University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


School pride is one of the biggest draws for me. When it comes to game day, you will see every student from frat boy to skater girl wearing that beautiful Carolina blue! As for after the game, Franklin Street is THE place to be. Crowds of hyped-up fans flock to Franklin and the spirit is so contagious. The great thing about Franklin St. is that it is basically right on campus (well, a little farther from south campus, but right in north campus) and the buses can take you to Franklin or any other location on campus. Although the campus is so large, it doesn't fail to amaze with its beauty and diversity. I came from a very small school (~80 in my graduating class) and I love the huge student population. Not only can I meet someone new every day, but I also run into everyone I know at some point during the week. I love going to UNC and I would highly recommend it to anyone if they are willing to do the work that goes along with being able to be called a UNC student. The only negatives I can think of...hmmm...none.


The best thing is graduating from a well-known credited public school. It's very large and has big classes but as you move up your major, the classes get smaller. You spend a lot of time in the library but you will also have fun in a college town. There is always some kind of party so that you can take your stress off and relax/dance with friends. There is a lot of school pride especially since we are the best in Basketball :).


Great size, gorgeous campus, enough active groups to keep you busy for years. I loved being a part of the greek system, the night life is good, and you go to school with people that really, truly have passion for UNC while they are there and for years after they are gone making for a great environment


UNC has a gorgoues campus; really, one of the most beautiful school campuses across the state, though there is always an extensive amount of construction going on. Basketball is a religion. The downtown area is relatively small; there's Franklin Street and Rosemary, and if you take the CW line in to Carrboro, there are some things to do there as well: Resteraunts, shops, Carr Mill Mall, and the famous Cat's Cradle. However, beyond Franklin Street and Carrboro, the town is very sprawled out: apartment complexes, quaint little homes, etc. I live at home in Wake Forest, NC and commute to school twice a week, so most of my time is spent in class or in the library when I'm on campus.


UNC has a gorgeous campus if you exclude the construction, it is pretty large but not too large, and its very prestigous and people seem to be impressed when I say I go here. Many people seem to think you have to be a genius to go here so they think I'm really smart, haha. Of course this is a great school and not that easy to get into, but I don't think it is out of reach for students who may not be the brightest. Dorm life is great for getting acclamated to college, but one year of it was enough for me. I made lots of friends that way, but I prefer to live in a more quiet atmosphere so I live in a house with a couple roommates as of now. We definitely have a lot of school pride which makes any kind of sporting event so much fun, plus we are awesome at almost every sport so that helps!


UNC is a great place. The town is all around the campus and Franklin Street (our college street) is owned by the town, so it is part of the town that is easily in walking distance. Last week, UNC bought part of Franklin Street, so now there will be even more things to do there. Chapel Hill and UNC are both liberal entities and if you're a conservative, prepare yourself for some political battles. UNC's size is perfect if you want a big place that isn't so big you feel lost and like you will never fit in. The way the buildings are organized just makes sense and there are parts of campus where you will never travel (unless you want to). School pride is something that we are pretty low-key about. You won't see too many people running around with their faces or chests painted, but you will see a huge crowd of people wearing Carolina Blue. This is true on game day or class day; we all just love the color. UNC's administration has some issues, but every school does. The biggest one here is that UNC does not want to stop growing, even though school populations will decrease in a few years. UNC wants to put in a research center in a place that is right now the biggest forest area in the county, and most of the students don't know. UNC prides itself on sustainable growth, but when you don't need growth at all it doesn't matter how sustainable it is if no one will use it. There is also always construction somewhere on campus, which really takes away from the peaceful college experience, and can sometimes wake you up early if its near your dorm.


I love Carolina it is a very diverse university with all types of minority students. And being a minority at Carolina has made me feel more comfortable with the diversity it has to offer students. The campus is large, but it's the type of atmosphere that I enjoy. Walking on UNC's large campus gives it's students the opportunity to meet alot of people. One could meet someone new everyday, which is why I enjoy Carolina. Yes, UNC is definetely a college town within it's self, it's almost little the campus is a little town itself. But this is an advantage for the students because everything is within their reach and they don't have to drive far to get to a grocery store or a shopping center everything is convient.


Overall, I've had a fantastic experience at UNC. The school is pretty big, but that means that you get a lot of choices when it comes to classes and extracurriculars. It's also easy to find a group of friends that you can fit in with. UNC has a great reputation so I always get positive or admiring responses when I say I go there. True, Duke fans or State fans will often groan because of the rivalry, but deep down they're just jealous. Chapel Hill is definitely a college town. It's main street, which runs just north of campus, is definitely the hot spot on campus.


The best thing about UNC is the school spirit. On a trip to class you will see that half the people you pass are wearing Carolina apparel and the turnout for any athletic event is huge, even volleyball, especially basketball. One thing I would change is the types of guys that are at Carolina. Unless he is an athlete (who are the best bet for an out-of-stater) he tends to look like a country club goer. The student body has some diversity, but for the most part, it is very homogeneous. Sometimes I feel like the school is too big because it can be overwhelming with large class sizes and walking distances. But sometimes, I feel like I see the same people out all the time and it makes the school seem too small. When I tell people I go to UNC, especially as an out-of-stater, everyone makes a face that says "Wow". School pride is the best thing about UNC. At some point in any day, half the student body is wearing Carolina apparel. Every basketball game and football game is always packed, and even sports like Volleyball draw huge crowds.


School pride. This is a university where students take great pride in. Carolina blue can be seen EVERYWHERE and support for athletics is big. It is a school full of comradery. We also get to enjoy a great rival, Duke, who we share classes with (a great plus). It is large, but not in the feeling like you're just lost in a sea of people. Once you've been here for a year, you will find you can always spot somebody you know on the quad or at a dining hall. I am proud to admit I am a UNC student. This state is so proud of it's university and when you announce you are a tarheel, people give you that look that they are impressed with you. It is a selective school which gives the boost of impressing people with the name. This summer I met a number of students in France from across the US and they recognize the rigor of Carolina. If you don't like powder blue, you'll learn to love Carolina blue. Basketball? Even if you're not big on it, you will realize the bonding that occurs from the spirit. Do you have high goals in life? you will find so does your fellow student. Examples of dreams: law school, doctoral programs, Peacecorps style programs and jobs that require great skill.


UNC is huge. As a big school, it might seem easy to meet lots of people because there are so many around! This is true. But also, it's a little more difficult to make strong connections with a lot of people if you just sit idly by because you could see someone one day and not see them again for months. You have to find your own niche (through sports, clubs, music groups, residence halls, Greek life, etc.) in order to establish a stable social circle. Someone once said "You never get over being a Tar Heel." That statement is right on. There is a spirit among us that links Carolina students, grads, and fans together. You can find us all over the state, nation, and globe, and when you do we'll be glad to see you and to reminisce about our love for our school.


Athletics are a great way to support the university. Basketball is a favorite, but UNC excels in many other varsity sports as well and all are fun to watch and support, and there is lots of school pride. The campus and student body are large, which can be overwhelming, but getting involved in things that interest you will allow you to meet and get to know people with similar interests. The town is great. Chapel Hill is a small , unique college town, which I absolutely love. There are also bigger cities very nearby so you can get the college town feel with thousands of other things within a 30 minute drive. The biggest recent controversy is the murder of student body president Eve Carson. But don't let this scare anyone from coming. Yes, it was frightening and tragic, and she will be greatly missed, but I feel that Chapel Hill is generally a very safe town.


UNC is overrated and is not worth the money. I am glad that I don't pay to go there.


The school is a perfect size for me. You never stop meeting new people, but you don't feel swallowed up and like you don't matter. The college town is fabulous. Franklin street and surrounding businesses really cater to a college student's needs.


At UNC, you will be able to do anything and everything to have the best 4 years of your life. This university is one of the best all-around academic institutions in the country, and for the cost, there is no comparison. Whether you would like to study business, medicine, physics, journalism, history, or law; UNC is a wonderful place to start. Not only will you get a great education, you will also get the chance to see future professional athletes and olympians perform on the college level. UNC has a tradition of having elite mens and womens basketball programs, and the football team is in the process of rebuilding to the greatness that it had in the 1990's. The women's soccer team at UNC has the most wins and championships of any program in the sport's history. Dean Smith once called UNC a Women's Soccer University. The great thing about UNC is that it is constantly changing and improving but a consequence of this is that change could be happening too fast. The UNC is now already drastically different than the UNC that I experienced, but that is also what the alumni told me when i was in school. The size of the school in my opinion is perfect. It is big but still significantly smaller than other public schools in the southeast, and I was still able to meet alot of my friends by seeing them repeatedly around campus. I thought the town was great too. Chapel Hill offers restaurants and bars that can only be found here but also the chains that people love. It is convenient, cheap, and accessible. The UNC name is a globally recognized name because of the school's work around the world as well as popular figures such as Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan. I felt very proud to attend this school, and I am sure that many of my friends did as well.


I absolutely love UNC. The campus is beautiful, especially in the spring and summer. There are always lots of people outside and there is always something going on. You can sit in the pit on a sunny day and see almost ever person who goes to UNC. There are lots of activities that take place in the pit like acapella groups singing, pit preachers, hunger lunches, or conests for various prizes (such as Carolina vs duke basteball tickets). UNC also has wonderful extracurriculars. If there is something you are interested in most likely there is a club or group at UNC about it, and if there isn't, you can make one. We have a variety of intramurals including the traditional sports of soccer, basketball, and flag football, but we also have underwater hockey, intertube basketball, badmitton, and kickball to name a few. The campus is large and there are lots of studnets. The nice thing about a big campus is that there is such a wide variety of people in one place. There are people from all over the world with different backgrounds and different experiences. There is always a new person to meet and new things to learn. Another wonderful thing about Carolina is our athletic program. We have one of the best basketball programs in the nation. We even have a museum inspired by how amazing the Carolina basketball program is and has been. Football games are fun to attend in the fall and see everyone decked out in their Carolina blue. You can always tell when it is game day on campus.


While UNC does have a great academic reputation, and some phenomenal teachers, I feel that people don't see a lot of the prejudice and elitism that is really here. Most are extremely proud to be here, though they do not take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the school. Chapel Hill exists nearly solely because of the college.


UNC is the best place on earth. Everyone here will tell you that. It's the perfect mix of Southern pride and liberal welcoming. There is something for everyone. It is a very large university and can seem very overwhelming, but can also be very small where you see the same people weekly once joining a smaller social circle. UNC holds its value. People are proud that I can attend such a high caliber university for such a reasonable price. It is a very well-known and valued degree even outside the state. Often more valued outside North Carolina. Franklin Street is the best and only place to be. My favorite thing is to go on runs through campus. Take in all aspects and see what's going on everywhere. Chapel Hill is one of the best-known college towns. The community is very close and small outside of campus. The town supports the school in all of its endeavors and the students enjoy the surrounding community, which is known for being upscale. Chapel Hill has a huge following and many people will stop by just to see what it's all about when they are traveling. UNC's administration can seem very distant if one doesn't work closely within student government. They are often faces on the TV screen, rarely noticed by most on campus. The death of Student Body President Eve Carson has been the biggest controversy since her death in March. Everyone around the country knows of UNC's school pride. God did make the sky Carolina Blue. Students complain about everything. Just read the newspaper that comes out 5 days/wk. The Daily Tar Heel (DTH) is one of the biggest parts of the university.


There are so many great things about UNC: the people, the campus, the athletics, as well as the academics. While campus is absolutely amazing, I wish there was a little less construction. Because UNC is the flagship school of the UNC school system, they are always making changes to improve. You ultimately will benefit from them, but the process to get there can be a lot. Many people considering UNC change their minds because they believe that we are too big of a school. I actually was one of those individuals at first. We do have a large student body, but there is a family feel to it. True, you might not know everyone on campus, but that's one more friend you can make! By getting involved in campus activities, you set yourself up to make new friends and before you know it, you have a core group of people who become your family away from home. Because we are not an extremely small institution, we are able to do many more things. Every year improvements are made to the buildings on campus to improve them, we are able to bring in great performing artist for entertainment, and we also have the resources necessary to create phenomenal athletic facilities. Chapel Hill is an amazing college town and Raleigh and Durham are only a short drive away. Anything that you will ever never can be found in and around the area. Most people unless they are from that unspeakable school down the road, believe that UNC is the best thing ever... and they are so right! Any given day walking around campus, one can see the beautiful shade of Carolina blue; the only True Blue. We have incredible school pride and spirit that cannot be described with words. Take a short trip down here and you will undoubtedly see what I mean.


I found UNC to be an excellent experience. It is a well-rounded university, with excellent sports, academics, and extracurriculars. Chapel Hill is a wonderful college town, and I loved my undergrad years. It is a well-respected institution, and I felt it was an asset while applying for graduate school. There is a lot of school pride, especially surrounding basketball. The campus is gorgeous, and the people are very friendly. My only bad experience at UNC was concerning sexual violence on campus. I do not feel UNC is well-equipped to handle rape and other violence against women. Thanks so activism on campus, however, I am optimistic that this is changing.


The best thing about UNC is the feeling that the University is one, big family. I've received relentless support from professors, faculty, peers and close friends that is unparalleled by what my friends have found at other schools. It has all the perks of a large state school (awesome athletics, a quirky and unique college town and a teeming nightlife) but the comfort of a small school (prestigious academics, small class sizes and familiar faces). The school pride is unbridled. I interned at a campus organization on the day of a basketball game to find that everyone had left early in anticipation of lining up outside the "Dean Dome" for the big game. Everyone wears-- and bleeds-- that recognizable Carolina blue.


UNC is the difference between everything and nothing at all. It offers a big campus atmosphere with a small campus sense of unity. With the recent murder of our student body president Eve Carson, it is clearer than ever that what Charles Kuralt said remains to be true. Carolina "is as it was meant to be, the university of the people."


2005 Final Four was amazing. I was on Frankiln Street with thousands of people celebrating. Amazing. I love walking on campus because it is really historic, peaceful, and quiet. I love walking through the Quad and past the Old Well. I'll always remember the Eve Carson celebration/memorial service in the Dean Dome where thousands of Tar Heels wore their Carolina blue in honor of her. The Carolina community comes together not only in times of mourning but in everyday life. Our school really gives back to the community. If you want to do community service, you will not have a problem at Carolina!


Maybe everyone's biased when they first attend college, but I think UNC was the BEST decision I could have made. I was challenged, I met lots of different people that I never would have expected to become friends with, I was comfortable in Chapel Hill where everything is beautiful. I feel like my world view was expanded so much and that UNC really is this unique place where people think outside of the box and they are always improving themselves. Chapel Hill and the surrounding area is pretty upscale and not what I expected from North Carolina. It's obvious that most people at UNC come from well-educated families and have quite a bit of money to spend and travel. That being said, you'll also find that it doesn't matter too much, at least in the non-sorority fraternity circles. Sometimes you'll make friends who have been all over the world or drive cars your parents can't afford but instead of having it rubbed in your face they'll just get you excited about the places they've been and also about where you want to go out and what you want to do that weekend.


UNC provided me with a top-notch education and a number of wonderful opportunities. I had the chance to work directly with a leading faculty member in the field of history as well as a number of gifted and dedicated professors over the four years I spent as an undergrad. The friends I've become close to have stayed with me and I value them and the memories we share. Franklin Street is a wonderful environment for hanging out during a school day as well as staying up late into the night. I can remember many nights walking home in the early hours of the morning feeling safe about where I was and what I was doing. Being a happy, successful student was something I had to work hard at here, but I have indeed learned many of my most important life lessons within the boundaries of UNC.


Chapel Hill is a great place to live and go to school. You have a great town full of tradition, an excellent university where you can't help but learn, a great nightlife to supplement the hard work that is required to complete such a rigorous university, and finally one of the top athletic programs in the country to rally around.


The best thing about UNC is the unity of the student body, through academics, athletics, and just in the social scene. People react in different ways when they know you go to UNC because most people out-of-state people don't know the university's prestige and how hard it is to get it for all students. Another great aspect is Chapel Hill which is undoubtedly a top 10 college town and fits the definition perfectly. There is a ton of school pride. Frequent student complaints are about the lack of relevance of the academic advising program.


UNC offers as ideal a college experience as one could ever hope for. The campus is beautiful and looks and feels like what you imagine college looking and feeling like. Chapel Hill is a fantastic college town. It is a place that exists exclusively because of the university and so caters very readily to the university and its population. The faculty is fantastic, the facilities are great for the most part (there are a few buildings that could use some attention but the school is more than two hundred years old what else would you expect), the athletic programs are among the best in the nation almost across the board, and you're not likely to find a more zealously spirited student body. I have yet to find anyone on campus that isn't happy at UNC. As far as name recognition goes, UNC is among the best schools in the nation, what more could you ask for.


The best thing about Carolina by far is the beautiful campus. It's definitely hard to be an out-of-state student, but even in-state students can sometimes feel lost in this campus full of 17,000 overachievers- it can seem hard to make your mark! Chapel is of course seen by so many as the "quintessential college town"... and it's great, but it can start to feel very small, especially if you're from a big city. Like any big school, there are always issues with bureaucracy, especially in the advising department. One thing you'll notice immediately- it seems like EVERYONE around you is wearing Carolina blue or some sort of Carolina gear. It's true that in this and in pride in our basketball team there is a lot of school pride, but sometimes it feels like our campus could be more united.


Carolina is a perfect fit for almost any student. Where else can you get premier academics with Nobel Prize-winning faculty AND unbeatable school spirit supporting a basketball team that wins National Championships? And that's all in the gorgeous state of North Carolina with our blue skies and stunning Chapel Hill campus. The town of Chapel Hill is a real college town with the main thoroughfare, Franklin Street, bordering campus and boasting awesome restaurants, coffeeshops, boutiques, and a movie theater. Some say Chapel Hill is a big state school, but the truth is it doesn't seem big at all. If you seek out your professors in office hours, they are more than happy to build amazing relationships with you. And the large student population just means incredible diversity! On any given night at Carolina, there are concerts, rallies, speakers, parties, film screenings, or sports events to go to. The only downside is that you can't attend them all! The student body is also incredibly socially aware and active in public service and social justice, which makes for fascinating and ever-changing student life.


I love that our University is so large--and yet so small. The largeness makes us so diverse and gets us plenty of funding for many groups/clubs/research opportunities/performers...etc. However, the variety of groups keeps things small. I'm in several groups that are more like close knit families, including the UNC Drumline, H2H (a Christian Choir), and APO (a co-ed service fraternity). Because the University is so big, each of these groups has a diverse mix of people that helps keep things interesting! Another awesome part of UNC is FRANKLIN STREET! I've visited friends at other schools--even NC State right down the road--that don't have the advantage of a surrounding college town. The night life is great here and there is always something to do. Carborro right down the road always has performers and arts festivals, and Raleigh is close by for bigger venues. It also doesn't hurt that you regularly run into basketball celebrities around campus.


I love the university, I wish I could've stayed here forever. It is a big school, but I was alright with that. I think that UNC's administration does a great job; they really want to make it better, in any way they can. The school pride here is amazing.


One thing I love about UNC is its size. It is a medium sized university with about 15,000 undergrads and about another 10,000 grad students. Despite this, you will always see friends no matter when you go out. Not to mention a steady amount of folks you'll see the same time the same day once you get a routine. So it has all the amenities of a large university with the feel of a much smaller one. Some of my other favorite things about UNC would have to be: the view from the 8th floor of Davis Library, playing in Kenan Stadium during halftime at football games, being in the Dean Dome during the Duke game, living at Granville and eating at the Agora, living in Ram Village, and the People--The Carolina Way is more than a saying, it's a way of life for those of us in the UNC community. I will admit, there are some negatives. It can sometimes be more difficult than one might expect it to be to find an adviser who will be most beneficial for your needs. Additionally, the dining halls are poorly operated. There are only two of them, and they have strange hours, leaving full hours of the day in which both are closed, leaving students hungry and disgruntled. One more bad thing about this university is that it does not treat out-of-staters all that well, in that during my time here at UNC, tuition has increased by about 5-6 thousand dollars for me, whereas my in-state friends have had an increase of about $400.


Its in a great location and has a beautiful campus. If I could change one thing, I would bring grade replacement to our school (yes, if you retake a class it stays on your G.P.A) Most people nod, and give me the "hum, she's smart" look when I tell them what school I go to. Sometimes it gets annoying, but on the whole its a good place to be!


Beautiful campus with high academic standards without being snooty.


UNC has a good reputation - people know that it is a good school. This also leads to the problem that sometimes you may feel a bit TOO challenged in courses with competative grading and a lot of extremely smart students. It can be stressful and a bit disconcerning for those who are not used to this, but it is also a great way to keep you motivated to learn. The campus is great because it is not too spread out and it is right by Franklin Street which has a lot of food places and shops. This location provides a nice small-town feel which is pretty comforting in my opinion. During basketball season there is a TON of school pride. The Daily Tar Heel (our school newspaper) keeps everyone up-to-date on how the team is doing and upcoming games and every detail. Also, on game days at home most people are decked out in UNC gear and the day after the game it is something everyone talks about. I came to the school only a tad interested in basketball, but the enthusiasm here has definitely turned me into a very good tar heel fan.


I love coming on campus. It is rich with history and previous student successes. I am mostly distance, so coming to campus is a treat. I love the student store, but my time is spent at the NCERC in regards to my education. I love the top of the hill, MCallisters Deli and that area of the campus on Franklin street, It is very peaceful. When I tell people that I am a UNC student, there is supprise followed by a lot of pride with my school.


Overall, UNC is a great school. I feel like I'm getting a quality education at a great price, and the reputation of the school will probably help me later in life. People are often impressed when I tell them I go to UNC, and a lot of people mention that they know people who go, or went to, Carolina. It's a great college town, and I feel like the small size of the surrounding town is well-balanced by the relatively high population of students. A lot of the people who live in Chapel Hill graduated from UNC, and school spirit is very strong both on and off campus. Chapel Hill tends to be politically liberal, but there are also conservative political and religious student groups. I would only make minor changes to UNC, like buildings that are placed inconveniently, or the fact that there is nowhere near enough on-campus parking. Recently, there was a controversy on campus about whether smoking should be prohibited within a certain distance from campus buildings. The rule was enacted, and the controversy just died off.


UNC is by far the best campus. There are more than four quads to play frisbee on as well as Franklin Street, which has to be one of America's must see places during Halloween or after beating Dook. I feel very proud anytime I tell anyone where I go to school, and I have NEVER met anyone who has looked upon UNC with disdain (even my dookie friends say that academically UNC is better, as well as the campus of UNC). I love that there is free transportation. The bus system saves me from having to walk 50 minutes to and from classes everyday, since I didn't get a parking pass. I know some people view the limited parking as a flaw of UNC, but I don't. I think that the earlier people begin to rely on public transportation or their own two feet the better. UNC is ECO friendly that way. There have also been new additions to the bathrooms at UNC which allow for less waste of water. Overall, being at UNC will prepare anyone for being a member of the "working society," and dealing with choices and adapting to new situations daily.


There really is something for everyone. The town is a great size- not too big but you don't at all feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Partly because the school is so big and there are so many UNC related things filling Chapel hill. But IT IS a college town. There is not much directly outside that the students really utilize in there everyday life (although you can seek it out if you put in effort)


UNC encompasses everything that I believe a truly great university should be. With the high academic expectations, nationally recognized athletic programs, good party life, and numerous social organizations, UNC is basically the perfect university. People have strong feelings towards UNC which you will encounter when you tell others this is where you attend. They often praise you for your high academic standing or tell you all about their love or hate of the school's basketball program. Chapel Hill is a great college town. We have Carrboro up the road which is the most quaint little hippie town. Chapel Hill itself attracts all sorts of performers, speakers, politicians, etc.


UNC has such a revered reputation these days for its academics. It also has such a glorious and exciting history to become a part of- hundreds of thousands of people throughout the state attended UNC and every one of us knows what it feels like to walk the quad in the spring, to relax in the pit, and to drink at the bars on Franklin St. Going to UNC means becoming a part of this history and to instantly have something in common with so many alumni. People are very impressed when you tell them you go to UNC. At the same time, it is so much FUN to attend UNC. It's FUN to go to a big school because there is a niche for everyone- literally. Whether it's a dance club, a charity, student gov, a fraternity, or just a group of friends from your dorm or a class, you find a niche and then as college goes on, you add more and more friends to your group. There is a lot of school pride, and while most results from our sports teams (I can't even begin to describe the basketball history here) there is just pride in general in our faculty, our campus, our students, and more. The murder of our beloved student body president, Eve Carson, was an appropriate time for this pride to reveal itself- more than 12,000 people showed up to her memorial service. Surely not everyone knew Eve, but so many people felt that when we lost Eve, we lost one of our one.


I chose to come to Carolina because it offers the whole package-- it's a big D1 university with both great academics and athletics. There is so much school spirit at UNC and it is like a family here. When I was deciding where to attend college, I read that Chapel Hill was named the best college town by Sports Illustrated, and it definately holds true! One of my favorite things about going to school at Carolina is walking on campus on a beautiful spring day... it's gorgeous!! There is a ton of tradition at UNC, and doing things "the Carolina Way" is very important.


The best thing about UNC is the entire community dedicated to the Carolina way and Carolina blue! The size is just right and it is very much a college town. On campus I spend most of my time in my dorm or in the pit. People are really amazed when I say I go to UNC because of the prestige associated with it. It's well known and respected. People recognize the brand name. It's established as an excellent institution. There is a great deal of school pride. I'll always remember seeing the basketball championship teams return the 82 team and 57 team. We've had quite a few racial flare-ups recently.


Carolina is just the right place for me. I think that Carolina is just the right size. Some people say that Carolina is too big, but there are organizations at Carolina that let you make this campus just the size you want it to be. When you tell people that you go to Carolina for the most part people are really impressed, and then comes the two hour long conversation about Carolina basketball. The town of Chapel Hill has a lot to offer students, plenty of places to eat/ go out and tons of places to find a job if you need one.


This school has lived up to all my hopes and desires. Once classes end on Friday, the school just erupts into party fever. Week days at any school arn't fun with classes but there is always stuff going on. Sporting events last year long and are always a blast to go to. Basketball is life but football is growing too.


The school is a bit on the large side, but I'm used to it. It is a college town, and Chapel Hill businesses are very student-friendly. The biggest recent news would be the murder of our student body president, Eve Carson, which relates to student and campus safety. There is a huge amount of school pride, especially for basketball because we are one of the best teams in the nation.


There is no doubt, UNC is a big school. Many classes have well over 100 people in them, but that fact makes it easy to meet people. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to join, and there is something for everyone. Student life is great...the dorms are nice, everyone is friendly and wants to meet new people, and there's always something to do between going to athletic events, to movies at the Student Union, to dinner on Franklin Street.


My life at UNC was the best four years of my life...the students, professors, and administration was amazing. My favorite thing to do at UNC was to lay out on the quad on a sunny day. Coming from a small private high school, I initially was afraid of the campus being too big, but by the time I graduated I felt like UNC was almost too small. Its amazing how many people you will meet and how many people are connected within the community. My favorite thing I participated in at UNC was a leadership camp called Carolina United which is held through the Campus Y. Its gotten really competitive, but if you have the opportunity to go, you will get to meet some of the most amazing, passionate leaders on Carolina's campus. Regardless, I would really encourage getting involved with the Campus Y, which has a variety of amazing groups to get involved in. Chapel Hill is definitely a college town, which is apparant the second you step on Franklin St. Half of Franklin St. is restaurants that are inexpensive, while the other half are bars. And of course everyone has heard about how crazy the town goes after a win against Duke and Halloween. There is a ton of school pride, which is only strengthened after the countless times that someone goes, "Omg, you go to UNC! I'm a huge Tarheels fan! And wow, you must be smart!" The one experience that I will always remember is the death of my friend Eve Carson, who was in my graduating class at UNC. I will always cherish the memory of her lively spirit, but I will always remember how the entire campus came together to support each other during the difficult time. I always felt like Carolina had a fairly connected community, but during the week that Eve died, the campus had never felt as connected as it did then. It was amazing and inspiring, just to show how awesome the group of people at UNC are.


UNC is really great. It may seem big at first especially if you are used to a smaller school environement, but getting involved on campus and in your community really makes it shrink and by the end of your career there it'll just feel like home! Big controversy we've had lately is safety and racial issues as Eve Carson our Student Body President was recently murdered. However, it is never smart to walk around anywhere by yourself at night as a female so use the buddy system and I know I always felt safe there and usually went places with people/friends and let people know where I was (no one is exempt from crazy people so it's wise to be smart!) Also due to it being a white girl killed by black males that has brought some issues up, but as I've said racism is everywhere and ignorance reigns supreme with people generalizing rude and biggoted statements to entire races and peoples.