University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the size and beauty of the campus. Our campus is not extremely large so you do see people you know every day but big enough that makes it easy to meet new people as well. This size allows room for landscaping instead of just buildings and people. This really adds to a home type feeling and also more relaxed feeling. Walking through campus and sitting on the grass are a great way to get the mind off of the stress that classes can have.


The overall atmosphere and the countless activites to involve yourself in...The academic life is challenging but not overwhelming.


The first thing that comes to mind is the social life at UNH. There is a lot to offer if you're a party-goer, a bar-hopper, someone who is into more wholesome fun, gamers, etc. Weekends tend to be what everyone looks forward to because it offers the largest opportunity to everyone to socialize in their own way and create memories.


I usually brag about the dining halls, the beautiful library, the diversity around campus, and my participation on the varsity cheerleading team.


The great campus


One of my Physics professors discovered the "Bow shock" phenomenon. I also talk about how I'm double majoring in English and Classics and minoring in Physics, and I bragged to one friend about how the book on his shelf was written by my Ancient Greek professor. I also talk about the fantastic food options, the wide and accepting collection of cultures, and all the fun social activities in which one can participate in addition to keeping up with school work.


My school has a very beautiful campus filled with so many wonderful acvitivites, clubs, athletics, and organizations to become involved in, I'm never, ever bored! All of my professors are extremley well-educated and passionate about teaching college students and they really know how to get the information to "stick" in our brains. Also being the hockey fan that I am, the hockey games are never shy of a fun, school-spirited time! Lastly, the food is actually very tasty and the variation meets any preferences any UNH student might have! Go UNH!!


I brag about the dorm that I live in and the campus facilities. The dorms are great, and everyone feels like family. The dining halls have THE BEST FOOD from any other cafeteria or dining hall from any other college campus I have been to. The campus itself is beautiful in every season, and the university takes great strides to keep it that way. I love my classes and the people I have met and had the privelege to work with. It is simply a really great school to be at.


The thing I brag about the most is the concerts we have here. There may only be three a year but most of the time they are pretty well known artists and the floor tickets are cheap. Most other schools don't have the luxury of being able to walk to a concert that is on campus.


When ever I talk about school I say how wonderful my teachers are. As a transfer student, I was very nervous, but my teachers made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I feel comfortable in the transition and supported on my journey.


The hockey team and dining hall are the only things I really "brag" about when it comes to this school.


We have great food! The UNH dining program is really exceptional and actively takes suggestions from students on how to improve their offerings. The campus is beautiful and just the right size- you never have to walk more than five or ten minutes to get anywhere on campus. Most academic buildings are fairly new and well-equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment to facilitate classroom learning.


When I talk to my friends about the University of New Hampshire, I'll always brag about the cost of school supplies and books. The school is very expensve itself but there is alot of financial resources available.


I always tell my friends about the wonderful community at UNH. The other students are accepting; it's so easy to make friends. There's also so much to offer that smaller schools just don't have. It gives me the sense of community I once had while I was in high school. At UNH, though, I don't have to go far to find everything that I was offered at my high school - it's all right there.


When I talk to my friends about the University of New Hampshire I like to tell them about my dormitory. I was blessed with being placed into a newly renovated dorm that is highly sought after for students to live in. My dorm is home to some of the international students and learning about different cultures through them is eye opening. I love the atmosphere of my dorm as well. The residential advisors and hall director go out of their way to make me feel a part of the community and make me feel like I'm still at home.


Great research opportunities, many fantastic professors


You meet the coolest people at UNH. There are all kinds of activities for all different interests. It is by far the friendliest campus around and it is absolutely gorgeous watching the seasons change on campus.


The campus is very beautiful! The campus has rich history and the students that attend the university are very friendly. The University also provide awide range of study areas. The campus is not to big and not to small; it is very easy to find yourself here.


Honestly, I brag the most about how great the people are, and then I continue on how I have really found some great classes that have allowed me to focus in on a major and expand my education.


All the gret experiences I have in classes, all the classes I can take, and the great extra curricular activities we have available to us.


I brag about the social life the most when I tell my friends about school. I also think that UNH has a strong psychology program. I brag about how beautiful the campus is and how active it is when the weather is warm.


Location! I love New England and that this school has a close proximity to so many different types of outdoor activities.


I love it here! The atmosphere is great, the classes are small. It feels like home.


Party school


I brag most about how pretty my campus is, and how great of classes I have.


The amount and variety of opportunities the school has to offer, such as, study abroad and school support programs.


The high quality of the food in the dining halls.


As a student at the University of New Hampshire, I brag about the engineering facilities that are available on campus. The two buildings Kingsbury Hall and Morse Hall utilize incredible technology for engineering related classes and research.


What I like to rub in my friends faces is our dining hall meal plan, not only is it unlimited, but the service is like a buffet! Most schools have a limited number of meals and have to wait in lines for just a few choices of meal options. The University of New Hampshire has such a good meal plan and I personally, have never heard anyone complain about it.


My friends. i am part of the UNH Greek System and I have found life long friends in the span of three years.


I tell my friends that my schedule and classes are amazing this semester. I also tell them about my work-study job that is good paying, easy and an awesome job in general. The weekends are also a blast!


One great thing about UNH is the faculty. I have had some really intelligent professors who made me want to learn the material they were teaching, and participate fully in their classes. It is always easier and much more fun to take a class when the professor is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, because it enhances the quality of learning and motivates you to do the best you can in a class you genuinely enjoy.


I brag about the food and state of the art buildings as well as the hockey team.


UNH is an awesome school. It has a really nice camps with excelent dinning halls that have really good food. My most favorate part of the school is the gym. The gym has state of the art work out equiptment that is perfect for anyone to use. I love going there and everyone i talk to loves the gym.


I brag about how much fun it is at UNH. I have met so many people and when my friends come up to visit there is always something to do. We have gone to Hockey games, out to each, a concert. There is just so much to do it has not been boring at all.


I always brag to my friends about the beautiful buildings and scenery on campus. The food is also spectacular, and I always talk about the University's wide range of meals and desserts. The people on campus are also very friendly and it is extremely easy to make friends. I abrag about how there is always something to do; I am involved in intramural sports such as broomball and basketball. There is never a dull moment on campus, and am always jam-packed with activities, schoolwork, or my job to be busy with.


The flexability to change majors and explore a multitude of interests is not only possible but made very easy to do. Going into college as a 17, 18, 19 year old student proves a difficult situation: choosing a career immediately as a young adult is a difficult task. The faculty and fellow students on campus, especially in a university environment, make this task simple and enjoyable.


The number of friendly and outgoing people in my classes and in the dorms, everyone seems to be approachable and friendly for the most part.


Friendly campus with lots of opportunity , you just need to apply yourself and pretty much anything is possible.


Hockey is amazing, good business school, in state tuition!


When I tell my friends about the University of New Hampshire, I brag about its oppurtunities. Compared to other schools, it offers many more oppurtunities and experiences to students at a lower cost. Still expensive, like all colleges are, the University has found a way to put students money to good use for them. The oppurtunities range from internships and work study jobs to Study Abroad programs to thier own cow farm and horse stables. They give you connections to help you get to your career of choice and consistently try to work around a student's needs.


I love the community and green friendly campus! Everyone is nice and outgoing.


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When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about all the new friends that I have made there.


The thing I brad about most to friends is the access to such wonderful opportunities I have at UNH. I have easy access to professors to help me, making a 300 person lecture seem like a small class due to their attention to each student. I also brag about all of the fun things you can do on campus like the imfamous UNH hockey teams games, or going to a movie in the MUB. There are so many group and clubs you can join as well.


The campus is amazingly beautiful and the people are really nice.


My school is on the cutting edge of some new and fascinating areas of study. I am taking a class that is part of a new dual major program called "EcoGastronomy", and although I have to explain what it means to everyone I meet, it's the best class I have ever taken. It takes a revolutionary look at the far-reaching effects of food. I also participated in some exciting research at UNH as a community college student . I never thought of myself as a "science person" but now I'm a science major and couldn't be happier.


Mostly about the Hockey team when its doing well. Also I would brag about how its very much like a community instead of just being a school.


People are friendly, I have a lot of friends from home, The fact that there are a lot of good looking girls here, the parties, the great dorms and the awesome food. and that our hockey team will inevitabely beat whoever they are playing.


The Education Program at UNH is the perfect fit for me. It's all I talk about!