University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I spent an enormous amount of time in high school researching colleges to make sure I found the perfect fit. When I stumbled upon the University of Missouri-Kansas City, it was like striking gold. The more I learned about the school and all it had to offer, the more excited I became, and I was not disappointed when I arrived. It was frustrating, however, to be surrounded by students who had grown up nearby and only decided to attend because it was the closest. I find difficulty accepting their indifference when I am in love with everything about UMKC!


Sharing a room with a roommate that you hardly know, that does not have a lot in common with you and that you don't really want to spend a lot of time with.


the msot frustrating thing is the climate that it is in.


The most frustrating thing of my school is balancing my classes and my social life. It is not easy to be on a full-scholarship and still keep your grades up. Another thing that is very frustating is the same food in the cafeteria everyday. Even though I eat it, however sometimes it is not cooked all the way sometimes. And lastly the most frustrating thing about college is how all the assighments and communicationis by internet, and sometimes the wireless internet is not always working for my laptop.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the hard science classes. I've taken one science class and it was really hard, forcing me to change my plan from pre-medicine to clinical psychology. I hear people talking all the time about how terribly difficult the other science classes are. The teachers, from what I've heard, aren't too helpful, either.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when I wanted to transfer or drop a class they always give you the run around.


The most frustrating is coming to a school as small and quiet as my University and not fitting in. Unless you were interested in a sorority or enjoyed some specific club they offered your choices were very, very few.


For me personally the most frustrating thing is feeling like i never get a break. There is always something going on or something due...but that's part of it. It just makes it difficult to work and always be prepared academically at the same time.


for me it was staying focused


The professors do return assignments in a timely fashion.


Having issues with billing. I was billed for 6 hrs of classes that I took last year in May and was expected to pay the amount up front while they put a hold on my account so I could not register for classes. Many others have had issues with situations like this.


Not being use to the work load and having to drop a class.


school work