University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There is a lot of school pride on campus, but that seems to get in the way of an education for individuals who are not determined. That being said, if you are attending UNH to obtain a degree and become educated, it is a great experience and wonderful learning environment. There is a lot of partying on campus, however, if you can balance tasks and priorities correctly you will be rewarded academically and socially.


I belive that having the chance to work in a hands on environment was very beneficial. It caters to a different type of learning style. It was a mixtre of both classroom time and hands on activites.


The University of New Hampshire is a very student friendly school. The campus is very easy to get around and if you happen to get lost or need to know where you are going , any of the students walking around would be more than willing to help direct you. The professors at the University are also extremly helpful and truly care about your success as a student. They are always available during their office hours and more than willing to help you succeed.


The best asset that the University of New Hampshire campus has for me is a wide variety of new people to meet. I came from a smaller high school with only 100 in my graduating class, and going to a division 1 college has helped me tremendously. By meeting/being exposed to so many new people I've learned better social skills and have become more accepting of the differences in people.


I think that the best part of UNH is it's great ROTC program. The Air Force ROTC detachment 375 is considered one of the best in the nation and is extremely effective in teaching leadership as well as exposing it's cadets to the military lifestyle and instilling within them a sense of integrity, service and excellance. Last I checked, they were number five in the nation regarding physical training scores and well on thir way to becoming the best. All of this along with the great cadre members make this program my favorite part of going to school.


The professors willingness to help and encourage the students to do the bast they can and to follow their desires. If a student is willing to reach out the them, the professors will do all they can to help them.


The best thing about UNH is the academics available. Between the diversity of majors and unique general education classes students can pick what they are interested in learning about. Many of the majors give you experience in what you want to do. There are internships for business majors, a farm for pre-vet majors, a clinic for speech pathology majors, a biology lab, etc.


I've seen a professor riding around on a unicycle (occasionally juggling) casually throughout the day.


I see a professor riding around on a unicycle juggling.


The best thing about UNH is that there are so many different classes offfered. If I have an interest in a certain area their is usually a class that I can be in that will let me fufill me interest. Especially in psychology there are so many different classes offered for me to choose from so I am able to narrow down what area of study I want to go into later on. The classes are offered at different times too which is very convienent.


Available options of majors, clubs, classes, etc.


I love the small-town feel even though it's a larger university. It definitely doesn't feel like there are 12,000 people on campus! I like that UNH isn't located in a big city, it's a relaxing environment; the town revolves around the university but there's still a lot going on in Durham. It's also close to Portsmouth, NH, Boston, and Maine- and we have Amtrak service that connects to all those points! Great opportunities to travel :)


The tight community, and the graduate school.


The campus itself at UNH is remarkable. The academic buildings, dining halls, residence halls, and grassy lawns truly exhibit the essence of New England university life. The campus is beautiful and welcoming, and it doesn't take too long to get the lay of the land.


The size of the univeristy and the professor student interaction. The university is in a small town, you really get the full college experience here at UNH, it is very close to Boston and very close to maine, lakes region, mountains and the beaches. Since the school is not too large, you get a chance to interact with your professor. All professors know who you are, you are not just anothre number in the book.


The best thing about my school is its reputation. More specifically the Whittemore School of Business and Economics which I am currently enrolled in. The numerous people I have spoken to have either graduated or know someone who has graduated that have great business opportunities after graduation.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. My first year I was nervous like most college freshmen but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I think this is important for any school because you have to be comfortable being there for the next four years or more depending on your major.


The best thing about UNH is the campus. It is a beautiful campus in a great location, less than half an hour away from the NH seacost. We also have a great little downtown with shops just minutes from campus. At the heart of campus we have the Whittemore Center where our 2nd ranked hockey team plays its games.


The best thing about the school that I attend is that most of the people are very laid back and friendly. It is easy to meet nice people and the living communities are really close, I have had great living communities where the dormitories create good friendships.


I got a strong foundation of knowledge while I was at UNH. The feculty prepared me for what was to come as I evolved in my career. It's a smaller state school and you feel like the faculty actually care about your success.


I think the best thing at UNH is all of the opputunities that are available on campus. There are lots of majors, clubs and activities that one can particpate in while there.


The best thing about my school is all of the variety of activities they offer so that every single student on campus feels accepted somewhere.


The best aspect of The UNiversity of New Hampshire is most definetly the beauty of the campus and its location on a whole. It lies in Souther New Hampshire so students se everything from radiating colors in the fall, feet of snow in the winter and a beautiful and suprisingly hot spring. There is no better place for a college campus!


The teaching staff here is amazing. Advisors and professors go above and beyond to try and help students. Also, the food here is amazing, and each dining hall has an amazing vegan station. People here are warm and welcoming, I go to the gym a lot to play basketball and guys always ask me if I want to join their basketball game!


The best thing about the University of New Hampshire is the people. Everyone is friendly and accepting. They are helpful, fun and interesting people. It is easy to meet people and make friends you will keep for the rest of your life. Everyone has fun going to hockey games or heading down to the beach or studying out on the lawn. Not many people judge others or make it a prioroty to put people down. It is great here.


Amongst thousands of students enrolled at the University of Newhampshire I feel more than just a number. The proffesors are good at rembering names and deliever awesome lectures. Countless times I have seeked help from my teachers and have found that the advice and support they give to be very usefull. Likewise, I've found TAs and graduates to be just as helpfull.


There is always something to do. Whether you're interested in sports, drama, art, comedy, or music there is always an activity for you to attend. I think this is very important in a college or university because it provides other activities rather than just educational tasks and makes everyday life on campus more interesting.


The best thing about my school is that is a safe place to get a good education and expand your horizons. It has a nice northern country feel to it that makes it feel like home. I love how we have a lot of school spirit here at UNH whether it be football, basketball, and of course hockey. It allows students to come together to root for a common goal. So far I have fully enjoyed my time at UNH and look forward to the future.


The campus is beautiful and they offer just about anything that you can imagine


The best thing about UNH is the dedication that the teachers have for the students. They are available all of the time to meet with students to discuss their standing and the materials in the class. They keep the classes interesting and interactive, and always welcome questions from students. Always they encourage people to enter into discussions about the material, instead of lecturing without response from the students. They make learning fun and easy.


The enthusiasm and opportunity to share enthusiasm is the best thing about the University of New Hampshire. Around the world you will find Wildcats with PRIDE who will share with you their experiences of the "best years" they spent at their Alma Mater. UNH is large enough for everyone to find their niche, and yet has a strong sense of community. Passionate people are the campus's strongest resource. Bienvenue UNH, enjoy our safe and green campus. Talk with our creative, motivated students. Tell them your passions; you'll see.


UNH provides vast amounts of both extra curricular and acedemic opprotunities. The beginning of every year kicks off with a campus wide festivial where every organization and club opens an information booth. I was able to see just how varied student interestes are here. When it came time to sign up for spring courses, the endless class lists in almost every subject was staggering. It is clear that UNH wants its students to succeed in every aspect of student life.


The best thing about UNH is the atmosphere on campus. No matter the time, UNH gives the feeling of life and freedom. New Hampshire is often considered primarily a party school and this is evident on the weekends when students can be found all over campus at all hours of the night; but contrary to what many believe, UNH students are also extremely studious and the life of the campus continues throughout the week. UNH provides an excellent student union, as well as hosting many performers and events allowing energy to infect all of the campus throughout the year.


The overall environment of the campus is the best thing about UNH. Facilities does a nice job at keeping the campus beautiful. Very few people litter, and recycling is a big part of our community. The campus is rural enough for animal/outdoor oriented people to enjoy themselves. There are two large animal barns on campus: the UNH Equine Facilities and the Fairchild Dairy Research Center. This is a great venue for pre-veterinary students to gain valuable experience. But UNH isn't only for outdoors/animal people. It's only 15 minutes away to malls and restaurants.


The food is great, campus is nice, area is nice, people are friendly


The student organizations are the best thing about my school. There are a lot of events all the time and a great way to meet people. Also, there are a lot of opportunities available to you on campus, but you just have to look for them!


The best thing about the University of New Hampshire is its CFAR program. That is the Center for Academic Resources. It's a place that helps students find tutors, study sessions, and prgrams to further their studies. It is a good place because they give students a realistic approach to their academic career. They help with understanding finanacial aid and with calculating grades and GPAs. They have a scholarship program for freshmen designed to guide them through their first semester and being part of that program has been critically helpful.


Really love my program! Most of the teachers in my major have been exceptional and accepting of my "non-traditional" student status. I've been able to access all required tools to enhance my experience here.


How social everyone is. I love meeting new people and figuring out what interest we have in common and there is some much to do that you can find new friends in any group or social activity here.


The fact that it puts emphasis on both academics and athletics. At UNH, there is so much to do here whether you are interested in school or sports.


The best thing about UNH, is the campus atmopshere. The students and professors made the school so welcoming and make each student feeling as it is there home. At first I was unsure if I would like UNH, but after a short while I felt safe, comfortable and at home in Durham. I think this is all because of the students and atmosphere of the university.


The faculty. For the most part, the faculty tries its best to make sure your learning what you need to know. It is very supportive and very understanding to your needs.


The best thing about my school is how it fosters a strong sense of belonging. All the staff and faculty are accessible and ready and willing to lend a hand. Likewise, most of the students here are friendly and easy to get along with. These qualities really make it effortless to progress in one's education or social life.


The people involved. Fellow students, professors, and everybody that works on campus. I think the people are what make it a wonderful and successful learning experience.


The best thins about UNH is its enviormental awareness. They are very focused on being a green school and have gone to great lengths to make sure that it is one.


The school is beautiful and the buildings and grounds are kept very nice. The environment is really nice. The people are very relaxed and accepting of a variety of backgrounds and opinions.


There is always something to do and it is the PERFECT size, 13,000 students. It is 20 minutes from the beach, an hour from the mountains, an hour from Portland and an hour from Boston....great location!


It has a great location, minutes from the beach, the mountains are just north of it, and skiing in the winter is all around you.


The weekend life; there is always something to do.


The surroundings, the location because it feels like what college is suppose to look like.. its big but not big that you get lost, its a college town but also it has mall, grocery store near by.. you are not secluded but again it feels like the typical college town