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UMass gives you many opportunities to explore your interests both within and outside of your major, in the classroom, in your living area, and in extracurricular activities. It is hard to not get involved in the community here... there's something for everyone.


The oppurtunities that we are given as students. Not many schools have themed nights in their dinning commons just so students can try a variety of different cultures food styles. Nor do they have a career center that will go to the extent to give you mock interviews so your prepared for the real world. Even the diversity in the student population opens your eyes to the culture and world around you. The job oppurtunities given to students in need on campus or in downtown Amherst.


The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a large school, but has a good engineering program. I looked at technical schools and they were excellent for their science and engineering undergraduate degrees, but they didn't feel like a really college because most of them were small. At UMass, the campus itself is a small city. There is tons of activities to do. That what really pulled me into the college rather than the other choices I had.


It is a really big campus with a lot of different academic and social pursuits.

Beth Ann

I like that even though this is such a large school, there is also a very large sense of community. Meeting people here is easy because everyone is so friendly, and I have always felt welcome. At most big schools, people don't always have that sense of connection, but I feel connected to everyone I meet here.


That we have one of the world's tallest libraries.


UMass Amherst is highly involved with research.


UMass has SO MANY resources! Be it academic help, programs to diversify campus, or extra curriculers, there is truly something for everyone.


UMass does have a lot to offer in terms of different majors. There is a lot of room to switch around if you are not completely certain what you want to major in.


I love the opportunities available - it's a big school with so many little niches for people to find. I don't feel pigeon-holed into a position.