University of New Hampshire at Manchester Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the friendly staff and students to be the best thing at my school. I feel that if I did not meet the people I have met, I would never have felt comfortable here. I have met many friendly and helpful faculty and staff member as well as students who helped me adjust to my school.


I consider my school size the best thing about University of New Hampshire at Manchester. While it may only be one building and we are not able to have as many extracurricular activies or hang out places as other colleges, the educators, teaching environments, and overall learing experience at this school is fantastic. Classes are almost always small and this allows you to connect not only with your professors but spend extra time learning about the stubject. There is also alot more one and one work with professors becasue they are able to get to know you personally.


commuter campus, more focused on school not parties