University of Oregon Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Oregon is best known for Hayward Field--the olympic trials--and the Ducks football team.


Unfortunately, the University of Oregon is best known for the football team and the success they have had. We are also quite well known for track and field as we are located in "Track Town USA" and we are home to the place where Nike shoes were invented by Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman, and Prefontaine.


Our sports, especially football.


My school is best known for the Duck football team, which made it to the national championship this year.


Easy going people and professors, good sports programs, highly rated programs.


The University of Oregon is best known for its football team which will be in the National Championship game on January 10, 2011.


Our amazing football team. We are ranked #2 and our athletic facilities are our nicest buildings. That goes hand in hand with our pride. At football games, commentators always comment on the University of Oregon's loud spirit and noise. Football and spirit run the University of Oregon.


Our amazing football team and school spirit! We have a beautiful campus and we are very proud of our school.


Our school is best known for being unofficially owned by Phil Knight (Nike). There is a sharp disparity between the facilities offered to athletes and all other facilities on campus.


Our school is best known for our athletics. The games are fantast whether you are into football, cheerleading, basketball, or even our brand new baseball team. There is always a fun event to attend.


My school is well known for being very liberal and very environmentally conscious. There is a variety of different cultures and beliefs seen all around campus.


Currently, our PAC-10 football team and our affiliation to Phil Knight of Nike. The School of Journalism and Communications is known as one of the most prominent journalism schools on the west coast. The University of Oregon campus was also the campus featured in the film Animal House.


Ducks football. Business, Green Chemistry. Architecture


Nationally, I believe the University of Oregon is known for its athletics. However, once you get on campus, it becomes apparent that this University is about more than athletics. It's a very active, liberal campus full of diversity and alternate lifestyles.


The business school is very popular among students on campus. Also, journalism and communications is another popular major. The School of Architecture is ranked one of the best in the nation, so it's also pretty popular. However, the school mostly emphasizes liberal arts programs.


This school is known mostly for it's athletics--especially football. The majority of people here are from Oregon or California. Many people stick with their friends from highschool and there is a fairly homogeneous population of people who like to party and don't really care that much about academics.


Our Football, Track and feild, Phil Night, Teaching, Business, Green Campus. ECT


The sports are great, social scene, for being green.




They have a really good business school and we have a really well known sports team!


My school is best know for being green, having a good football team, having multiple excellent departments and supposedly being open minded about many different ways of living a life.


Sports teams, business school, education program, location, liberal people.


DUCKS! Our football team and our good business school.


I think our school is probably best know for its football team. Everyone is very school spirited and really gets into the games.


Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. Their football team, geology school and business school. Architecture is great there too


Our football team, and our basketball team did very well last year. Sports are a big part of our school, but so are the accademics. The students and teachers strives for high academic standards and our school provides the resources to help the students get there. We have a strong closely knit community that accepts everyone for who they are.


A liberal, environmentally conscious, diverse campus. A large state school. Many people go here who others describe as "hippies."


U of O is known for its school spirit and athletics (especially football). Eugene is your typical college town.


The business school and football.


We have a lot of graduates that go on to receive commendations in their chosen fields, we are one of the largest research facilities in the Northwest, we have an awesome library, friendly professors, great students, and quite a bit of rain, but some of the best spring and fall foliage out there. Our campus is beautiful, it's a national arboretum, and our football team rocks our socks (and Autzen).


Nike, the Ducks, Journalism school


Autzen Staduim (Football). Nike!


Our school is best known for its school of journalism, education, and business. It is known for its football team and its rivalry with the Oregon State Beavers. It is known for its beautiful Eugene campus and for being named home of Tracktown USA. It is also known to be nicknamed Nike U for its outstanding contributions from University of Oregon alum Phil Knight.