University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


If you find your niche in OU, it can really be an amazing. I definitely felt lost in the huge student body my freshman year. I didn't really make new friends, felt lost in my classes, and didn't enjoy much of anything. Upon joining Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed service fraternity, I found who I belong with and my experience satisfaction skyrocketed. The campus is beautiful, Oklahomans are always nice, and I live for Saturday OU Football. Of course there are downfalls for every school. Financial aid and help can be very scarce. I have had issues every semester with our financial aid office which has caused me to take semesters off and they don't seem to care about the students there, only about new ones. Parking is also a HUGE donwfall. They sell too many passes in ratio to spots available so during busy times of the day you can get stuck parking a 20 minute walk away. However, with those two major annoyances, I continue to love the university and wouldn't want to experience college anywhere else.


I think it is overall competitive. I think it is very good for the value.


The University of Oklahoma is a great institution. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. The school is run very tightly but still allows students to have a lot of fun. We work hard and play hard. The school pride is very high and students have a lot of input in the decisions around campus.


For a school of 20,000 people, OU feels very much like a small community. Somehow, it seems like pretty much everyone I know knows everyone else I know--not because I met one person and started hanging out with their group, either. My boyfriend's roommate has a class with me, and his friend from high school was my lab partner. I met a guy on my floor who I hung out with a couple of times in high school but hadn't talked to in three or four years. My boyfriend's suitemate ended up being my suitemate's best friend from high school, a high school which only graduated about 30 seniors. Basically, the campus isn't ever scary because of the number of people. I wish Norman had a better location--other than OKC (which doesn't have much), there really isn't a whole lot to do here if you're not a part of Greek life. I think OU's size is just right: you get the benefits of going too a large state school with the feel of a small university. A lot of people from my high school go here, so it's not a big deal when I tell people this is where I go--although to be honest, I made really good grades in high school, and people who knew me were surprised I went here instead of UT or A&M. Last semester, I spent a lot of time in the Union for studying, or in my suitemate's or boyfriend's rooms (we all hang out together), but my roommate moved out this semester, so now everyone hangs out in my room pretty much all the time. If you're looking for a great college town, you won't find it in Norman, in my opinion--but if you stay involved, it's something you won't need. Like any big school, the administration can be difficult and impersonal, but the advisers do their best to be friendly and helpful, even if they don't always have the best information about your major. Everyone's very friendly. I'd say the biggest controversy I've heard of recently is the protest we had yesterday for gender-neutral housing. I missed it because I was on the other side of campus, but I heard a lot of people talking about it--the LGBTQ club, I believe, are trying to get at least a floor of gender-neutral housing for the purpose of homosexual people being allowed to live with a roommate of the opposite sex. While this is a college, a lot of people here are from conservative backgrounds, so it caused a bit of controversy. One thing OU never lacks is school pride: it is by far the favorite school in Oklahoma, so people who live here or grew up in Oklahoma love it and keep coming back. Students love the school and hate Texas (UT, not A&M) and OSU. There really isn't anything unusual about OU that I can think of. My most memorable (not necessarily my favorite) night here so far was when my best friend came to visit and my friends and I took her to a hookah bar about ten minutes north of campus. The proprieter, Mo, made all the girls extremely uncomfortable by sort of hitting on us, and the atmosphere was super sketchy. It wasn't to the point that we were scared or anything like that, it was just awkward, but ended up being a really funny story. We've been back a few times since, but the place is rather pricey, so we don't go often. Most frequent student complaints are about maintenance or Oklahoma infrastructure: the light in my bathroom was pretty much out for most of my first semester, and my suitemates and I had to submit at least four maintenance requests before it finally got fixed. But the maintenance guys are really nice! And what I mean by OU infrastructure is stuff like the drainage system--or, rather, the lack of one. Girls, rainboots are definitely needed here. There are puddles everywhere when it rains.




I absolutely love the University of Oklahoma. For me, having grown up in a small town, going to a large school is a nice change. It is just large enough to where there are lots of opportunities and you are able to constantly make new friends, but small enough where you don't feel lost and out of place. As far as reputation, OU is highly ranked among state schools for its academics and athletic programs. There is a free, on-campus tutoring program and writing lab, which are extremely helpful for classes. Most of my time on campus is spent in the library or student union (because i LOVE starbucks). Norman is a great college town, it has kind of a smaller, comfortable feel, but is not lacking in opportunities or things to do. OKC is just a short 24 min drive away if you're looking for more of a big-town feel. As to the familiar issue of parking, it is actually not too bad. Compared to most schools the same size, OU's parking is significantly cheeper and more affordable, Freshmen are allowed to have their own car on campus. OU is also not short on school spirit. On game day (football) fans pitch tents all over campus to tailgate. There are many activities and free food. All sports at OU aside from football and men's basketball are free to students. Overall, i love the University of Oklahoma, and wouldn't trade my experience her so far for anything.


I love everything about this school. I had no idea where I wanted to go to college, but one visit to OU changed my mind. I do have to say that the best thing about this school is the quality of education it is possible to receive. It all depends on how much you choose to get out of your classes and schoolwork. When attending Camp Crimson, a guest speaker told us one thing that has stuck with me over the past semester: "You can earn an Ivy League level education at OU if you want to. That much depends on you." One thing I would change is the tobacco policy at our school. I hate walking across campus, enjoying it's beauty, but having to inhale smoke from passers-by. Some think OU is too big, but once you are actually on campus, you realize how perfect everything really is. When I tell people to come to OU, they usually tell me that OU was not their first choice. When I explain how much I have loved this school, they usually change their mind! I spend most of my time in different classes. I rarely stay anywhere for too long. I love the library and the different restaurants around campus. OU is definitely a college town, but that is not all it is. Norman has a fantastic art community and plenty of activities to participate in around town. Last semester, I spent a lot of time off-campus volunteering with the Non-Profit Leadership Student Association, and it was so much fun! There aren't many controversies on campus this year, save for the regents and President Boren striving to enforce a tobacco ban. The school's administration is comprised of some of the nicest and smartest men and women around the country (in my opinion at least). They do all they can to ensure students are happy and receiving the best education imaginable. Is there a lot of school pride? Is that a rhetorical question? School pride is the biggest part of OU! Apart from all the traditions, stories, and tales of ghastly hauntings, OU is just your average top-rated university! One experience I'll always remember is my very first football game. It began with a cheering crowd, a Boomer Sooner chant that shook the ground, a stadium-wide recitation of the Alma Mater, and the loudest cheering I've ever heard. The "One" video played, the starters ran out, and the game began: the most exciting night of my life.



In my opinion, the best thing about OU is football season. Most social functions in the fall semester seem to revolve around it, including the annual trip to Dallas in early October for the Red River Rivalry between OU and Texas. Almost every student from both schools travels to Dallas for the weekend, and the experience is comparable to a college spring break. The one thing that I would change about the school is the parking situation, which is terrible. The best place to hang out around campus is Campus Corner, which is the primary bar and shopping area for OU. The school has a real college town feel to it, even though the population of Norman is over 120,000. The social scene here is outstanding, as one would expect of a school with over 20,000 undergrad attendees. The school administration is good overall, especially since President Boren has been here. Before Boren arrived, the school was known strictly as a "football school". It has now come to the point that it is a school that I will be very proud to have received a degree from.


The University of Oklahoma is one of the top public schools in the nation. It boasts one of the lowest tuition rates in the country, but really gets you on fees. OU's advising staff can either be extremely helpful and knowledgeable or extremely confusing. For what it lacks in advisors, OU makes up with caring and involved professors. These professors will go to the moon and back for any student who shows he cares and is interested in his education. Many former students have their professors to thank for the job they acquired right out of college. Right outside of campus, you will find Norman, a perfect college town. Campus Corner, which holds restaurants, shopping, bars for those who are old enough, and live entertainment, is within walking distance. Norman is just the right size; plenty to do, but not so big as to be overwhelming. Conveniently just thirty minutes south of Oklahoma City, Norman provides the feeling of home in a college town with the attractions of a large city only minutes away. Of course, with any college town comes school pride. However, OU holds a special place in students' hearts, mostly due to Oklahoma football. You have not experienced a football game until you sit in the student section of a home OU football game. Many people, students and alumni alike, take OU football personally. This is the pride they hold in their school. But this pride extends to any and every sport and activity, be it rugby, theater, dance, or art.


Here's the deal: I love OU. I grew up in Texas, never even considering any college in Oklahoma, but my parents had me apply because they had heard that OU has generous academic scholarships. When I visited the campus I made up my mind that I wanted to go to OU. Specifically, I love that the campus feels small and manageable despite the fact that it is a large school. Norman is a smaller suburb and is centered around the university, but there is more to the town than just the campus. Norman is close to Oklahoma City too, so even if it's too quiet here, you can just take a short drive north and find something to do. Football has influence here. Even if you're not a huge fan of football, game days can be entertaining. I wasn't a fan myself until I went to my first game and heard the stadium yell "Boomer Sooner"!


I have grown up an Oklahoma Sooners fan since both my parents went here, but that is not the reason I came here. I actually looked for any reason to not come here so that I would not be just following in my parents' footsteps. I couldn't find that reason. Any other school I visited was either too small, too big, not in an ideal town, a school I hated (Texas and A&M), or I just not feel right in the university. OU was just the perfect size, had a beautiful campus, offers almost all majors, has great school spirit, a great football program, a great college town, and great people. The campus corner area is in walking distance of campus and is where almost everyone goes to eat. Every time you go there you are bound to run into someone you know. My favorite thing about OU is football season. It is a great time of the year where everyone on campus can come together and cheer for something they all have in common, the love for Sooner Football. While we didn't do as well as we could have this year I have faith in our team next year once everyone gets off injury. When I am not in the stadium cheering or on campus either studying or going to class, I spend most of my time at my Fraternity House. OU has a great greek life and greek life is a great place to meet some of your best friends you will have for the rest of your life. While I would recommend greek life for anyone because it is so diverse and there are so many different Fraternities/Sororities, there are still countless ways to get involved in this University and meet people who share the same interests. This University is a great place to gain an Education and to grow as an individual and I would not change my decision for anything.


I LOVE OU. That's the best way to put it. I transferred from a very small, mostly non-traditional student, university and I was so nervous because OU can be very intimidating. I felt so silly for being nervous once I got started! The classes aren't all huge, I've actually only had one class that was over 30 students. Everyone is super friendly and the professors are AMAZING and have very prestigious backgrounds. You can't help but feel pride for going to OU, we have top ranked academic programs, an amazing athletics department, tons of campus organizations, and great night life. Another thing I really love is that the administration truly cares about the students and goes out of their way to get input and feedback so they are constantly improving.


Understandably, some students would rather attend a small school where one-on-one attention is easily attainable and one could have the chance at being a big fish in a small pond. OU truly is a huge school where students could easily get lost without direction. Thankfully, we have great advisers and staff here who help us weave through our college courses and make the best of our college years. I'm sure there are some horror stories but, honestly, I'd like to see someone try to find a campus where everyone is agreeable. There is also opportunity to get that one-on-one attention during your professors' office hours or the free tutoring offered on campus. As far as being recognized on such a large campus, with so many students, if you can push yourself to be the big fish in an ocean rather than those little ponds, imagine how far you can go after college.


The best thing about OU is the Couch cafeteria. You can eat all you want as much as you want and choose a wide variety of meals (from a steak to variety of food on the buffet). You can choose to eat healthy or get the Freshman 15, it's all about you. Depending on who you hangout with, you'll get to party almost every weekend, or just having good times with you close friends by watching free movies on Friday nights. Campus Corner is a place where you could chill with your friends. There is a lot of school pride. You get to receive free stuff like t-shirts, mugs, etc with OU symbols on them. From my experience, I have a lot of free t-shirts from OU. It's awesome!


Before I even stepped foot at OU, I knew that they had the best school pride and greatest traditions. Now that I am a student here, I can see that nothing compares to what it feels like to be apart of it. Sooners stick together and are always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow Sooner. Every single Sooner is family. Football games are possibly the greatest experience you will have as an OU student. To hear the "Boomer Sooner" chant echo throughout the stadium at home games is the best feeling. The faculty and staff are top scale. While every school has professors that are not the greatest, OU professors sincerely want you to do well, and will do anything to help you succeed. I can tell you first hand that even the "meanest" or "strictest" teachers will come around when you contact them and give them an opportunity to help you. Even though OU is not considered small by any means, it feels like a small university. The campus is pretty compact so nothing is out of walking distance.


Before I even stepped foot at OU, I knew that they had the best school pride and greatest traditions. Now that I am a student here, I can see that nothing compares to what it feels like to be apart of it. Sooners stick together and are always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow Sooner. Every single Sooner is family. Football games are possibly the greatest experience you will have as an OU student. To hear the "Boomer Sooner" chant echo throughout the stadium at home games is the best feeling. The faculty and staff are top scale. While every school has professors that are not the greatest, OU professors sincerely want you to do well, and will do anything to help you succeed. I can tell you first hand that even the "meanest" or "strictest" teachers will come around when you contact them and give them an opportunity to help you. Even though OU is not considered small by any means, it feels like a small university. The campus is pretty compact so nothing is out of walking distance.


I love OU - the spirit and the environment. If I had to change anything I'd ensure students have access to the best technology in the classrooms (Better wifi, projectors...)


I think OU is amazing. I would say OU is just the right size. With so many students there is always a chance to meet new people, however with people in the same degree path it is very likely that you will see familiar faces. OU is a college town, there are so many college students around and so many of the restaurants and bars are geared toward the students. OU also has a lot of school spirit, there are always sporting events going on. It is not just football and basketball, but there is also hockey, gymnastic, tennis, wrestling and more. There are a lot of student organizations, 400 or so I believe. They can be career focused such as Pre-Med club or cultural base such as AASA, Asian American Student Association, or just for fun such as the SMAA ,Student Martial Arts Association. With all the clubs and events going on there is almost always something going on everyday in some club or organization somewhere on or off campus.


The University of Oklahoma provide tremendous resources to ensure the success of its students. The University is a place for students to progress in their academic career but also to learn about themselves and help them shape their future, In my opinion, the diversity present at the University of Oklahoma give students the opportunity to discover many other cultures. Indeed, there are thousands of international students from more than 120 different countries on campus. I am myself an international student from France and am amazed by the possibilities to meet and learn more about different traditions and cultures. Moreover, the Student life on campus is amazingly rich: there are more than 1200 student organizations on campus which allows everyone to find their niche. From sport to art or even Greek life every student at the University can find a group matching his or her interest. The next big topic at OU is football! The Oklahoma Sooners are highly ranked in the College football league and each home games brings a lot of excitement on campus. The atmosphere during those games are always cheerful and very enjoyable for students and the community. I believe that the University of Oklahoma is an excellent school and the faculty is always ready to help students in need to grow.


It is a big university. You might get lost in the hustle at the beginning, but people here are very friendly. When I tell people I went to OU, they think I'm a big sports fan. I was too busy studying to care sometimes. Campus Corner is a great place to get food between classes, and it is very busy on the weekends. A lot of people party at Campus Corner, but some of the best parties were at the off-campus apartments. Norman is great for a college town. It's a growing area that attracts many professionals. It's close enough to Oklahoma City to enjoy Bricktown, but it is far away enough to maintain its individuality as a separate community.


The best thing about OU: My cynical answer would be its National Merit scholarship, which is the ONLY reason why I even bothered to look into this school. But I suppose the more helpful answer would be its size. The student body is fairly large, but the campus manages to stay relatively small. The large student body makes for some more diversity. One thing I'd change: I'd love to up the quality of the academics, and consequently OU's reputation. People here whine constantly about classes that are totally managable. I want to get into a decent med school (aka get the HELL out of Oklahoma), but OU's reputation probably won't be helping me out with that. When I tell people I go to OU, most non-Oklahomans sneer--I won't lie. I am from Texas, where the impression of Oklahomans is one of idiocy and low-class. I get shit from my high school friends all the time. Really, guys, the people here are generally of average intelligence! I spend most of my time on my classes? In between classes, the numerous benches are good on nice days (aka days AFTER Aug/Sept's brutal heat/humidity). My favorite place to bench it out is the space between the President's building and the library. When I'm feeling particularly bourgeois, I like to waste my money at the Bookmark (basement level) on flavored soy lattes, but I always feel guilty afterwards. Really, the library's a swell place, very collegiate, you feel like you're getting the typical, pleasant university experience. Norman itself can be pretty boring. Unfortunately most of the nightlife caters to the 21+ crowd, including the Deli, which is a pretty neat, small music venue on Campus Corner. Rarely do decent bands come to play for Normanites (and Oklahoma City's little help, either!). I'm a vegan, so most of the restaurants aren't great for me, excluding the Earth, which is a nice little deli place. Parking is HORRIBLE on campus, so I'd recommend taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking to campus after your freshman year. I have an evening parking permit for my night labs, but that's it. Parking usually opens up a bit after 3:30pm.


OU is a great school with alot of diversity. I am so proud to say I go here. There are a ton of people but you can always walk down or up the South Oval and see someone you know in the sea of students walking.


Norman is a very laid back, hippie style community with lots of things to do. Music festivals happen a few times a year and the party/bar scene is very fun. Lots of options and plenty of people to find a group that you can associate with. Norman is cool because the town was built around the school, so everything is focused on the University. The best thing about Norman is the abundance of very fine woman.


The BEST thing about OU is the tradition they have with the football games, and plus their is a lot of fine bitches in the school. I would say the school is just right. When i tell people that i go to OU, most of the time I get a smile. I spend most of my time on campus in my classes and the cafeteria and gym. IT really is a college town with no doubt. OU'S administration is good, i have no problem with it. The biggest controversy about the campus was really nothing, i saw it as a wide selection of food to eat for the OU students. The one experience i'll always remember about OU is the football games that I attended for the Fall 2007 @OU. The most frequent student complaints would have to be Zoology tests were too hard and the tests were very tricky and the teacher wasn't that great.


OU is the perfect size, it doesn't take more than 15 min to walk from the freshman dorms to the other side of campus but the map takes up an entire page OU has amazing alums and a faculty and staff that really care about helping their students, finding an internship is never a problem There aren't any bars or clubs in Norman, so frat parties is the only place to be on the weekends, weekends start Thursday night. OKC and Bricktown is where you go for clubs and bars Norman is a college town for sure, but OKC is not. Norman is cozy and small, stay off Lindsey st. around 6 OU has amazing school spirit! Game day is a blast! and make sure you wear crimson, which is very different from red or maroon If you come to OU don't bring anything orange! (the colors of both our rival schools) There is nothing like your first OU football game as a freshman, when the band plays and cross the field the whole crowd goes crazy!


I did not appreciate going to OU. I went in with an open mind and was quickly shattered due to all of the phony, snobby, students that attend that school. It was the worst years of my life. I considered joining a sorority but decided I would rather not pay for my friends. Campus should be a place where you meet people, not where they just always walk by you without a 'hello' or hardly any eye contact.


My favorite aspect of OU is that it's very large, yet still feels intimate. Rarely am I able to go anywhere without seeing a few people I know. I also love that as you begin to enroll in classes more specific to your major, you find that you have most of the same people in your classes who have similar interests as you and who are there to focus on what you are focusing on. Also, OU has a great reputation around the country, especially for being a state school. I am currently living in New York and it is rare for me to tell a New Yorker I attend the University of OKlahoma without them knowing we're the Sooners or knowing some type of random fact about the school. It makes me incredibly proud. I love how grounded OU is in a rich tradition. Sooner football and home games, OU/TX weekend, homecoming celebrations, parents weekends, and the clock tower are all parts of the University that are not only special to me, but also to many of my fellow students and the alum. Last, I will forever remember the pride and excitement in the air and on every Sooner's face on game days. Hands down, there is nothing like it and nothing to compare it to.


I think OU is awesome because of the people. Everyone's so friendly and encouraging and fun. The classes are pretty good, depending on your teacher ( FTW). And I really like the small-town atmosphere. Definitely not much to do if you want to go on dates, but I like the more simple attitude like walking through parks, tossing the frisbee, sitting on the south oval, stuff like that. It's also not too big. I wanted to go someplace bigger than, say, my private school (which was tiny) but also not get lost in the crowd like at UT or A&M and OU was the perfect fit for me.


There is tons of school pride at OU. The school year starts off only a few weeks before football season--the highlight of the year in Oklahoma. At football games, 85,000 screaming fans gather and the student section is rocking. This is always so exciting to see! "BOOOOOMER!! SOOOONER!!" can be heard miles away. The average OU student wears an OU shirt at least twice a week. Crimson and cream is seen all over campus and Norman. This town is full of the University of Oklahoma school spirit and pride!


I love Ou football. I can't think of anything that I would change. I have always wanted to go to a big school and OU is big but that is what I wanted. They are impressed and usually ask more questions about going there. I love the library, and I also hang out in the union a lot. I don't really know too much about the administration, but things seem to run pretty smoothly. I don't really know of any controversy. I think that there might have been a bomb threat or something not too long ago. There is a ton of school pride... A TON! BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!


I think that the town, campus and atmosphere are perfect. Norman is a great place to live and OU is the perfect size!!


OU is a great school in a cool town. The best thing about OU is how it connects people from across the state and provides a window to the outside world.


OU is based in Norman which is cool cause its a small college town but its only like 30 minutes from OKC or 3 hours from Dallas. There's plenty of school pride during the football season, but that seems to be it, so its obvious to say football games are the place to be. if it wasnt for Sooner football, the school would probably fall apart, which is fine cause i love football, but someone who doesnt would die here.


I think OU is a great size school. On the way to class you will almost always see people you know and you will see new people too. I think a lot of people picture Norman as a small town, and I did too coming from Dallas, but as I began to realize, Norman doesn't seem small at all and there are a lot of people living in Norman that aren't affiliated with the University. Norman is just the right size, and if there isn't something in Norman its only a 20 minute drive to Oklahoma City! The only complaint I can think of about OU is the crazy weather and the sidewalks flooding. Bring a umbrella and rainboots! There is pretty much a student on every inch of campus. A lot of students hang out at the Union and the Library. Another great hang out spot is Campus Corner that is filled with fun shops and great places to eat.


OU is a very loving school. I have two very different groups of friends there. One is all greek people and the other is from my team. I attend frat parties and just regualr house parties which I think says a lot about OU. It does not matter where you come from or who you are, there is always a place for you here. I transferred to OU from a different school where I just couldn't find myself. Right when I got to OU I felt at home. It is a great college town in the sense that there are clubs in Norman as well as local restaurants and shops AND the best thing is the city is about 30 minutes away so you can go there for special occasions. It is perfect because you have this close OU community but can also go to the city for a weekend. The administration at OU so far has been SO helpful. The advisors helped me so much in my transferring which can be a big mess. Also, the study abroad advisors are extremely helpful and soooo organized. the teachers, of course, are great too. I lucked out with my teachers in the Spring and got some really wonderful ones. This past year (Freshman year) I would say during the day I spent most of my time in class, at the boathouse (crew), in my room or in the study lounge in my hall. On the weekends I was almost always at a frat house or a house party.


The best thing about OU, to me, are probably the teachers and the friends I have made. I feel OU is just right, not too big and not too small. Usually when I say I attend OU people are very positive about it and say they have known or know people that graduated from OU. When I am on campus it is usually in Kauffman Hall which is where a lot of the language majors are located. I grew up in Norman so I never looked at is as a "college town," it is home to me, and has turned into a home for a lot of students who are not from Norman. I have never had too big of a controversy with a teacher, but often I have found that people in charge of things do not like to be told they are wrong or anything they have done is wrong. I am sure there are a lot of controversies that are not openly talked about on campus, but one recent frustration with a lot of students was that a parking lot, a perfectly good parking lot was repaved. This would not be so frustrating if the parking lot had not been just for teachers, the parking lot did not need to be repaved in the first place, and the bathrooms in almost every building are in terrible shape. A few of them have shower curtains for doors. I do not believe, if the student's voices were actually listened to, that any student would vote to repave a perfectly good parking lot over fixing the bathrooms in any of the buildings. President Boren and other administrators pretty much do whatever they want to with our ever-increasing tuition and fees. There is school pride, but mostly just in football, which is extremely unfair to all the other atheletes and students. The most frequent student complaints are that fees each semester cost more than tuition; fees that a lot of the student's do not even use! For example, there will be fees for the buses, for using the medical center, computer fees, library fees, all sorts of fees that you cannot get taken off and is extremely unfair and ridiculous. When a student is not using the buses, or has their own insurance, they should not have to pay for it, yet there is no way to get around it. A lot of students feel like President Boren and the rest of his "crew" do not care about us and our achievements, they do not care if we succeed or fail, as long as, at the end of the day, they have their money in their pocket.


The University of Oklahoma provides an outstanding educational experience for students at every level. The instructors professionalism and standard of education is wonderful. I would recommend OU to all future prospective students.


Pretty campus...Not the greatest parking conditions...Some times hard to get a good space around Dale Hall parking area especially. Over all the administration is good to work with. Occasionally you meet up with incoherent office personnel or an insensitive type. The town is small compared to say living in Big D as I did for many years. There is not a huge amount of entertainment, sorta make your own, but I am an older student so that is a factor most students will not have. I do not live on campus and I hang out with a much older crowd, but do frequent campus clubs and some campus activities (like music events/art exhibits/plays. Most weekends there are a couple free movies. Frat houses and the like are plentiful, if that is a desirable pursuit. The town has "old houses" fixer uppers near campus that can be homey/quaint. Ten miles or less east of the university is lake "Thunder-bird" which in one area has a little snack bar/restaurant with tables overlooking the water nice for a ride out on a cycle or a drive out to watch the sun set. Plenty of people party here like every where else, but the laid back moments are often, if you choose that.


The biggest thing at OU is OU FOOTBALL One thing I would change would be the price of parking School size is just right People react great when I say I went to OU (unless they went/go to OSU or Texas) Most of my time was spent in the Michael F. Price College of Business while at OU Definitely a college town and fills all the requirements for a college town OU's administration is good and seems to try very hard to make the students happy One of the biggest controversies has been whether OU should be a "wet" or "dry" campus (alcohol) There is A TON of school pride As far as I know, OU is a pretty normal college Football games at OU are the most memorable moments for anyone Most complaints are about the size of some general education classes


I love being in the Pride of Oklahoma. It is so much fun. Getting to go to all the football games and basketball games if you choose to do a basketball band. I spend alot of my time on campus in the Bizzell library studying. I also go to Felgar hall which is the mechanical and aerospace building and study in their library some. I love the spirit that everyone has towards the athletic programs. Football is everything in this state and it shows. I also love how smart everyone is so I can get help just about anywhere as long as I talk to people. Don't be to yourself. You will hate OU if you aren't eager to meet people.


OU is a very large campus but it is very doable and after you get your bearings it isn't hard to get around. The campus is set up to be self-contained and if you didn't want to leave campus you wouldn't have too. I was in the family student housing apartments, which were great and I would recommend them to folks with families or graduate students. It is quiet and very friendly. Easy walk to campus and no parking permit is needed. I spent most of my time in my Department because as a graduate student that is the requirement and expectation. My Department has nice funding packages and most grad students get some sort of funding - some get better packages than others. The faculty plays favorites to those who they "deem" as worthy of their time and attention, and there are three or four faculty members I would stay entirely away from because of their attitudes. There are several cases of students leaving the program for another program because of these specific individuals. If you do not cross them or are their favorites, the student is good to go, however, if you happen to not be in the chosen pack of favorites, these faculty will attempt to drive you out of the department on various charges or events.


OU is a large college with many different disciplines to choose from. You must be dedicated and utilize your first two years as an exploration process to review what you want to do. If I could change anything, it would be to require that Freshman and Sophomore students take only the general education classes instead of skipping around within different disciplines. Soak up the lessons learned for the first two years and then decide your career path. OU's administration are human and they can make mistakes, but as a college student, you must be willing to accept some responsibility for your education. Do not expect them to walk you through every process and take some initiative in researching possible careers and the degree plans that go along with them.


OU is a fairly large school. I must admit I was not prepared for 300 person lecture sections! However, the University a lot of support for its students. There are math labs, chemistry labs, office hours for TA's and professors, the foreign language labs, and the writing lab which are a good place to get free help. OU seems to be making the transition to an all walking campus, there isn't much parking for commuter students.


Our school is not too big at all. Yes, some classes have 400 students, but other classes have 20. You can chose what classes are best for you. The professors are always helpful, and very knowledgeable. Norman is definitely a college town, but if you want good food or fun entertainment, OKC is only 20 minutes away. Fraternity parties are a blast. Football games are indescribable. This school has so much school pride that it makes you so proud to be a part of it.


When people ask where I attend college, many of them are shocked to know that I attend OU. OU is a premeir school in the nation in scholastics and athletics and there is a great amount of school pride. People tend to be shocked because many of my peers attended junior college or when to a small college. But the few of us that when to OU, we always tend to get the biggest praise from our community then some other students.


If you are handicap and in a wheelchair or walker I do not suggest you going here. The handicap accessibility is horrible. My borther is in a wheelchair and it is hard for him to get around and I worry about his safety every day he goes on campus. The Disability Resource Center are not very big or very nice at all. If President Boren would recognize these issues then being a disability student would be a lot more pleasurable.


It's a beautiful college. There are a lot of activities and plenty of good lectures. I would like to see more but I think we have a wide variety of people who visit. I like the diversity of people and that we have so many exchange students and opportunities. I usually hangout on campus corner on a patio somewhere.


OU is a place where you can be as involved as you want. There is a lot of tradition in the school, you just have to open your eyes. The campus is always changing. They're always building better facilities and updating their technology. The size is okay but be prepared to drive or ride the bus to some parts especially the Research Campus where the National Weather Center is. Also learn to be patient when searching for parking. There are about 14,000 or so other students that on any given day, are searching for the same parking spot you are. No really, it's not that bad, but you'll learn to be patient and to put on your blinker when you find a spot.


OU seems to really embrace its prestige as having top quality professors that are not only incredible instructors, but also commonly accessable on a regular basis to help with both advancing your area or major, but also those who really want to give you the best education for your money. The campus is large enough to allow for diversity, but not so large that you're lost in a sea of 300 people in one class. Once again, you get the best of both worlds: top notch education on a personal and individual basis.