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It's close to home, yet there's so many better resources and educational opportunities that are available.


It is close to downtown Reno, with all of the nightlife such as clubs, casinos, and restaurants. It has a designated area where students graduate called the "Quad." There are many libraries at UNR where people can study. In addition, our library has the MARS, which stores books that haven't been checked out in over seven years in temperature controlled bins, where a robot collects a book in there and sends it down to the main library front desk. My school has more than two hundred fifty clubs and fraternities, so it makes it easy to get involved.


The University of Nevada Reno is located in one of the most beautiful places. Here in Reno, there is every different season. Not far from the campus is the amazing Lake Tahoe and amazing places to ski and snowboard. On campus is even better! The campus is big enough to make you feel like you're at a huge uinveristy but still small enough not to get lost amoung all the people. Walking to class you will see at least 10 people you know but also see many new faces.


UNR was somewhat of a college town, the perfect amount of students and others living their lives in the area. I never had an issue finding somewhere to live and it was always within ten minutes of campus without having to get on the freeway. The campus was so close to downtown that there was plenty of fun things to do at a low cost. Part of the campus was old, original buildings built with beautiful red brick and surreounded by nature. Then, there was the brand new part of campus that was also built so architectually savvy and beautiful.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools is the scale and diversity of the campus. A tier one school, the university of Nevada, Reno has a relatively small number of students when compared to other universities, and yet has such a large and expansive campus. The campus houses multiple faculties such as department buildings to help students of any major, different libraries that specialize in different areas of study, and multiple recreational buildings for students to take part in.


We have huge school spirit!


I originally was considering top-level ivy league schools, but even with some of the highest scholarships offered, I could not afford these universities. The University of Nevada is within my financial bouds and still provides a great education. I feel very welcomed here, and I feel like there is a lot of involvement on campus. There are so many clubs available, so many activities to take part in, and it's a Tier 1 University. All of these points, plus the low financial obligation makes it a great school to attend.


I personaly feel that everyone at the University of Nevada, Reno is more like a family than just a school. We all come together during so many different events that happen on campus and around town.


University of Nevada has a strong Honors Program and a small-town atmosphere.


Their program for women going into any science field is very supportive and broad. I want to go into Biochemistry research and there are many research projects and labs being worked on that an undergraduate student like me can be a part of. These experiances will prepare me for any future career.


The unique thing about my school is it's location. The University of Nevada is located in the heart of the Truckee Meadows which provides astounding scenery to the west towards the Sierras. It is just a short drive to the wilderness where students can experience hiking trails, skiing, and Lake Tahoe. The University is one of the most beautiful campuses located west of the Mississippi River.


My school is unique because we are a big family. Instead of being the "wolves" we are the wolf pack. We are one big pack striving for knowledge, excitement, and victory.


What is truly unique about the University of Nevada-Reno which is in fact the reason why I chose it, is the fact that it urpasses the expectations most have. Not many people see this school as a great school, especially the Las Vegas natives like myself, but the University of Nevada-Reno offers so many opportunities for students inside and outside of classes. Choosing to attend this university has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I would never choose a different university!


Compared to my last university, this school is much bigger and has a more welcoming campus, which takes your mind away from the fact that you're in a high desert with not much of a city around you, and creates its own little mini-city within the confines of the campus.


Something that is super cool about the University of Nevada is that it is funky. Reno in general in funky. It's my hometown and I love it here. You can walk downtown, and see a concert in the park right on the river with fire dancers one day, and then the next day walk across the street and see a white water kayak competition. Then in the winter, you are 20 minutes from some of the gnarliest skiing in America. It's an awesome environment to live in.


The University of Nevada, Reno was unique to me because of how much they have to offer. The campus is gorgeous and a joy to walk around, the professors are passionate about their jobs, and not only are there many options for classes there are also many time slots offered to take them in.


UNR is small enough to have a lot of interaction between students (you see a lot of the same faces) while still being surrounded by new faces all the time. At UNR, I am able to balance my major (Business Marketing) with extracurriculars as well as stay involved with music and the performing arts, something that is hard to do at a lot of bigger universities.


This school is considered to be the best university in-state.


The area around it extremely diverse which allows scientists and others to enjoy different weather, plants, animals, and scenery at any time of the year. It also allows for many different clubs to be active throughout the year. Also its right next to downtown where there are many shops and events happening everymonth so for those wanting to stay near campus they have just a short walk to enjoy some things that Nevadans only have to offer.


It is very cheap and good quality for the cost.


The "Pack" is unique becasue it is the original and very first university to arise in Nevada. The history dates back to 1874 when The University of Nevada Reno was first introduced as The State University in Elko, which is my hometown. Being that this school is almost ancient, one can feel the power of knowledge walking through the "Quad", the University's original landscape before more and more buildings of halls and classrooms for the growing school population began to flourish. My family confides in UNR and I see myself leaving it with a diploma in my hand.


This school was well qualified to expand my knowledge of the course of study that i was interested in and it allowed me to be close enough to my family that i can take care of them on the weekends or just visit.


Not only is my school beautiful in appearance, but it is filled with a ton of beautiful people. The professors are always encouraging us students to do our best in order to become successful human being. They work just as hard as we do to help better our future. This school has such a sense of community that I did not feel at the other schools that I considered attending, and I really like that.


University of Nevada Reno gives you more then you can ever hope for. It is in a great location with some city and some country feel. It has high acedemics and a wonderful engineering program. It has a powerful sports movement. Most importantly, the people here care about one another.


UNR is unique in the fact that they provide an exceptional education at a very affordable price.


One thing that I find to be unique about the University of Nevada is its physical growth throughout history. This land grant University was founded in 1874 as a single building that is known as Morrill Hall. Morrill Hall was physically moved from its origninal location in Elko to Reno in 1885. Since that time, the university has continued to expand. From the old Morrill Hall, all the way to the solar powered Knowledge Center and Joe Crowley Student Union, the University displays a history in its architecture alone.


Other schools I have considered were all out of state, and therefore more expensive. While the college I'm attending isn't exactly a top-ranking national university, it still gives me a broad range of diverse classes to choose from. We specialize in mining and engineering, and we have a large portion of the campus dedicated to our School of Medicine. Plus it makes me feel at home while I am not too far away from actual home.


UNR provides exactly what I've needed in order to pursue my career goals. I have always felt welcomed and comfortable. Opportunities are always available and I feel like I have had a more personalized experience with the professors I've had and work for.


Location is wonderful, and I'm proud to be in the pre-nursing program there isnt one thing about UNR that Im not proud to be apart of, the people, teachers , education are all unique. the School offers a great environment to study and grow as a person. Im proud to be there.


I only considered UNR.


I have lived in Reno my whole life, and because of that, considered UNR as a "boring" college since it was so close to home. Once I started attending classes, I realized the desert beauty and wealth of opportunities for student involvement that UNR offered, as well as beautiful, state of the art buildings and facilities. Sure, it wasn't as grand as some of the other schools that I looked at in California, but in a smaller scale it's a beautiful campus in its own way with lots of perks to discover.


We have the mountains surrounding us! If you would like to hiking, snow boarding, mountain climbing it is literally just a drive away from campus. Also, we are located within hours from San Fransico, San Diego and so forth so if you want to get away it is very easy and affordable to do so in our location. Also, we are up in coming with our arts which we do have many studets who are gifted in that avenue and making our campus look beautfiul.


UNR's location is very unique, allowing students to take part in almost every land and water sport that exists. Students are able to partake in all winter sports due to the proximity to severl ski resorts and mountain ranges. We are also able to partake in all water sports due to Lake Tahoe and other smaller lakes. Unlike other universities that are located in large cities, this allows students to have a vibrant athletic life outside of shcool.


UNR is the closest school to my home and also seemed to be the least expensive of the schools I was considering. After taking others into consideration UNR seemed to be the most convenient for me. I looked into their Nursing program and it has been around for many years. UNR's medical buildings are also very technologically advanced with new medical advancments such as the electronic mannequins which show syptoms just as a real human would to help students learn to diagnose, as they will in their future careers.


Located in the 'Littlest Big City' Reno, Nevada offered a new cultural environment that I wanted to explore. Nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains, Reno offers a short drive to ski resorts and a small trek to California.


What I found most unique of this school compared to others that I considered was the enviornment around the campus. Meaning that the neighborhoods, city life, and rural areas give a very diverse feeling. With a small city less than a mile south and rural farm areas a mile north, the possibility of interships and jobs vary greatly for ever major that this institution offers.


Nevada is unique because we are diverse in terms of our students and our campus. We have modern stat of the art buildings and buildings full of history and tradtion.


UNR offered the exact areas of study that interested me.


I chose my school because it is close to home, but the great thing about my home is the land. We have the beautiful Sierra Nevadas on one side of our city and the desert on the other. Lake Tahoe is close for snow sports in winter and for fun in the water in summer. We have beautiful places to hike. Our campus is beautiful that in the 1940s, Hollywood used the campus to film movies features stars like Mickey Rooney and Shirly Temple. We also have a great research program for autism.


The University of Nevada Reno has offered me a unique atmosphere, traditions, and a quality education. Walking onto campus every fall I am completely enveloped by hundred year old oak trees, gorgeous brick buildings, and the hustle and bustle of my fellow students. As I pass the John Mackay statue that heads the quad I am reminded of the many traditions that fuel the spirit and excitement at the University. Whether it be praying to Mackay before every football game for a win, or sacrificing a personal item to Mackay before every final, the Nevada wolf pack truly honors tradition.


UNR has the spirit and vigor of a large school, but its individual colleges of study offer a private school feel. There is such diversity among the student population, and everyone has an interesting story to tell about their past or what they want to do with their future. We have programs here that aren't available at any other university, such as our Basque Studies major. Overall, this school gives me everything I need for a successful career and an enjoyable college experience.


The University of Nevada, Reno is unique in many aspects from the location of the campus to the dedication of the staff and employees that work there. However, one characteristic of the university that stands out above the rest is the fact that this university offers many unique ways to get involed in the community. The reason this is important to me is that too often in our modern world we have become disconnected from the people in our community; for a university to offer programs to counteract this is vital and not common in many parts of the country.


The quality of college life is raised greatly when attending the university, as the campus is made of of people from diverse regions and cultures. The campus is always putting on events to bring students together and enjoy themselves. Plus the students get a quality education for a comparably smaller cost than several neighboring universities in the region.


UNR has a fairly compact campus for being in a city of 250,000 people. I love that there are no major roads throughout the campus and every class is an easy walk. There is good camaraderie throughout the school and there is always something fun to do. Lots of off campus housing at afforadble prices makes it an easy bike ride to class. Even though the city is a bit of an urban sprawl there is almost no need for a car.


It had a really good speech pathology program plus I recieved the mellenium scholarship so it seemed cheaper than other schools.


Well it was either here or UNLV, and UNR has more of a college campus feel, with older buildings and large quad.


It has a great selection of classes.


The University of Nevada, Reno has is a prestigous university with a small, close-linked community college feel in the classroom and around campus. The professors at our University are diverse, well-educated, and especially concerned about the lives and goals of students. UNR has all the benefits of a big university with the feel of a small college. Furthermore, the campus is beatiful year-round, with many nearby attractions and outdoor activities. The cost of tuition at our university is more decent than other comparable universities.


It feels a little like home.


Progressive; Affordable compared to the quality of education offered; Equally athletically and academically oriented; Very diverse in regards to student population and teacher population; Accessible to many vital places as well as to many extra-cirricular activities.