part of the school. The school needs to offer more clubs especially sports club for students who want to play sports but aren’t athletic.


The lack of unity and wanting to help and see others excel among both the staff and students. They have so much money but are investing it in the wrong things. A new builidng is being built yet the rate of enrollment is steadily declining.


The worst thing about my school is the location because it's not too many things nearby, so you need a car or extra money for transportation.


The random change in temperature


The Geographic, We are in the middle of nowhere, without a car its hard to get around.


I haven't atended the universtity yet but some people have told me that is unorganized but I will just have to see for myself.


The environment where it is located. My school is located in a city with a distance of almost 10 miles from the next mall.


The worst thing about University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, for me, is the location. I am three hours away from home; sometimes I need family support. Calling family and friends helps me cope with being away, but I see myself as a visual and hands on person. If I can't see or feel it, then it is not the same for me.


The faternities are very limited or on suspension. I would have liked to atleast been able to see all of the possible greek organization.


The worst this about the University of Maryland Easten Shore, is the lack of school spirit. The majority of the student who attend this school, come from schools where football is the main sport. Whereas at UMES there is no football team or pep band, so the school spirit is very low.


Absolutely nothing. I am from Washington, DC. I could have chosen to further my education somewhere closer to my home. Instead, I chose to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. It is over 50 miles away, but my main attraction is to only get an educaton. The professors are outstanding.


I would say the worst aspect of attending UMES is the fact the campus is right next to farm. The scent of farm animals late at night was not one of the best parts of being there but you make due. Another thing is there is not too much surrounding the school. You have to travel with friends or by bus to Salisbury which is 10-15min down the road where you then realize Salisbury has everything. However like I said before you make what want out it, you make your own fun.


it does not have a football team. if it did then we would have more school spirit and would allow students to become closer like a family.


I would have to say the location, it kinda in the middle of no where.... You kind have to make the bestof it a create your own fun.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the location. University of Maryland Eastern Shore is safely tucked away from the city of Princess Anne. While there are plenty of stores, and restaurants near by, it is still a rather quiet, sometimes boring location.


The worst aspect of my school is the financial aid departments insistence upon issuing excessive amounts of funds to those who are undeserving. This is the absolute worst dimension because those students who are achieving and striving towards excellence are neglected in the process.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of maturing students. Sometimes the students at my school can make it feel like high school all over again.


The worst thing about my school is the distance I am from home. I am three hours away from my family. I have always been very close to my family. It is hard for me to be away from them but I know this time away is helping me become a more independent person and is allowing me to get a degree.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of support from the staff. They seem just not care.


The worst thing would have to be room deposit season. I feel like the school may give students the run around about dorm room selecction. many students want to be comfortable where they are going to be living and many are not comfortable, although housing is temporary.


The lack of communication and unity between the Faculity and administrators. There is a focus on the Professors excellencing in there own research and not that of students. Students them selves are not pushed to do work and look at the University as a social club not a school. This is not in all cases but mostly in that of the upper level professors and admin. Staff of the school tends to be lazy when it comes to assisting students.