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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Many people make friends with their classmates, as the class itself serves as an icebreaker. Dorming is also a fantastic way to meet friends. Roomates and people in the same dorm building will go out to dinner together, or just hang out in the common room. The doors to dormrooms aren't always open, but most have a dry erase board for people to leave notes if they're not at home. UNH hockey is probably the biggest athletic event. Students and faculty are not the only people to attend; alumni and people from all over New Hampshire love a good Wildcats game. On the weekend many students can be found relaxing with friends at some of the bars in downtown Durham.


The most popular would probably be intramural sports, because people love to play sports without it becoming too overwhelming or too much of a time commitment. Also Greek life is huge with recruitment taking place each semester. I played many intramurals, but one in particular I had never even heard of until UNH, broomball! You go out on the ice in your sneakers and a stick (not an actual broom, haha) that you pass a ball around with and try to score. I had no idea it could be so much fun to run around on ice!


Campus Activities Board and Relay for Life are two really popular student organizations on our campus. One group that I am involved in is the Student Admissions Representative Program. It is a volunteer program that gives daily campus tours, university open houses, and puts on other events for prospective students. The best thing about the program is that all the members truly love and enjoy the experience that they've had here at UNH. Athletics are so popular here at UNH, but you never feel like you have to be like a Division One athlete. It is great just to go to the Football, Basketball, and Hockey games. Hockey is my favorite for sure. To sit in our hockey area, The Whittmore Center, during a hockey game is an unforgettable experience. So much spirit!! Students are always leaving their doors open in the dorms and the residential life staff really encourage it. You never know who you'll meet! And the residential staff is always great about having activities going on over the weekend because this is not a "suitcase" school. There are so many people on campus, it's great to hang out, go to activities in the Memorial Union Building, or attend sporting events. We also have a great transportation system that can take you to surrounding towns that have movie theaters, malls, and other things to do.


The UNH student body is incredibly diverse and focuses largely on the importance of tolerance and diversity. One of the largest student organizations is the Diversity Student Coalition focusing on raising awareness of equality and heritage involving the African American, Latin, Native American, Asian American and LGBT students. There are groups involved with human rights, environmental issues, left and right wing politics and many more. No one will feel out of place here, again in part to our large student organization life. Every interest is represented here in one way or another.


One thing you absolutely have to do before you graduate from UNH is what we call "mounting the Wildcat." There's a big, bronze statue of the UNH wildcat mascot out in front of The Whittemore Arena where hockey games are held (tickets are free to students, by the way), and everyone at some point makes it a point to climb up on the statue's back. For some reason, security doesn't really seem to care. There are a few other quintessential UNH experiences, like The Durham House of Pizza, which is located downtown and gets filled with loud, excited and hungry kids every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night when its open past midnight. Hanging out a dorms your freshmen year is definitely the best way to meet people, as you'll be forced to do plenty of ice-breaker type games with your hall as a freshmen, but it's important to get out and check out the rest of the college world. UNH brings in a lot of famous bands and speakers. Every year, during what's called Spring Climax, a different artist to perform. In addition to this, there are other well-known acts. During my time here, I've seen Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Dropkick Murphys, O.A.R, Third Eye Blind, Dane Cook, Demetri Martin and G Love and Special Sauce perform, just to name a few. Tickets have never been above twenty dollars, and when events like this happen, EVERYONE goes.


I think there is something for everyone at UNH, whether it be they are into sports, senate, greek life, or theater. Most students do the same, hang out with their friends, get their school work completed, and do as much as they can while being at UNH.


I think intramural sports and greek life are popular. I am involved in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. I enjoy it alot and beleive its very important. Being apart of it makes UNH feel a little bit smaller and more enjoyable. It opens me up to people i would never normally meet, and a lot more acitivities that i would never normally go to. i think everyone should be apart of it. I think people party alot here, but there are always girls at the house that dont go out and just hang out and watch movies.


The most popular organizations here are the sports teams and Greek life. I'm involved with Alpha Phi I have had an amazing time being involved in it and have made so many new friends. I lived in the dorms my first semester and I rarely had my door open. Athletic events especially football games and hockey games are very popular. I met my closest friends through my sorority. People party a lot, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at least. Last weekend I went out to friends apartment and to a couple fraternities. On a Friday night if you weren't drinking you could go to downtown and get dinner or go to the coffee shop and meet up with some friends. When I go off campus I usually go shopping or to the movies or out for lunch.


Football, frats, hockey. Alpha Phi is a sorority that changed my whole college experience and brought me the best friends ill have for the rest of my life. My floor left their doors open bc we were really close in stoke 7 short, but most do not. I was lucky to be friends with everyone on my floor. Athletic events are popular if they're football and hockey. Guest speakers and theater not so popular. Dating is normal here just like everywhere else. Joining Alpha Phi brought me my closest friends and my two best friends were on my floor, who i met the first day of school. Listening to music trying to fall asleep bc i should be sleeping or studying if i am up that late it would be for a reason. homecoming, rush, cocktails, football games etc. Greek life is very important not only the students involved but the community. Last weekend i went out with my friends. Movies or sleeping. Off campus either driving, movies, beach, eating or shopping.


I think Greek Life is very popular on campus, along with groups such as Scope etc. I'm involved in Greek Life and its been the best decision I've made since I been at UNH. When I lived in the dorm we left our doors open along with all the others on my floor. Athletic events are very popular for many students on campus. I met my closest friends through Greek Life and my residence hall from Freshman year. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am most likely talking with my roommates. Off campus I like to go to the movies and go shopping.


i think the most popular groups around are greek life and the football team. i am involved in the alpha phi sorority. when i lived in the dorm i never left it open. if i am up at 2 am on a tuesdday iw ould be on my computer in my room . people party alot here. greek lie is definitely the most important part of my school experience. last weekend, i partied on thursday and friday with my friends and then went home on saturday. i could go bowling or something. i go to portsmouth to dinner and stuff.


UNH Greek life is a big part at UNH. There are many different sororities and fraternities. It is a great way to meet new people and have a huge group of sisters who are always there for you no matter what. Meeting new people is very simple! Everyone is very friendly and approachable. Although UNH is known as a party school, there are many other activities to take part in here on our campus like, intramural sports, hockey games, fitness activities, and a local movie theater and mall to shop.


i am in alpha phi i think that the greek organizations are a great thing to be apart of i think that athletic events really bring the campus/students together... frats/sororities are important on campus - raise money/ but also we represnet a huge part of school


I joined a sorority and have never regretted it!!


Greek life is pretty important on campus, we are well know beause of our philanthropies and just our involvement with the UNH campus. Sports teams are seen as like gods if they do well or if they aren't doing well no one really pays any attention to them. I'm in alpha phi and i absolutely love it. the fact that i get to help out certain events and be part of something this big is a huge pride factor to me. I'm comfortable enough leaving my dorm room open because i trust people and i like to meet new people. I attend lots of events throughout the semester because of my sorority. People party a lot here, probably more than is neccessary but we are all college students and just want to have fun. Frats and sororities are a major factor of the partying scene on campus because we are all so close and thats where we go to hang out. I like staying in on weekend nights sometimes just to watch a movie and relax. I never really leave campus.


Sororities and Fraternities are big organizations on campus. I'm involved with a sorority and could not imagine life here without being a part of it. Also, intermural sports teams are popular.


greek life


I think the biggest thing here on campus is definitely the hockey games. It is always a rush to get tickets and all the students have a ton of school pride and want to be there to root on their players. Most students stay up late every night. I usually dont go to bed until 2 or 3 on school nights because i am up doing work and studying. A lot of poeple are always at the gym and that is a social scene in an out of itself. I haven't gone to gym once and not see anyone i dont know. Most everyone goes out on the weekends to either a frat or an apartment and their activities revolve around drinking.


Greek system is definately one of the most popular "groups" to be a part of. Great support system and social atmosphere.


The most popular groups organizations on campus are greek organizations and athletics. I'm involved with the Alpha Phi sorority. Students in dorms do leave their doors open. Athletic events are very popular and there are always a lot of guest speakers who come, you can usually find them at the MUB. There is not so much a dating scene as there is a hookup scene, people tend to have random hookups instead of steady boyfriend/girlfriends. If i'm up at 2am I am either writing a paper, doing homework, or having fun with my friends. People party mostly every night of the week, except mondays and wednesdays, they are usually not that eventful. Frats and Sororities are only important to those involved in them, otherwise you can't understand the bond. If you aren't drinking on a Saturday you can always find a lot of things to do, like going to the MUB and seeing the local entertainers or just going to see a movie off campus.


I am in Alpha Phi. Its a sorrority and it was a great way to meet people.


Greek life is a big thing on campus. There are lots of different houses on campus. People say that UNH is a party school and that drinking takes place a lot, however, every other school has drinking too. UNH just isn't as large so people are cramped into a smaller social setting to have parties than other schools.


UNH is the number 7 party school in the country according to Princeton Review. There is a lot going on at UNH academically, and socially. Off campus you can go to portsmouth, or dover and there is a lot of shoping and restaurants. If you do not want to drink, you can go bowling, to the movies, out with friends, or stay in your dorm room. Athletic events here are very popular especially hockey and football games. Everyone loves to cheer on the wildcat teams


People at UNH party a lot and every night of the weekend you know there will be something good to do. I think this is especially true being part of the greek system.


Sororities/fraternity's intermurral sports yes students always leave their doors open athletic events are the most popular the dating scene is usually good many people are always looking for someone. my closest friends are in my sorority. if i am awake on a tuesday at 2 am i am usually online. people party often u can usually go out any night and find something if you wanted to. everyone loves frats esp. freshman and sophomores and sororities are very popular.


I live in Stoke hall and for the most part the people on my floor do not leave their doors open. I am on the all girls hall and I'm at the far end. When people do leave their doors open it just makes everything seem more friendly and welcoming whether or not you even talk to the people in the room. When all the doors are shut it just seems like everyone wants to be to themselves and not with anyone else on the floor. It's lke they want to shut everyone else out.


There are a ton of sports teams and games are so much fun to go to. There is a club for everything or an intramural team, so if you want to play something I guarentee there's a club for it. People all seem to be really friendly so it's easy to meet new people all the time. People party on the weekend and thursdays, and there are people with relationships and others that just would rather not be in one. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday I would be up doing work because I would definitely be asleep otherwise. Last weekend I actually was in Daytona, Florida traveling to the NCA National Cheerleading Competition with the UNH cheerleading team. We did very well and earned a lot fo respect from the athletic department at UNH. If you don't want to drink on a Saturday night there is SO many other things going on that you can choose from. There are events at the mub and around campus all the time, you can go and hang out at the mub; you really could find anything you wanted to do.


One of the most popular student activities on campus is intramural sports. From soccer to floor hockey to broomball students at UNH love to play intramural sports. I am in the Greek system and would definitely recommend it to all. Although the Greek system makes up about less than 10 percent of the student population it is a great way to meet friends and it gives you the ability to get involved in a lot of other activities on campus. If you are awake at 2am on a Tuesday you had most likely been out to a party and are going to Durham center to grab a slice of DHOP pizza or wings from Wings Your Way.


The UNH Greek system is VERY big on campus. If your not going to party at a frat, your most likely going to the bars, a sports house, or your friends apartment. Most students go out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, with Thursday and Saturday being the "big" nights. A lot of students also go to the bars on Tuesday nights for drink specials.


There are so many different activities to choose from and the social life is very fun for all different types of people


I think sports teams and Greek life are very popular on campus. It is like a family away from home.


I do cheerleading at UNH and even though it isn't really considered a sport i get to meet a lot of great girls and feel like i am very involved with UNH atheltics.


Portsmouth and Boston are always fun to go to get off campus. I am in a sorority and am friends with most people in the Greek system.


I am in a sorority on campus so I feel that fraternities and sororities on this campus are very important. However, only about 10% of the campus is Greek. Athletic events at the school are extremely important too. The men's hockey games are always sold out and majority of the campus attends the football game or atleast goes to tailgate. Homecoming especially is a big event and when the hockey team plays Maine is a big event because they are our rival. I think how often people parties varies any where from 1 or 2 nights a week to about 4 or 5. Thursday and Saturday nights are probably the biggest nights to go out.


Greek organizations and sports team affiliations are the most popular student organizations to be a part of on the UNH campus. The social life, especially for those who are under 21, revolves mainly around off campus apartments/houses and fraternity houses. The dorm life is extremely social and people are very willing to leave their doors open for others to feely come into someone else's room while they are present.


I think the most popular groups/organizations on campus is Greek life - but I may think that just because I am involved and see how many students are involved as well. I am involved in Chi Omega and it has made my UNH experience that much better. Athletic events are very popular - football and hockey are the most popular. I am not sure about the dating scene because guys are idiots. I met my closest friends through Chi Omega and through classes. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday it is because I am just getting home from the bar. Several traditions and events happen each year through football and hockey games and activities involved in Greek life. People don't party as often as everyone may think, but maybe 2-3 nights a week for the average student at most. I believe fraternities/sororities are important for those who like to be involved in something, but I do have plenty of friends outside the Greek system. Last weekend I went to Scorps on Thursday and Portsmouth on Saturday. On a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking I can stay in and watch a movie and get ice cream from Stats! Off campus I go shopping and other errands.


I am part of greek life on campus. Sororities are an awesome way to get involved, especially in a large school.


Athletics and Greek life are prominent on campus. I am in Alpha Phi Sorority and have made my closest friends through the organization. We have lots of fun together and participate in many community service activities along with social networking.


If you are a freshmen, you typically leave your door open so that you can meet people and become friends with your hallmates. However, if you have upperclassmen living on your floor, they typically do not care to meet freshmen and are kind of snotty. i don't think people "date" like they would in the olden days or if we were out of college. you basically go to a party, hoookup a couple of times, and then are considered to be dating. thats just how it is. you may go out here and there alone, but the majority is done when you go out at night with the rest of your friends. again, neither one in the relationship probably has any money to go out on a fancy night on the town. i think greek life is extremely important and i am proud that we seem to be cleaning up our image these days. its a shame that a lot of the social aspects have been taken away, but then again, those changes have been being made all around campus, no matter what group you are apart of.


Greek life on campus is pretty big. They offer a lot of campus activities to do over the weekend. My closest friends I met on my floor and through Chi Omega. The offer things at the mub on the weekends that don't involve drinking.


The Greek system is huge on campus, as well as clubs such as the New Hampshire Outing Club and various club sports.


UNH has a Greek life is a great experience that involves many students. All students who get involved with Greek life instantly get involved with campus actives and community service. These are always events and other things going on at the MUB.


The dorms are a very friendly place to live. People definitely leave their doors open all the time, and surprisingly it's very easy to make friends, even with 10,000 undergraduate students. Im part of a sorority here at UNH and my decision to join was one of the best decisions i've ever made in my life.


The most popular teams on campus are definitely the football team and the hockey team. Greek Life is also very popular in which a lot of students are involved in. I am actually a part of Greek Life as a sister of Chi Omega. When I lived in the dorms, I noticed that most of the students left their doors open. Athletic events, especially football and hockey games, are very popular here. Many times hockey games will sell out. Guest speakers are very popular as well. I met my closest friends through my sorority, as well as through living in the freshman dorms last year. If i'm awake on Tuesday at 2am, it's because I'm studying/cramming for an exam the next day. Traditions that happen each year are things like Homecoming, Light Up Durham, and different things like that. A lot of students party a lot here. But there are also a lot of students who are focused on their schoolwork who do not party as often. I feel that fraternitites and soroities are very important on campus because they strive to set a good example for the rest of the campus about community service and all around well being. Last saturday i spent the day at Barnes and Nobles studying then went to the movies with a friend and Sunday I worked at Libby's Bar and Grill. There are tons of things to do that doesn't involve drinking. Students can take the bus and go to the mall, movies, or see a movie here at the MUB. There are often bands playing or different shows going on at the MUB. Also, depending on the season there are different sporting events going on. Off campus I go into Portsmouth, go to the mall and movies, go food shopping, and things like that.


lots of opportunities, clubs, greek life, clubs within major


I would say the most popular groups on campus is the greek life and sports. I am involved in greek life and we attend most of the events the school puts on for students. We try to get involved as much as possible in our campus. I met my closest friends by proximity and location and through my sorority. It was the best experience for me because ive met friends who are friends with me for the right reasons and not because we are in the same situation as being new to the school. Being in a sorority helped me develop who I was as a person.


I am involed in the sorority chi omega on campus and is the most amazing experience I have ever had. The support system I get from my friends in the sorority is amazing and I truly cherish all the times we have had together. I love participating in our philanthropy events and other greeks events. There is always something to do and you also have a bunch of people to study with


I am part of chi omega. i feel sororities and fraternities are very important to this cmapus, it is a good way to meet people and get involved on campus. Since joining i have gone to so many events that i wouldnt normally go to, and i have enjoyed them all. I found when i was living in the dorms that no one had there doors open besides the first few weeks of the semsester. THe athletic events and the concerts are very poplular, there have been times the tickets have sold out before i could get one. I feel that people only really party thursday, friday and saterday.


i am involved in Chi Omega sorority. I think it was one of my best decisions so far in college. It really networks me to a variety of different opportunities. We do service, philanthropy, community involvement, social things, intramurals, connect to job opportunities and a variety of other things. I think people party moderately. I personally have fun on the weekends but also maint a 3.3 GPA. I am in a tough major and manage to balance fun, school work, and my sorority. Many Saturdays I go to the movies, babysit or just hang out with friends.


Greek life is the most popular.