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The University of New Hampshire offers a unique five-year education program. A student completes a four-year undergraduate program and earns a degree, and, if accepted to the graduate program, completes an internship at a participating school and co-teaches a class. After successfully completing the internship, the student earns a master's degree and a teaching certification. The five-year option was an attractive aspect of the university because it saves money as opposed to attending a two- or four-year graduate program.


This is a really friendly college where everyone is always happy and seemed to be enjoying what they are doing around the campus. whereever I see students, they are always working together collaboratively and I assure you: you will not feel left out when you are here. We have the strong bond between student, we always want to work together and make the college experience better than anywhere it could be. The beauty around our school and the sense of acceptence in everyones mind is the best thing that UNH is known for. Thats why we are called WILDCATS.!!!


The size. We are on the smaller side for a state university and I think this makes it more of a community, despite being a big school.


Many students come into UNH with Undeclared areas of study. This made me feel very welcome and comfortable in my environment as an incoming Undeclared freshman, because I had previously been very nervous that I did not have a specific major as an incoming freshman. I felt sure that by attending UNH, I would explore and find what I loved to do. And I was right!


I love the size and community of the school. I toured many campuses that were either way too big or too small. Coming from a somewhat large high school I was looking for a school with a large population of students. UNH provides the perfect amount with about 12,000 undergraduates and everything on campus is walking distance. Even though all buildings are within walking distance the campus is spread out enough to allow for an interactive community.


Although there is a feel of a big university, it feels like a smaller community school. This is something very unique about my school. Students who seek a larger community can have that and students who like a smaller-scale school can have a small and tight-knit community too.


It costs the least of all of the schools I applied for, but still costs too much.


The atmosphere at this school is unmatched at anyother school. I visited plenty of schools and this was the only one that showed tremendous school pride and respect for the students.


The campus is seperated from the city so its safe and easy to meet great people.


The University of New Hamshire is unique from other In State schools because of its size. It is a large campus with many degree choices. There is always something to do. The dorms are nice and clean. The food in the cafe is good. I always find something to eat, has lots of choices and even healthy ones.


The University of New Hampshire is unique in comaprison to other schools I considered beecause it has a lot of resources a diversity student as myself can rely on to accomplish a great academic year. There are a lot things available aside from the academics such as counseling, attendong the gymnasium, going skating, seeing a hockey game and many other things.


The University of New Hampshire is unique in comparision to other schools that I considered becuase of its size. I considered mostly smaller schools, but ended up choosing UNH because of how large it is. Due to the size, there is a vast amont of majors that the school has to offer, which leads to many different classes that can be taken. All the variety means that I won't be taking the same classes all the time, which could lead to changes in my major or changes in my outlook on life.


One thing that I greatly admire about UNH is the commitment of the school to being green and adressing environmental issues. The campus is almost entirely run on energy from methane gas produced in a nearby landfill. The school is commited to educating people about the issues as well, with an excellent environmental science program and countless research oppurtunities. While alot of schools preach environmental ideals very few act on them like UNH does.


Compared to other schools I considered, UNH was the largest and had the most opportunities. It was the closest to my home and at the point where I was deciding on schools it was the only one that I knew I would be truly happy at.


I think what is unique about my school is the atmosphere.


UNH is a great place to go to school. It is different because it has a DI athletic program, on a small rural campus. UNH's Athletic Training students receive an incredible education, with a unique opportunity to work with some of the most talented athletes in the country on a daily basis.


Size and location. This school is not so small that everyone knows your business but small enough that you are able to build relationships with many different social groups. Also the location is amazing. 45 minutes from Boston, MA 25 minutes from the beach, 1.5 hours to the mountains.


It is close to home and conveniently located.


Big, close to home, fun


My school is one of the major University's in New Hampshire. I chose this school because of it's reputation of perfection. Every person who have gone to my school have only told great stories, and since I've been here it's been the best time of my life. My school offers many oppertunities that other schools don't.


The campus is located in a small town which creates a stronger sense of community. Students are strongly encouraged to explore their world outside of the classroom walls and discover the many wonderful things that our area has to offer. Courses often combine outdoor experiences with traadtional curriculums. This allows the students to understand their environment better, have a stronger appreciation for our natural resources, and apply their knowledge in abstrat ways.


There is a State Diagnostic Lab on campus that employes students giving them work experience in my field of study.


UNH is unique in that it has one of the best nursing programs in the state. There are multiple sim mans in the lab, and the opportunities that were presented to me during my first two years here were great.


Most kids on campus stay at college for the whole semester and rarely leave on the weekends. The school is very large considering the location it is in.


When comparing UNH to other schools I considered i noticed that this school was very diverse. There are many kinds of people here and you never know what you are going to see someone doing. This school is all about outside activities. There are many different things that you see on a day to day basis whether its people playing frisbee, tight rope walking from tree to tree, or skiing down library hill. The other schools I looked at didn't seem to show as many people enjoying the outdoors like the people do here.


All of the other schools that i applied to were small cathlioc schools, but the University of New Hampshire is lage and very diverse


The University of New Hampshire appeals to average New Englander for many different reasons. I chose to attend the university because of its location, academic oppurtunities, athletics, and diversity. The atmosphere of Durham is a small town with a strong presence of the college students. I think UNH is unique because of its small town ora in spite of a diverse and huge student population. My major is environmental science and a lot of my courses take place outdoors distinguishing UNH from other colleges.


Rural setting In state and much cheaper.


What I would say is unique about UNH compared to my other schools is thatwhen I arrived on campus , I was overwhelmed by the culture and the reoccuring vision of seeing myself fit in at the school.


The University of New Hampshire is a very modern and up to date school, but it exists in one of the oldest parts of the United States. It combines the rich history of the nation's past with the excitement of the present and future.


UNH is unique because it is a large campus with a lot of opportunaty. There are many different types of people up there and everyone seems to get along very well. It is also unique because it has many buildings and the college offors a lot.


Some of the main reasons of why i chose UNH was the fact that it was relatively close to home, but far enough so that i didn't have to come home every weekend. Aside from that, they have a really good engineering department, and in the past few years their engineering was rebuilt, and recieved all new equipment. Do to the fact that it is in the state where i live it was also a little bit more affordable than the other schools i looked at, i.e UMaine.


At UNH there is a natural environment aided by the unique layout of the campus. It offers a good community in which students are encouraged to form organizations and explore their possibilities. The staff is very helpful and the professors very supportive. For my major in particular, Music Education, the music staff is nearly a family to me and are invested in each student. The dining program is also dedicated to being of the highest quality, constantly open to feedback.


It is a smaller school that has more of an emphasis on Business and is much closer to my home.


I think the setting and the way the university just evolved over time. Very well organized . They keep adding new housing, and the character of the school has never been compromised.


There are many options available, like when to take classes, what clubs to join, where to live.


Its a beautiful part of the country there is enormous amount of school spirit and we have great education programs


The University of New Hampshire is unique because when you look at a campus map you get really frightened because it seems so huge. When you're walking around for the first time you get lost wherever you go. The day you step foot on that campus as a student, everything changes. YOu magically know excactly where everything is and you know excactly who to talk to find something out. The campus has done such a wonderful job of making sure students are comfortable that after the first week you don't even feel like a freshman.


UNH has a great business program--they are currently working on a multi-million dollar renovation to the WSBE Business School. It also has an extremely picturesque location, with glorious fall foliage and some very quaint, brick res-halls.


Large, in-state school, with a strong focus on research opportunities.


The location is beautiful and it allows us to live on campus and feel as if we are our own community. It gives us a great sense of the after college life. Not only that, but the school itself promotes networking in your field and stresses the importance of it.


The University of New Hampshire strives to create organizations in order for all students to participate. Every semester a fair is held outside with all the organizations offered. If a student does not find one they are interested in, they can petition and create their own organization. I think that is really awesome, because it's a good way for all students to get involved with their school.


We are very environmentaly friendly here. All of our dining halls have a vegan selection, we have cultural events so students can learn about each other and the atmosphere is very accepting. We are also one of the safest schools in the area. The professors are great and have no problem holding review sessions outside of class hours and they are always happy to answer questions. Also, our sports teams are awesome. Go Cats!


We have 13,000 college students at our school, and yet everyone knows eachother somehow. It's a great community. We recently had an assault at our school, and the entire college community came together to find out who the three assaulters were. It's amazing.


it is in a very small town in the middle of nowhere, but there is always something to do and you are never bored


It's a fairly large campus, but it doesn't have that claustrophobic city feel. It has some unique sports clubs. Everyone I have run into is extremely friendly and the campus really provides you with enough opportunities to feel like your a part of the community.


Since it's sch a large school, there are many opportunities to become involved, whether it be socially, academically, or even career-based. UNH gives you the opportunities that large prestigious universities give you, but at an in-state price


My school has an awesome campus. It is located in a rural area but has so many college students on campus that it seems like its own little city. The town is almost completely focused on the unversity, which is great. Also, my college has gone very "green". They have many environmentally friendly policies and procedures and continue to enforce more. Overall, all the students enjoy the area and love the college, creating a wonderful community to live in.


It offers the best of everything, little bit of country side but close to transportation to get into the city such as Boston MA. Very green campus, quiet, and safe.


It is very close to my home town and relatively inexpensive.