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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


This is such a major question for someone like myself! Wow, well if I were to go back in time and talk to my old self about making the transition towards college life I would emphasize on preparedness! When I was in highschool I kept above a 3.0 which is not bad, but the fact that I could of done a lot better is what should of been focused on. In highschool I was a very sports oriented guy, so back then academics wasn't my main focus. I had the ever illusionary vision of making it to the big stage out of highschool and my senior year towards the end that was my focus rather than me being prepared for the workload college demanded. I would advise myself to take my studies a bit more seriously too reduce the costs of college by having potential scholarships like this one or others. Then I would'nt have to deal with the financial burdens I'm dealing with now and been able to get into any college I wanted because of an better act score. Life is what it is, and I'm making the best out of it!


I would tell myself that grades are not everything, the most important thing is that you learn the material and enjoy your time in college. Learn how to manage time in college so that you can work, go to school and still have a social life, beacsue if you are stress it shows up in other places in your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as an high school senior, I would tell myself to make the best of college! Dont just just worry about making mistakes because college is all about making mistakes and learning from them so make the best of them. I would also tell myself to not be scared about being in college because there are so many amazing people and personalties here at college. There are also so many opportunities here at University of Missouri - Kansas City so take avantage of them. All of the free touturing, internships and support that they offer here at University of Missouri - Kansas City. If you anything from this message just know that you can be yourself here with no judging so dont be afraid to be yourself because all of your friends support you.


Do not let anyhing interfere with my dreams


I would tell myself to explore other university options, don't be fixated on just one school. Don't be afraid to go to a junior college for general education requirements and find out what you really want to do. Seek out guidance from your professors, because they're there to help you, and they enjoy when students come to office hours. It can improvoe your grade too! Build relationships in class, you don't want to be the only one without a partner, or a group when the time comes. Most importantly, I would tell myself that it is okay to feel defeated sometimes, but never give up the fight. Don't give up on your dreams and keep striving towards your goals. Go as quickly or as slowly as it feels right. There is no one correct path that everyone must follow; find your's and go with the flow.


When times get hard never give up. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have come so far, and have immeasurable potential. You may not know why you are in the predicament you are in, but it will not last forever. Don’t forget what the goal is and do not lose yourself along the way.” In high school, I was the girl that never took chances, kept to herself and never took risk; that wanted to accomplish so much but, was holding back; due to fear and insecurity. I know, to go for my dreams despite my current circumstance, despite my fears, and break free from what people thought about me ad expected of me. I never thought I would make it to my junior year of college, and also be able to fund my education myself. It has not been easy but I have made it this far, and I will not stop until infinity is reached. I can proudly say I can do anything. It may sound cliché, or happily ever after but it is true. I am now accomplishing my goals and making it farther than I ever would have expected.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself several things. The first thing I would tell myself is go straight to college! The second thing I would say is how our life is in the future; I ended up having a family at an early age, getting a dead end job, and not really having the life I could have had if I had gone to college, so go. Go now and don’t waste any more precious time. Education is extremely important. Finally, I would also tell myself that college is fun. It is hard, but it is fun. I have met some very nice people. Take it one day at a time, do your best and when you get that degree in your hand be proud of yourself. Over the years I have beat myself up again and again for not going straight to college after high school. Back then I thought “oh I have plenty of time to finish school”. That is not necessarily the truth. It has taken me 24 years to enroll in college. What happened you ask? Life happened.


Don't procastinate. Always study and do your assignments. Learn to love to read because you will do that a lot in college.


If I could go back and give my high school self advice, I would tell myself to have more fun. When I was in high school I was so concerned about what other people thought of me and worried too much about my grades. I think that if I had enjoyed the high school experience more then I would not have been so stressed and would have been more successful. I would tell myself that the opinions of others do not matter and I should participate more often. I would have told myself to always take notes, it will only make things easier in the future. Most of all I would have to myself to chill out and enjoy being young while it lasts.


I would tell myself to apply for a lot more scholarships and do not purchase textbooks from the school because they are far too expensive. Also, I would make sure I do not live on campus because it isn't worth the money for the tiny room I am in. I would make sure I utilized the library more.


Aubrey, You're going to have to be a self starter. There isn't going to be someone over your shoulder or behind your back telilng you what to do and when to do it. It's up to you to get your work in on time and study for your tests. Secondly, you need be a self starter and a self motivator... Listen! There will always be people to encourage you, but you are your own worst enemy... don't be too hard on yourself, but don't ease up too much either. At the end of the day your self motivation is what's going to matter the most in the end. Always try and exceed expectations, especially your own. It's going to be easy to say you'll do better next time, but who's to say you won't be saying that next time too? If you're not giving it you're 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} chances are you'll never give it 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} next time. Last, but not least, don't compare yourself to others. You are different, therefore your work is going to be different and that is perfectly fine!


I would be more involved. So many people do well academically. To really set yourself apart you should be involved in a lot of things - additionally, be involved in things you are passionate about. Colleges like to see that you are driven and truly passionate about things. It could be the difference between you and another candidate.


I would tell myself that I only have one chance and to make sure that I study harder than I did in high school. I would also tell myself to have more patience and have fun! One last thing I would tell myself is to audition for the university choir during the summer.


I would advise myself to live in the dorms for a year and make as many friends as possible. Make use of every school sponsored activity and visit the library as much as possible. Once you have become comfortable with the school environment your opportunity to thrive increases greatly. Make good use of the school faculty, visit during office hours, have meaningful conversations in and out of the classroom. A university setting isn't just about going to class, doing the work and taking tests, it's about making use of a community of intelligent individuals. I would tell myself to fully immerse my mind in my academics, don’t just skate through college on the surface. Dig deep and discover your full potential as an enlightened and intelligent human being.


Oscar Wilde once said, “I am not young enough to know everything.” I started college right after high school with learning disabilities. However, I was young, headstrong and I did not want help. The prospect of being helped caused me to feel that I was less intelligent than my peers. Therefore, I decided to do it on my own. Well, I did do it on my own. As a result, my GPA suffered and I had countless frustrating nights studying. This could have all been avoided if I was not so stubborn and if I realized that I didn’t know everything. Now that I am not as headstrong, I have found myself wanting and finally asking for help. It is a relief to finally get the books from class on audio, so that decoding the information takes less time. In the past, reading felt endless. It is necessary to ask for help whenever you need it, even if that help is as small as asking for tutoring services if you are struggling in class. It does not make you stupid if you ask or need help. It makes you a stronger and more knowledgeable person in the end.


If I have a chance to talk to myself as a high school senior is to let me know that I should not let anyone suggest what to study in college; otherwise, I would end up unhappy with what I am doing in my academics and in my life. I should also tell myself to apply and look for more colleges, instead of being limited by one college choice. Also, I should tell myself not to let anyone influence myself to go to a specific college, and I should explore many other colleges with similar academic programs I want to study.


If I could go back in time, I wouldn't just give myself advice, I’d give my entire class advice, because it’s imperative that students know what they’re getting themselves into. College isn’t exactly what high school students expect it to be; it’s quantifiably better, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few helpful tips. For starters, free food is your friend. If there is free food available, take it by storm. Second, either buy your textbooks online, or be prepared to sell your soul to the university bookstore for their outrageously overpriced selections. Purchasing textbooks online saves money, money that can be used to buy other things, like friends, or better yet, food. Third, score high on the ACT; your wallet depends on it (I kid). Start looking early for scholarship opportunities, and if necessary, loans. Being able to afford school is important, and though the thought of being in debt may be intimidating, the thought of working at McDonalds because you never got a degree is worse. Lastly, respect others, make tons of friends, and be ready to work harder than you ever have before. Never give up, it’s worth it.


Advice for the former me as a senior in high school would have been greatly appreciated. I would want me to know that a four-year school is the best way to start off. Just jump right in the deep end and be excited and open to new experiences. I would advise myself to get involved in a few organizations that really matter and are important to me. I would ask myself what I am passionate about and what goals I have. I would let myself know that if I don't have all the answers now, that its ok, but VERY important to find my path early and do all I can to use the campus resources to my advantage. As the later self advising the younger self, I would remind myself that college is a wealth of opportunity and to take full advantage of such. My closing advising words for my younger self would be to "show up for life"; a little quote I heard on a daytime talk show that resonates within. Show up for life.


I fee as though I have gotten many things out of my collage experience so far, and that I have many more experiences to look forward to. One of the most notable things that I have gotten out of my collage experience is that I have seen a notable improvement in the skills I will need for my career. My art and professional social skills have benefited from my college education so far and I expect them to expand even further as I progress towards earning my degree.


The college experience is part of growing up and just being here for one semester so far, i have learned a lot about myself and life in general. I have definitely became a more independent person while living on my own and don't have to turn to my parents for everything. The college experience has also helped me become more confident and outgoing. Not knowing many people coming into college, getting involved and making new friends was a big challenge for me. At first i was a little shy, but i learned to not care what people think and people will like you for who you are.


In my time at the University of Missouri-Kansas City I gained a knowledge that far surpassed Early Childhood Education. I learned about the variety of people in this city. I learned about the differences between individuals that make them who they are as well as the importance of addressing that as a teacher. The importance of taking each individual child and treating them as just that an individual. The average size of an early childhood classroom is 20 children and each of those 20 children is their own individual and it is vital that you let them know that it is ok to be them. This is what I walked away feeling was the best lesson I learned at UMKC and I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world I think it is what makes me a good teacher.


My college experience has been awesome. I have never been surrounded by so many different people. Here I get to experience so many different views and cultures. I beleive this really broadens my perspective and my openness to the views of other people. I have met kids who were born in Scotland, India, and Australia. Now I have friends that have a completely different culure and religion from my own. It is truly a vital for people to experience different cultures and views from their own so they can be more understanding of the views and situations of other people. I am planning on being a doctor. UMKC is giving me a great experience in its accelerated medical program. I get to see patients already, even as a freshman! Also, I can tell my education is of high quality and that this school is giving me the tools I need to succeed. Having experienced so many different cultures will make me a more sensitive and understanding physician in the future.


From my college experince, I have gained a sence of independence, discipline, and courage. This is the first time I have lived away from home and had to support myself and govern my own decisions and even though I know I am not doing everthing right, I am learning all the way. It has been valuable to attend school because I know that I am bettering myself and helping to better my family. It has also been valuble for me to go to school away from home, because I am learning to become a productive adult and I am learning to depend on me instead of always being able to run to my parents for my needs and wants.


It has shown me that there are better things out there. It has also shown me that I should not settle for what I think I want and could be good for me, but to go for what I know I want and would be great for me. College has shown me the person I want to me. I have also met great people that have taken me out of my normal elements and shown me how I can grow as a person. I have also gained a lot of information about things I did not know before. College has also shown me that you have to work for what want. Unlike high school, you dont have someone telling you what you need to be doing. In college, you have to push yourself more than anything to get to where you want to go. I have also seen that the more education you have the more doors open for you. Before I started school, I was having a hard time getting jobs that I enjoy. The more I learn, the more doors open to better future. College has shown me different worlds to plenty of better places for my future.


I have gained independence and responsibility. Its been a value to attend UMKC because I know the enviroment but now that I am on my own I can explore and learn and still know that I am safe.


Within my college experience so far, I have gotten a clear understanding of who I am as an individual and what I stand for within society. I also have gained a clear insight of how to interact with the people I am housing with.


My college experience has provided quite a yield. From my time in college I have learned that with a little time management and persistence anything is achievable. I have learned to slow down and take every opportunity for an experience that comes along. Usually the unplanned stumbelings upon hold the most magic. I have learned that getting involved with an organization gives you some of the best memories of your time here. Being in college I have become independent as well as smart enough to know when to ask for help. I have made friendships and networks, and one in the same, with my colleagues and professors. College is not only valuable to ones resume, but valuable to ones mind and soul. College gives a person the opportunity to let down their guard and explore. College is as important an experience as traveling. It opens ones eyes to culture and life outside of themselves.


To me, my major is Grapgic Design. I learned some skills to use the computer multimedia. I was so amazed because I never know I can create images like that before I take these classes. I want to be a graphic designer, and design posts, ads.


From my college experience, I have learned not only things of educational value, but of personal value. Since I've been in college, I've discovered things about myself that I had never known before. At college, I have the chance to better myself as a person and to shape the person that I will be for the rest of my life, not only in matters of occupation, but in matters of character and morality.


What I have gotten most out of my college experience thus far is the relationships that I have built in college at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I have been fortunate to make lasting friendships that I will hopefully take along with me for the rest of my life. These friendships are even the more valuable because I plan on attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in time for summer semester 2011. Furthermore, I endeavor to take along with me the experiences that I have been fortunate to encounter at the college that I currently attend. Since the American Musical and Dramatic Academy is solely a Performing Arts institution, I have strived to take with me my experiences in languages so that I can carry on my passion as a polyglot. I am fluent in both Spanish and English and I can speak proficient French and German. I have won numerous awards in language. One of these accolades includes the fact that I placed first locally and 6th nationally on the National French Exam my senior year in high school.


Attending college has allowed me to see that there is life beyond the constricting confines of the high school realm. I've had the chance to meet new and amazing people, find support among the great staff at Peninsula College, experience things on my own as an adult, and start my life on my own. Above all I've been able to experience great schooling even for a community college level. It has served as a great foundation for my future university schooling, it also is a way to acclimate yourself to college life while remaining in a small school and small town. It's like the first stepping stone to the next chapter in my life.


In my college experience thus far, I have had a very satisfactory experience and have been highly inspired. I thoroughly enjoy all of my classes and instructors. I see endless possibilites for what my degree choice will bring to my life. My mind has been stimulated and my energy has increased since I have been back in school. I feel very confident in my abilites as a student and in the benefits that college will bring to me. I enjoy being able to freely express myself and make beautiful connections with other adults. I am very excited about what is to come in my four year (or more) adventure that I am immersed in.


From my college experience thus far, i have learned many new things from my instructors and course material as well as (and more importantly) important life skills such as: tough decision making, procrastination doesn't work - you need to work your butt off towards your education if you want it to be successful, and with being an adult comes much more responsibility (mainly due to financial reasons). Those life lessons have made college a valuable experience to me. Also, adding to the value, is that I've always enjoyed learning new things, so college has and will continue to help me enjoyably grow as a person. I believe that college, when attended, forms a person into their mature adult life and that my attendance will become most valuable in the future once I've earned a degree and started my career with it.


Because I attended UMKC last year, I was able to meet a group of the most amazing friends. I also had the opportunity to be involved in diiferent activities planned by the activity program council and several other organizations on campus. At the end of each activity, the organization hosting the event would pass out surveys asking about improvements that could be made. It made me feel like my opinion and ideas were valued at the school. I was able to mature and grow because I was fully immersed in the college. I lived on campus and learned how to problem solve and cooperate with my roommate and suitemates. As a freshman last year, I was not homesick for long. The school hosted events to integrate new students into the college life. I have grown as a person since I first set foot on campus and for that, I am very grateful to UMKC.


What I have gotten out of my college experience, here at UMKC, is that this is a very competitive world, that will present you with many obstacles, whether they be social, academic, or financial, but in order to get ahead and make it through those obstacles one has to strive and work hard to achieve their goals. There are many distractions that one will want to enjoy, but one has to stay focused and keep their eye on the prize and see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of others and a stead fast mind, one will become successful and feel accomplished because of the hard work that they have done, and although the journey may have been long and hard, one will realize that it was well worth it, because now you can help make the world a better place in one's new profession, that they've always wanted to be.


I have gotten thicker skin through out my college experience. I have learned that alot is expected out of me in and outside the class room. It has been valuable to atten this college because I would not be the person I am today. I would not be outgoing and confrontational. That is apart of who I really am today after my experience.


I've learned so much from my school and my teachers, I've learned what really makes me happy and what I want out of life. It's so valuable to attend college and get a degree to help better your life and start a rewarding career. I'm excited about school, and I"m excited to finish so I can get out there and start my career. I did let myself slip for awhile, then changed majors and I'm so happy now. I know I"m doing a great thing for myself by getting a degree, it's something that will be mine and nobody can take it away from me.


I have gotten out of my college experience the irreplaceable gaining of knowledge that I could not receive anywhere else. It has opened my eyes to a wide variety of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, which in turn have allowed me to become a well rounded person. I would not have gotten to experience this to such a large degree if I had not attended college. It has allowed me to better understand myself as I learn about becoming versed in my degree. College has been such a vital and valuable resource in my life as I try to better myself through education and knowledge. It is crucial to attend not only a financial security for the rest of your life, but the experience benefits you as a young adult maturing to older adulthood. Thank you for this scholarship opportunity which allows adults to better themselves through education.


My college experience was my first opportunity to see how people really do change the world. Growing up in a small town, it never occurred to me that one person really does have the power to make the world a little better. I enjoyed being around people that thought they can and will do great things. It was the first time in my life that I believed in myself. I can never express my gratitude enough to those people that made such a huge impact on my life, but I still stay in touch with my professors and peers. That experienced changed my life and I am now attending medical school, something I thought was only a dream. I can honestly say that my dream is coming true because of those people in college that inspired me to see how I can change the world. Currently, I do free physical exams on inner city children that would otherwise never see a doctor. Changing the world one child at a time. I know my life would be very different today if it were not for my wonderful college experience. THANK YOU UMKC!


During my college experience i have grown into a confident, intellegent, and outgoing individual. I am a better person not just for the college but for the people which attend said college. Banding together and growing together created strong relationships which i hope will last a life time. In addition, many connections were made which will benefit me in persuing my career. I would never change anything about the experience i had, although i know many days i felt i would have because of challenges i faced. But in my heart i know i will be thankful for the rest of my life that I made this choice.


Throughout my two years of college, I've learned so much. Not only will college challenge your brain, but it will challenge your survival skills of life. Not only will college teach you the essentials of mathematics, history, english, etc., but also the essentials of living and independency. As a high school senior, my main focus was to graduate. I thought I was going to be at UT at Austin, TX and everything was taken care of, but I was wrong. My FAFSA said my EFC was too high, but they failed to see that my parents owe the IRS over $100,000. They only granted me loans. Now, I am at a community college working hard as ever to pay for school. I have no help from any other resources. So, it is valuable to attend so there will be no financial struggle in the future. I learned that school is not going to pay itself, but it's my resposibility to get it paid. With a college education, one can epitomize hard work, willingness, and dedication. One can benefit so much and be introduced to open doors. It's like a commodity to life and much highly valued.


I have gained so much through my experience. I have walked through the streets of this city. I have read to students to help them learn. I have walked through countless school hallways and had countless conversations about how to change the school system. I have found hope in myself, and I have truly found myself. I have found the love of my life and married her through this school, and I have made so many friends. I have learned so much that I will be able to apply to my life. And for that, I am truly thankful.


The most important things I have gotten out of my college education are patience, understanding, and team work. College has taught me that you must be patient with yourself, as well as patient with others, because no two people are the same. It has also taught me to understand myself, my instructors, and my fellow students. We are all here for the same reason, to learn. Last thing college taught me is team work. I was so used to doing everything on my own, that going to college was a big change. Working as a team not only makes work easier, but you learn more than you would believe. Team work teaches you leadership, time management, and even different cultures. It has been a valuable experience, and it isn't one that could ever be replaced with anything else. There is almost no other way to meet the variety of people you can at college. People with different backgrounds, beliefs, and futures. It teaches you to see the world in a whole new way, and to see others in a new way.


I wanted to attend college to further my education. It was my dream to become a pediatrician and this iis the only way to achieve this goal. College give you an opportunity to meet people from all over the world to see how they live and do things. When I first attended college i was very nervous. I thought thinks would not be as easy as I thought. But as time went on everything seemed to be simple. I learned how to draw blood, do urine samples, and many other unique things that I really did not know how to do at first. College brought about an opportunity for me to stop being shy. Their is alot of public speaker that helps you get ready for the career that i have chosen. College really helped me because I was a very shy person that hated speaking in front of others. I would try my best to get out of speaking in front of other, but college seemed to be the perfect way to do so. Everyone had matured into a young adult and there were not any of the laughter gong on. Wow! College is the best choose to make.


There are many things i have recieved out of my college experience. I learned how to become more independent i made new friends, i have adapted good study habbits which help me get my 2.657 GPA. I have learned different ways of living and how other people from different countries live. Attending college is very valuable not only because you meet new people but because it helps get you ready for the real world.


I have learned who I am thus far in my college experience. Being away from home, shines a new light on life, and what I should want out of life. I am a naturally motivated person, and in coming to college, I have learned to not only motivate myself but motivate others as well. Being in college has taught me how to be a better me essentially. How to be a better leader, how to be strong, and how to place the steps in front of myself to success!


Dear Hannah, I know you're stressing out right now, struggling to find a way to balance school, work, family, and extracurriculars. Stop. Take a deep breath. Listen to me?what I have to say is more important than you can possibly realize. You?ve already decided to go to college ten hours away from home, but with that choice is going to come extra struggles. You are going to feel more alone than you have ever felt in your entire life, without anyone to keep you grounded. You will find many wonderful friends, but you will also be surrounded by peers who will try to change who you are. They will wonder what you find so refreshing about the world around you, and scoff at your optimism. Just ignore them. Life is too short to be filled with complaining, and too sweet to focus on the negatives. Each morning you wake up, you have a choice to make. You can dwell on all the petty things that will never matter, or you can find every reason to smile and share your zest for life with those around you. The choice is yours-- make it wisely! Most sincerely, Hannah


I would tell myself that I dont know everything. I was very ready to get out of my small hometown and move on to bigger and better things at college. I thought I was ready for all of the changes and that I would transition very easily. I was wrong. Especially with being a student-athlete. There was so much stuff to do. Go to practice, go to class, get your homework done, travel for athletic events, volunteer, pay bills, be responsible. So many of these things had been made easier by the help of my parents. I would make sure to tell myself to enjoy the time in high school and not wish it away. Enjoy the time with friends and be very grateful to my parents and my other sources of support for making each day easier for me. I would make sure to tell myself to stay relaxed, not worry so much, and let things happen...and enjoy the ride that life takes me on.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to consider more options in choosing a college. Any student should seriously consider what kind of environment and student body they want when attending college. Unfortunately, I chose a college that was most affordable and close to home. Depending on each student, that choice should not be made based solely on location and tuition cost. I think that students should choose whatever college will make them happiest in all aspects, rather than be tied down by the price and location of an institution. The point of college is for young people to learn more and spread their wings, not just get a degree to get a "good paying job". I would tell any student I could to make the decision based on their advancement in learning and happiness, not degradation of finances.


Before you make your final decision on where to go next year, there are some things you should know about college life and making your decision. First, apply to no more than six schools! Don?t complicate your decision by applying to too many and creating more work for yourself. Make your decision early, but only after educating yourself about each college you?re interested in. Second, allow yourself to change your mind. You probably don?t know what you want to do with the rest of your life; there is plenty of time for you to figure it out. Make sure it?s what you truly want. This is your future. Noone else?s. Lastly, and most importantly, stick to your values. Everyone around you will have different opinions on what?s right, but you don?t have to share those beliefs. Don?t let anyone pressure you to do anything, or to make you feel bad for your choices. You don?t have to drink, party, or date around if you don?t want to. What?s most important is that you take time to figure out who you really are, and don?t forget to have fun.