University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag about my school, I honestly brag most about all the amazing restaurants there are on campus.


When I talk about my school to others who are interested in going themselves, I always tell them about how much opportunity there is to get help when struggling with coursework. The teachers are always willing to help students in need and when the teachers are not available, there are plenty of tutors who will help. Also, it is very easy to meet new people in and out of class who can help with problems by forming study groups or just working one on one.


When my friends ask me what I enjoy about Reno, I tell them it's so much easier to access services and recreational activities than my hometown, Las Vegas. It was so hard to go hang out with friends or find something to do that wasn't in the casinos or required money. In Reno, there was always a planned activity on campus or a recreational activity out at Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, or the plenty of hiking trails. All of these things were always, "No car required".


To me, my academic success and future employment are vital. My parents are making many sacrifices and are spending a ton of money in order to support me in building a solid foundation for success. Because of this, I find myself bragging about the employment record and reputation of the Mining Engineering program at the University of Nevada. Almost one hundred percent of graduating students in the mining engineering program find employment in their field, and Mackay School of Mines has a great reputation in the field. In addition, there are many passionate professors wh continue to inspire me!


I always brag to my friends about the beautiful weather Reno has. I am from Washington so the sun is a treat! But I also brag to them about our gorgeous snow covered mountains during the winter months. Every season here has a beautiful look and many colors.


The things I brag about the most to my friends about my school, is all the great benefits they offer for students.


The football team at the University is something that I normally brag about, as well as the location of the school. However, academically, I brag about my freedom to research.


I would have to say that I brag about the amazing friends and opportunities that I have at this school, and how much I feel like I've finally found a place I can call home. UNR has made it possible for me to excel in school and get to know the environment and social happenings on a more personal level.


Most of the time, I end up bragging about the psychology classes that I've taken. I also talk about all the great research that has been done at the school. Sometimes I brag about some of the professors and some of the events that occur on campus (the football team, organized events such as movie nights). Also there's a variety of places to go when not in class and the school has a great database for research.


The Library has great resources for studying, and there are so many different places to study.


Colin Kapernick graduated from my school.


When I brag to my friends about my school, I share about what is discussed in class. One time, I asked my friends about this scenario. An acorn grows into an oak tree. What is the main source of the additional mass present in the oak tree? 1.) Water from the soil 2.) Minerals from the soil 3.) Carbon-dioxide in the air 4.) Light. Most people choose light to be the main source for plant growth, but it's actually the carbon from the air. I brag to my friends about what I learn.


I brag most about our journalism program since the program is in the top ten programs in the country. Another thing I brag about would have to be our football team and school spirit. We have the whole city cheering on our school year round. We also have our quarterback from 2010 playing in this years superbowl. GO KAEPERNICK!!!


The campus life, such as student activities, greek life, etc.


I really like to brag about the way the campus looks. The architecture and nature really make it stand out in the middle of downtown Reno, which makes me feel like I'm in the best place I can be, and it helps keep me driven in my studies. The teachers here also have a strong affinity for helping students achieve their academic and career goals, and it is aparent that they recognize students' successes as a reflection of their success in their work. Being that UNR is the city's closest university, there is a strong sense of pride.


WHen I tell my friends about my school I brag most about how involved the whole campus is. Many of the students who attend the university are very involved, making those around them to be as well; ultimately creating a fun enviornment to learn in.


The disability department and advisors are wonderful. They are caring, not only about you as an individual, but they care about your past, present, and future. They want you to be successful during your college experience and after. What I found most helpful is that they did their very best to accomodate your needs. The staff takes time to listen to you and any concerns you may have about something. It is because of the disability center that I have, and am succeeding in my college experience.


The small class sizes. I am often in classes of thirty students or less.


Being in a sorority, being so close to Lake Tahoe, and the great night life that Reno has.


This is Nevada's first and oldest university campus! UNR is full of rich history and is conveniently located in the City of Reno. The grounds are so beautiful and it is a pleasure to walk from class-to-class and enjoy the many manifestations of modern and classic archetecture. The faculty and staff that I have encountered have always been extremely friendly, professional, knowlegable and desirous of my success. The Matthewson-IGT Knowledge Center is always available to assist me with computing, research and study; it is a state-of-the-art Library that I absolutely love to visit!


The access to professors, equipment, and quality research dwarfs that of larger institutions for undergraduates. A team composed solely of me and my fellow engineering undergraduates was able to compete in, and reach the finals of, a DOE competition with PhD students from Berkeley, Cal Tech, and Stanford. There is no substitute for learning directly from faculty instead of TAs.


UNR is one of the best engineering schools in the area. It is the best engineering school you can go to as a Nevada resident.


I would tell my friends that i am getting to work towards my goals with an unforgettable experience that i can look back on, and be proud of in the future. An experience full of hard work and passion from myslef and those around me. That I would not choose to attend anywhere else to continue my education other than at the University of Nevada.


The cost of tuition is the cheapest option I had. My first choice of college would have cost me 56,000 a year. UNR only cost me about 6,000 a year. I will be able to graduate with two majors and not be in debt in a few years. I brag about this because many of my friends have gone to expensive university off of student loans that will cost them a lot in their future.


I have never attended a University prior to this year. I am blown away by the variety of fascinating courses offered by the school. The campus is beautiful and a pleasure to explore. I have had great experiences speaking with specific advisors in regards to my future application to Medical School. One advisor in particular spoke to me with enthusiasm and excitement for my future! This increased my morale dramatically. I also found the library to be very large and impressive.


Usually when I describe UNR to someone I start telling them about my courses, professors, and the lectures I have enjoyed. All the projects I have been assigned have been really fun and intresting,


I don't really brag about my school too much, as it doesn't stand out in any way that would be worthy of bragging.


We have an awesome football nad basketball team this year. We have top-of-the-line technology in our libraries, student union and classrooms. The teachers want to be your friends and help you succeed!


The University of Nevada-Reno, I believeit is a great place to learn and the proffessors there really challenge the kids in creative thinking. One thing I brag mostly about UNR is that it is affordable and you get an high quality education. The school has good research and the learning environement really prepares you for your major and when you graduate.


I brag about our athletics and how our campus looks. The trees and brick buildings give a nice atmosphere to our school.


When I tell my friends about my school I mostly brag about the awesome engineering courses and overall engineering program that the University of Nevada has to offer. For example, in my Engineering 100 class, we worked with groups to make miniature hovercrafts which was a fun, unique and beneficial hands-on course. I also brag that I have amazing professors who know what they are talking about. They make the classes they teach not only interesting, but applicable to different careers and life in general.


I love UNR because everyone has a home here. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can be involved in, no one feels left out. When seeing your classmates out and about, you almost know the whole community and we are all so close-nit.


I brag about all the traditions we uphold at our Nevada and how we have such a close, friendly community. The pride students have at our school is obvious when I brag seen as how I am SO proud.


I am the most impressed with how proffesoinal the campus is at UNR.


The campus is very gorgeous. The people at this school have a ton of school pride and football games are a must to go see!


When I talk about my school I always brag to them how it is such a home-y place and how genuine the people are. I also brag to them how we have a great football team and how the whole town gets involved in the games and is very supportive of our teams. I have always loved sports and being the active person that I am I find these attributes very important. Being surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and also about the teams of your school makes things much more meaningful.


I brag the most about the different activities available for both the students and those within the community. There are so many things to do during different times of the week; we have movie nights , sporting events, and concerts both on campus and in the local area.


The achievements of student researchers The national awards won by university Individual department’s honors and awards And most of the education that provide the strong base for the future


Our awesome school spirit and the supportive faculty members.


I brag mostly about how attractive the campus is and how nice our facilities are. We also have one of the nicest and newest libraries in the nation that has multitudes of resources that are avaliable. On the social side of things our football program was ranked 15th and the greek life is very active around campus.


How I am able to handle famous photographs and other artwork during my internship hours at the Center of Creative Photography.


I am from Anchorage, Alaska so I brag to my friends at home about the sunshine and the weather!


I firmly believe that my major (Engineering) is the raison d'etre for this school. It was founded to research new ways to mine the valuable minerals that are abundant in Nevada and the engineering program has grown into the most competitive and esteemed programs on the campus. My freshman engineering professor refers to us as the "marines" when it comes to curriculum difficulty. Aside from that, the campus is beautiful and maintained constantly. The feeling I get while in-transit from one location to another on it instills me with an aura of knowledge.


I brag about how great the campus is and the teachers. I tell them that I really enjoy going to UNR and the school pride is fantastic. Also, that the classes are very engaging and you really learn a lot. In addition, how the professors are always there to help you when you are struggling and they get your mind thinking. Also how the class sizes are great and I really feel like I have bonded with many students in my classes. I brag about how the campus is so beautiful .


I brag that I'm paying a much more afforadable rate of tuition than out-of-state schools, yet I'm getting a quality of education that rivals most research-based universities in America. Also, the campus' proximity to Lake Tahoe and the beautiful wilderness of the mountains throughout northern Nevada often makes my friends jealous of the fact that I get to take advantage it. We are also a four-hour drive from San Francisco, so we can easily access northern California without the cost of living there.


That the engineering classes are difficult, but I'm learning a lot.


The sierra nevada mountains are less than half an hour away with over 10 different ski resorts to ski and snowboard at on the weekends. Lake tahoe is 40 minutes away for swimming and hiking in the summer. Reno is one of the few 24 hour cities in the country so you can always find something to do and the city is always active. There are kayaking contests and festivals on the truckee river in downtown reno almost every weekend.


It seems like a big school in a big city, but you'd be amazed how many times you constantly run into the same people. Reno is actually a small city, and the campus sits in the heart of it. However, the school is not "citified" at all. The beautiful grasses and tall, gorgeous trees provides such a tranquil way of life. Football is huge in the fall, and the alumni take over the parking lots with bar-b-ques and tail gating parties. Be prepared to get involved or miss out on the greatest experiences!


The professors go out of their way to help you succeed!


Social life. Friday? jam session, party, philisophical duscussion (seriously). It's a toss up, it's spontaneous, it's a blast. I'm enjoying what are rumored to be the best years of my life in the best possible way.