University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Maryland Eastern Shore?


You will meet many people with different opinions about this school. Some will say the like the school, and that they have a great time, while others will say that they hate the school, like absolutely hate it. As for me, I have had the best memories of my life so far at this school, with the amazing people I met. Having a great experience at this school relies solely on the type of person you are. If you aren't someone who likes to go out and socialize, making new friends, you WILL NOT have fun. You can't expect to stay locked up in your room and have fun. So if you are anti social, it will not work. You need to make the best of what you got, and staying cooked up in a room will not suffice.


Someone who likes to party a lot shouldnt attend this school.


Someone who isn't focused. Its very easy to fall behind


Anyone can and should attend this school. They have something for everyone.


A student who enjoys a small area and classroom size. University of Maryland Eastern Shore has a country southern field


If a person does not want to gain knowledge and a social network, they should not attend University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, any college at that. I feel that University of Maryland-Eastern Shore was made for all kinds of students: yung, old, shy, and outgoing. Just like all of the other colleges and universities. I believe that anybody who attends an institute will grow academically and socially from their experience there.


A person who does not have an open mind. HBCU's (historically Black college and universities) are often ignored and is considered second rate when compared to traditional schools. But, really HBCUs are diverse institutions of higher learning that offer extracurricular and academic programs and are exceeding those offered at "traditional" campuses. These colleges especially UMES offer high quality education at affordable prices at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels and has better overall value than traditional schools that are similarly ranked. UMES helps students not only establish life long connections, but to also enchance the sense of cultural identity.


anyone is welcome to the school. anyone who has an high school degree


Anyone can come come to this school


UMES is a very "do-it-yourself" type of school. While the advisors are there to give advice, you must take what they tell you and make the ultimate decisions yourself. The curriculum is based on lecture, supported by literature so those without motivation will easily fall behind. Deadlines are deadlines and procrastination is not an option. Students with poor self-motivation and time management should re-think their choices before enrolling and attending.