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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Choosing college could be the most stressful thing for an high school senior. If i could have known what i know now about college and making transition, i would have made a better choice, personally. College isnt all about the parties, and having the best college expreince and being far away from home. which i was really worried about. But college should be about who i be able to find a job after i gradaute or how might taking this major at this particular school help me real my life time goals. If i had any advice like this prior to my high school senior year, i believe i would have made better choices for myself.


The advice I would give to my high school self is be patient Become a critical thinker, do not just act off emotions, think before you speak, become compassionate and trusting of others, more importantly yourself. Don’t not let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals, or perform your gifts. Allow every obstacle to become each accomplishment. Obliterate mediocre thinking and PLEASE keep going Protect each dream and motivation, do not allow the influence of other, or their expectations to become you. Take advantage of every opportunity and soar through life


I would tell myself dont expect college would be an easy transition fro high school. When you come , come prepared to be hit with a crazy amount of exceptations from your family and the school.


If I could go back in time when I was a high school senior I would have told myself to go on more college fairs or schedule to go to an individual college to get an actual feeling of what it would be like to go there. I would tell myself to ask a lot more questions on the types of programs and clubs they offer. I would have told myself to stop wasting my time getting nervous, thinking that I would fail and not make it in life.


Dear HS Jasmine, You seem to be a well-rounded teenager. You’re more mature than your peers. However, there are some things that you could learn from you older self. I know you hear these things repeatedly when you’re in College Prep meetings or New Horizon College Club, but trust me, soak up all the information. When people tell you that your high school career is vital to your college application process, believe them! It seems as though you are too in-tuned with your social life. You have enormous potential. Please believe me when I tell you. You are not challenging yourself. You could be doing so much better in school. You’ve been an Honor Roll student your whole life. Your social life has gotten in the way of that. It’s not that you are a bad student, you’ve just accepted being average. Get good grades so you won’t have to worry about paying back thousands of dollars worth of student loans ten years from now! The transition won’t be easy. But, trust me, you’ll be fine. You will do GREAT things in college, and maybe even surprise yourself! Older Jasmine


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell my high school senior self that although college is the american dream, it is a privilege not a right. I would explain to my high school self, that making the college transition is not only taking education to the next level, but it is also taking the right step towards really becoming an adult and being more independent. Taking on more responsibility merits reward when one can make it through everything they encounter and come out unscathed. I would tell myself that in order to get ready for the transition from high school to college I have to re-evaluate everything I know and to lower my expectations, because college is such a big difference from high school, that there shouldn't be any expectations.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to get more prepared. Look for more scholarships and grants to not only pay for college but to also pay for books and other expenses that follow. I would tell myself to stay more on top of things and not to depend or blame anyone else on whats not done and what needs to be done. I would tell myself that walking a cross that stage to get that diploma does not just mean graduating high school. It also marks the begining of the rest of your life. Play time is over and you are officially becoming an adult women in this cold world and people will treat you as such.


If I could go back and advise myself on transitioning to college, I would advise myself to be more assertive with my class schedule and school decisions. I believe being confident in your school and course choice will allow you to be significantly more prepared for the change. I would explain to myself on how to stay focused and work hard in everything that I do. I would tell myself not to worry about the little things and just enjoy all the time I have left and look forward to the future ahead of me. I do believe you have to go to school for the right reasons, to learn and earn a degree. If you go for the wrong reasons it could put you in a bad position fairly quickly. College is a journey and every decision matters; be yourself, stay determined and be a little ambitious. Knowledge is the key to success.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now, I would tell myself not to worry about fitting in or making friends because they come naturally. In addition, the first year is the easiest to get acquainted with people from your class year because school's tend to have a lot of freshman meetings and things of that nature. I'd also tell myself to join clubs and stay involved in the school community so there won't ever be a moment where I'm bored but to make sure that I stay focused on my schoolwork.


If I could go back and tell myself anything, I do believe I would tell myself to practice more responsibility. I am expected to be more responsible now that I am older and in college. Teachers treat me more like an adult than a teenager, so I have to act more like it. The most responsibility I had during my senior year was my graduation project and earning my Eagle Scout award. Although both required me to show leadership, neither truly prepared me for the realities of the real world and college. So I would say, "Self, get your act together and act more like an adult. College is a big step. You will need to stand on your own two feet and give life your best. Work hard, play hard, and learn all you can because you only get one chance in life. Make it a good one. I love you."


Take advanced placement courses and or do dual enrollment at a community college. Take the VPA program instead of orchestra so you can have a good portfolio and more experience in the traditional arts to get into a art school! SEARCH FOR SCHOLARSHIPS LIKE CRAZY AND APPLY ASAP! For God's sake take the SAT/ACT again and study your buns off 2x as hard! Take that precalc class no matter what so you can pass college matht he first time. Get a better sleeping pattern and stop procrastinating. Oh and go get your general studies classes at worwic/another community college. Rent books don't buy unless you'll use them int he future! Art supplies are hella expensive so look for deals!!! And no matter what you do DON'T come home when mom begs you after your first year you'll end up stuck in college for an extra semester cause of tranferring!!! If you do end up at UMES enjoy it the people you meet are worth it, just don't slack off in the SSC and get aggy!


Look at other schools before setting your heart on just this one. There are probably other schools that offer your program.


The advice that I would give to myself is to attend the local community college and start from there. I have put my family into a financial situation and it makes me feel guilty being a full time student. As a freshman in college there will be alot of distractions but, ignore them and proceed to due your best. While your in college make a ton of friends and don't be scared. Alot of the freshman are just like you and they are timid. Be the best that you can be, study hard to earn good grades, and always keep contact with your best friends from high school.


Honestly if I had the choice to go back in time and talk to myself I would not go. From being in college I have learned that regardless of if you want them to or not oppurtunities come and go, and that is beyond anyones control. With that in mind I never look back on missed oppurtunities because that will never help me with my future. I have learned to live life with no regrets because you can not move forward in life if you are constantly looking back. I would rather skip to the future to see myself succeeding because I truly feel that if I continue to live my life with an open mind, a never settle for less attitude , and no regrets there is no telling how far I can go.


Get the best grade as possible


The first thing I will tell myself is to pay attention in Math and Biology classes. I never realized until returning to college just how important those two subject would be to accomplishing my goals.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself enroll as a rehabilitation student from the beginning, rather than a biology major. I would've saved a lot of time and headache, but I' getting myself together and I will be successful.


If I had an opportunity to talk to myself as a highschool senior with the information I now know, I would simply tell myself to have my financial situation squared away. The number one reason for this is as I get closer to graduation, I am beginning to feel the stress of figuring out how I will pay not only the institution back for debts owed but the government as well. While enrolled at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore I have had the opportunity to work in the Financial Aid Office and here I gained much knowledge that would have helped me decide which methods I would use to pay for school. For instance, understanding that unsubsidized loans are the type that accrue interest while I am in school is something that I would have considered heavily--whether it was to stray away from those types or methods to pay while in school. My highschool self would definitely appreciate this knowledge and having financial worries now, in my senior year, would not be an issue.


In this last school year put all of you because your studies are your future and a little sacrifice in the end pays well. Your future is your education and dedication that you give, give your best in the future to get the best results, have a good job and one that you like, and to live at home with your accomplishments and your luxuries. No matter what it takes, studies have no price limit. Focus on what you want the rest comes with time.


Just to keep pushing myself. Never give up, always go for what I want. Dreams do come true, you just have to chase your dreams.


If I could go back to when I started highschool I would tell myself to just be myself. Though it seems like such an obvious statement, you will be suprised at how much you allow others to change you. It may seem like you need to fit in and be the same as everyone else, highschool is such a small part of your life that you shouldn't worry about what others think. And that while it seems like everyone else in highschool has thing figured out, everyone around you is trying to find their place too. It is only when you allow your own personality to shine through and don't compromise your morals for others that you find yourself truly happy. Also, remember that each person is trying to find out who they are and is facing their own struggles. Therefore, like they taught you back in the daycare days treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect.


Being young we are capable of making many mistakes. If I could go back in time the first thing I would advise myself to do is to focus on what is important and forget the un-important. College is not as difficult as it is made to be and if you stay focused and work, with God on your side, will succeed. Being young I would become more concerned about things that would eventually work themselves out as time went by. Being older and more mature I can truly say I would also tell myself to forget about the pask and keep my mind on God , future and not be afarid to mature. There were people around me when I was younger that really never served a good purpose, but more of a distration, towards my future or self enrichment. Now wiser I would of definately cut all of those connections. Forfetting about the past woul also be a definite word of advice since going through high school was not such a great experience for me. Only if I knew how musch more there was to life after High school.


If i could go back in time, i would tell my highschool self to take more time and research colleges and majors. I would definitley tell myself to get prepared to transition between friends because they come and go, the main thing i would tell myself is to focus hard on my course curriculm as a freshman because that marks the base of your classes for the rest of the semester. I would want my senior self to be excited about college but also cautious that everyone doesnt have good intentions and priorities that i have. I would give myself advice on how to network and how to be more hands on with my major and get to know myself more before getting to know others. I would make sure my senior self had all the necessities as far as dorm life. I would definitly tell myself to keep my grades in order because your financial aid depends on and to apply for more scholarships because they help alot.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself my high school senior year knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition my advice to myself would be. First I would tell myself to use my time more wiser. I would of spent more time trying to get in honor classes and on the honor roll. I wuld of started out filling out my scholarships applications in my freeshmen year instead of waiting until my senior year. Then I would of joined some clubs to enhance my chances of getting into the college that I wanted to attend. I would of joined the key club, math club, spanish club, and FFA instead of playing sports. Last but not least I would of saved up my money that I made working while I was in school instead of spending it on things that I now realized was not that important. Wow, if I could truly go back I would of done things alot different.


The only succesful path is stride through college or university. Try to find a passionate career not something that pays a lot. Going to college is worth it you will find out at the end how easy it was. Dont quit or stop keep moving forward.Apply for a lot of scholorships cause their will be trouble in life and opsticles you will go through and you will need money. I did the mistake of not applying for scholorships and having to work little jobs just to save up and put gas and look for a steady job just to have money to pay for college. Life is very hard and I had no idea reality was like this till it hit me. I have no parents i have to support myself .I am lucky i have a place to live at least. I did everything for school saved all that little money just to pay for my classes and books it was expensive but i will have a career at the end of this and keep moving foward in my studying. Scholorships are easy money all you have to do is apply for it.


To apply for scholarships when I had the chance because college dosen't come free. Also i would have started study habits before cause when your in college it is important to study if you want to acheive good grades and be awarded. College is like being on your own and the sooner you learn it the better, nobody is gonna be there to hold your hand all the time so might as well start while in high school.


what you see is what you get... & some.


I will advice high school senior to take pre-college courses. These courses, also know as remedial courses help prepare students for college. There wouldn't be the need to start from remedial courses once they are admitted to college. This will help them to concentrate more on college courses, as well as graduate at the stipulated time.


Given the opportunity to travel back and have a conversation with high-school self, I would discuss three important areas that are life-lessons learned through experience and the opportunity to be college educated. The first piece of advice would be to understand the power of self-education. I would plead with my earlier self that though the teachers in high-school are good resources, the most important lesson to be learned is that if you want knowledge about a particular area or subject, to go and learn it. I would encourage myself to never let the answer given go unchallenged. My second piece of advice would be to enroll in any financial management courses in the area. Financial responsibility and literacy is not taught in school at any level and to become a financially successful man, you need to plan and understand the ins and outs of the dollar. Lastly, I would tell myself to live and love each day as if it was my last. Understand that we are not promised tomorrow and to take full advantage of every day with my family and friends. Be a resource to everyone I encounter and formulate positive relationships.


pick the right friends that would help you study not just the ones that always want to party and not study or do their home works. find a student that can help you and show you around. find a higher level student that has the same major as you. also find your self a mentor in your department.


It is nice to all student who wants learn


I would suggest myself to concentrate in ALL of my classes and to try my best not to slack off. Grades are extremely important in college, especially since I have to pay so much for it. Also, I would let myself know that I'd get caught up in dating with different guys at once. I cannot let them stress me out, because I'm going to college for an education first, then focusing on my social life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell my "past self" to study from the beginning and make much better grades, in which I know I could have done if I studied harder. Also to make sure I talk to the right people on what classes to take and ask a lot of questions on what the requirements of my major is before I decide to pursue that major.


If I could go back and change anything about my high school senior year it would just be to tell my self to pay attention more and learn how to focus better. In college it is so easy to get off track and lose focus in something because of all the activities and events that may be held on campus. Its so easy to flunck out because you lose focus.


Hey Shameka, This may sound a little weird, but I am you. A more educated you, because I'm in college now. That is why I am writing you this letter. You should apply for all of the scholarships that you are available to receive. Yes, I know you are not the best at writing essays, but you have all the help you need at school. Your english teacher will be glad to revise your essays for you. Also, it only takes about two hours to write an essay. Think about it, your getting paid about 500 dollars or more for each essay you write. 250 dollars an hour basically. That is so much better than working at McDonalds receiving $7.25 and hour! I know that you might not get the money, but if you don't try then you surely won't recieve the money. Take a chance; just like how you went out for the dance team. You thought you wasn't going to make it, but you did and you was in the top five. So just sit down and write the essay, your only gaining from the experience. Sincerely, College Educate Shameka Harvey


Dear High School Self, Get ready for the time of your life. You are about to start a crazy adventure. A lot of new friends and unique people are about to enter your life. Be sure to be open to new ideas, but do not forget your true self. It will be challenging at first trying to balance your new freedom and social life with your classes and coursework. Do not be discouraged if you change your major (even multiple times). This is the time to explore and it is perfectly okay if you aren't exactly sure what you want to do with your life. Keep a positive outlook and be sure to call home every now and then. Be sure to stay involved in various organizations and activities. Always be appreciative and show gratitude for those who help you along the way. It will always do you well to remember that there is never a dumb question, it is the only way to learn. Your college years will fly by so enjoy every second of them. Good luck! Much Love, Your Future College Graduate Self


Aaron do not put all your eggs in one basket. Know that you are going to college to find yourself and your destiny. Do not think you have it all figured out, and it is ok not to. Use your first year to find out what subjects you really like. Read about what jobs are offered in the field you are interested in. If you end up not enjoying the major you came in with, it is ok. Actually that is great. When you change your mind you are making a step closer to finding what you like. So do not be afraid of change rather embrace it. Also, while you are here for academics do not barry yourself in it, have some hobbies that you engage in. That will help take the edge off the work load. Have some "you" time.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself, I would encourage myself to do as many internships as possible. Nowadays hands on experience is required in any field of study which makes the individual more competant and prepared at what he is doing. I would also tell my self to join many student organisations becausue they help you to develop your resume.


Stay focused! This is a critical moment in life where everything matters. I would say don't give up. During my freshman and sophmore year of high school I really didn't take it serious, but knowing what I know now I would have done a much better job. It wasn't until my junior year where I got my act together, 4.0 GPA. Education is important. There are a lot of people in this world who can't get an education, and I took it for granted. Now Im more focused than ever nothing can get in my way. Being focused is the most important part of college life because there will be many temptations that will cause you to stray. Knowing where to draw that line of handling your business and partying is critical. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of getting that degree.


The advice I would give myself is to not procrastinate and always to handle any questions or concerns as soon as possible. Considering I was not supposed to attend UMES, but I would say I wish I would have made sure all of my paperwork was done and questions about college were actually answered.


knowing what i know i would earnestly seek to take advantages of all the resources that would help me to pay for college in advance by gathering the information needed. also, take in to habit of creating a well organized study schedule that way it would be easier for me to not be in a rush or feel too overwhelmed when there are homeworks or assignments due. next, i would start to write down what is my goal and purpose of going to college and i would erase those that do not apply to my deepest interest i would then put together my goal and categories my short term and long term to figure who i want to be and when i would want to achieve those goals. finally, considering all these opitions. preperation for this new life will then take effect.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself i would tell me to take a deep breathe and to get ready for what is to haapen. High school is no comparsion to what you are about to venture on. Make you have everything, apply for more scholarships if you do not want to take out a loan. Be more serious cause you are literally on you're own, you are responsible for you. Nobody is here to tell you to go to class and finish you're homework it's all on you. Make the right choices and do be afraid to ask for help if you need a little guidance. Be strong and independent and Helpful towards others cause you never know who you might need in the future trust me i know.


The adivce i will giv my self is pay attention more in class and join as many activities as you can.


If I could go back in time to my high school self, i would tell her to focus on time mangement, trust, and health. First, the most important thing for an undergrad to master is the skill of time mangement. There are millions of temptations on a college campus, so you could be stuck between studying for an exam and going to a party. You have to schedule things so you can accomplish everything you want to. Next, trust is huge not only in college but in real life. Do not trust everyone, everyone is NOT your friend. You have to look out for yourself before you look out for anybody else. Put your best foot forward and use your brain to make decsions. Finally, be careful of over snacking and over eating. Take the steps to class instead of waiting for the elevator. Walking to class and eating the right meals everyday should put you on track to be a heathy college student. In conclusion, i would tell my highschool self to have fun and enjoy every moment of college because there is nothing like the college experience.


I would take everybodies advice more seriously.


If could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have excellent advice. Knowing what I know about how challenging the transition from high school to a college can be, I would tell myself to prepare myself for a complete change in my lifestyle. For instance, I would have told myself to prepare for total freedom and to be careful in making big decisions on my own. Although I had my mind set to thinking that college was going to be a fresh new start, and opening myself up to new and different things will be a must in order to eliminate my shyness and have fun. Ultimately, college has been quite an experience for me so far. There were some good times and bad times, however, the most important thing I have learned was to be fully responsible for my actions. I paid to go here for an education, and to enjoy the experience!


Dear Emily, College life is better than anything you expect, and different than anything you've imagined. You will miss your old friends, but you will make new ones. Everyone else is looking for friends too- smile and say hi! You will be surprised how thankful are for someone to break the ice and start a converstaion with them. Academics are important too. You will do fine as long as you study, do your homework, and attend every single class no matter how tired you are. Professors are knowledgable, but that doesn't mean they have to be intimidating. Most of them will go out of their way to help you with any trouble you might be having. Your brain will be in shape, but be sure to keep your body healthy too. Exercise and healthy eating will make you feel more energetic and make those early classes seem easier to handle. College will throw a million new opportunities at you- don't be afraid to try anything once whether its going to a protest, studying abroad, or trying sushi for the first time. Have goals and complete them. You can do anything you put your mind to.


Save money!! After I moved out of my mothers house I can not save my money because I have alot of bills. We have it very easy when we live home because you don’t have to pay for anything. I did not work through high school and that was an easy life compared to college life. I do not have home cooked meals every night when I get home. If I am hungry I have to make my own food. I do not have my laundry done for me which is the biggest thing for me because when your used to having someone do it for you it can be hard to remember. One thing I would have told myself is respect my mother and thank her more for helping me and paying my cell phone bill and doing all the things she has done while raising me. I now have a child of my own and I know how hard it can be to provide for his needs. I hope to prepare my child for his future when I will no longer be able to do everything for him.


. It is thru cultural & ethnic diversity that progress amongst the world has been achieved in technology and other areas of lives. The saying that “no two people are alike”, is in fact a true statement. If everyone believed the same, and acted the same it is possible that we as a people would become easily bored and more intolerant than we are today as a society. Everyone has a purpose in this life, and every individual has a talent and/or gift to offer society. Without religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity, the human race would be stuck in a mundane existence. Although, some may argue that intolerance is needed in some societies, I remain convinced that racial and cultural intolerance is a stumbling block for mankind. The more tolerant I am of others, the richer my life experiences have been. I have learned how to interact with peers who are as different racially as they are culturally. It has been my discovery that I can learn something from anyone. I have been taught not to disqualify anyone based on anything except their personal conduct. My advice would be to understand and accept diversity.


A degree at this time is the key to open many doors and have success in everything I could do.