University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The overall sciences programs are wonderful! Highly recommend for graduate programs!


University of Maryland, Eastern Shore falls short on many levels. The biggest issues I have had with the school is the technology issues and communication. Blackboard goes down at least once per week and for classes that require usage of Blackboard it is a huge problem. The lack of communication between, teachers, the book stores and publishers is terrible. It is not close to mid term time and I still am having problems with the code that came with the book that I purchased from our school book store.


This University is a beautiful campus. One of the best parts about UMES is the diversity. We have a copious amount of students from all over. Everyone is open to the cultures that they encounter and everyone is approachable. I am a Marketing major at this university. The Business Department is great at preparing me for the "real world." The department strives on making sure everyone is successful. Every professors that I had does not set you up for failure. They are determine to make you learn and apply yourself when faced with challenges. It is important to keep in mind that you are in charge of your own success. Like many other Universities, you are not going to like all your professors or the work given. However, if you apply yourself, work hard, and ask questions; you will exceed. There are numerous organizations that you can take part of at this campus. I personally think we have different organizations that cater to everyone's interest. It is hard not to get involved on this campus because of the opportunities.


the best thing about UMES is the unity between the students. its like a little family there. the worst thing about it is everything else... there is no football team, the greek life consists of only kappas, alphas, & sigmas (no females), the cafe food i wouldn't even feed to a dead billy goat, the facilities are not sanitary, the staff is rude and non-caring, there is no organization and structure with the way things are ran, the party life is DEAD.. the list goes on.


My overall opinion about my school is that it is a great place to attend because it provides you with a family like environment that can help with the transition from high school to college. Also because the university is smaller then others it can allow you to have a better relationship with your professors and peers then you would have at a large university.


The Best thing about UMES is the classes where you can have 1 on 1 interaction with teachers and friendly staff. One thing Id change is find some type of fund to build a football team. It's just right. Oh, Nice are you going to graduate from their or transfer because of all the stereotypes that goes on but once I explain to them about my campus they encourage me. Most of my time I spend on campus is in the Honors department library helping out or my department. It's defiantly college town because Salisbury University of near by too. The school administration is working hard to improve the school much more. They just recently opened a pharmacy school which a lot of people are coming. There had not been any controversy on this campus. There is a lot of Hawk Pride, every where you go people are wearing maroon. There is nothing unusual. I am a member of the Business Student Board and Honors Student Board so we hold fun activities. I also attended the Thur good Marshall in New York representing my school which was very fun. The only complaint is that we don't have funds for Football team.


This school could be alot better. There are barely any soroities and all the fraternities just got here. Plus, i believe the sports shall improve because as a University we are Division 1, this means that we should be some what good. Our school should get a football team because this would wake up campus life. Also, the police in the town shall not be as eager to break up parties, let us students have fun.


UMES is a great institution with tremendous support from the faculty and staff who want to see each student do their best to succeed. There is huge diversity in races here that all get along without any arguments or scuffles. The town of Princess Anne is a relativly small area, with a small and quiet population. Salisbury, MD however, is only a 15 minute drive away and has much more to offer for students attractions. The school is very prideful about sports and activites. The basketball games on campus have always been the best nights out at UMES. Also, the golf team at UMES is one of six top programs in the nation. The Fredrick Douglas Library is a wonderful and peaceful place to go study and get all your material finished. The second floor of the library is where I personally spent all my time studying because of the quiet atmosphere. The town is known in the news to be sometimes violent and dangerous town, but I have lived in Salisbury for all 19 years of my life, and have never seen a sign of danger other then normal violations of law. The area is a great place for a student to learn, and be safe as well.


the school is really good and they try to help their students succeed, it is just right for students who couldn't get into any other school, people are happy to hear that i am in school and i am studying engineering with specialization in mechanical. i spend most of my time in the library or in the tutoring department, this college is in princess Anne 20 minutes from Salisbury university.the administration is great. somebody did get stabbed on campus. there is alot of school pride in UMES, i will always remember my professors and the amount of hours to put in to help me reach my goals. students do complain that their teacher is giving them surprise quizzes and that their teacher is not willing to curve the grade.