University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Super fly, and full of very friendly, intelligible people.


The University of Missouri-Kansas City is a melting pot of culture and lifestyles.


The University of Missouri-Kansas City is small enough for an "at home" environment, yet big enough for the true college experience and it is a great school overall.


A school of education set in a thriving city, full of opportunities and chances.


My school is a quaint public, 4-year University that allows one to, as their slogan suggests, "get a life."


The University of Missouri Kansas City is a wonderful university with a beautiful campus and a wide range of selections in degrees.


Very diverse, and liberal. Lots of opportunites and very artistic. Easy to negotiate, medium sized with good sized classes, just wish they offered more classes at more times, it's hard to get a flexible schedule


UMKC is a place where you can go and get a good education and make friends at the same time.


UMKC is an ubran school in the middle of a large and diverse city. It is perfect for any student who continuously strives to be diverse and in the middle of several different events and opportunities for cultural development.


I would desribe my school as a home away from home because it is in my communnity that i grew up in and yet it very diverse and a corfortable place to learn and is full of many great professors.


My school has great professors that are willing to help you with anything, UMKC is also not a big campus but not a little campus its just the rite size with a little less than 14,000 students and most of them commuter students, and every one of them very friendly.


The University of Missouri- Kansas City is the epitome of the American "melting-pot" analogy: it encompasses everything and has something for everyone to enjoy.


It is good in some parts, and bad in some parts; but I am overall satified with it


My school is big, but the majority of the students that participate in campus activities are part of Greek Life, which is only 1% of the school.


Good teachers, variety of academic units, performing arts activities, and administrators that care for the student population.


The best small and large university that feels alot like home.


open environment