University of Oregon Top Questions

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The campus is amazing, besides the parking being a nightmare.


I only seriously considered the University of Oregon. The reason I wanted to go there was because I wanted to major in Asian Studies and U of O's Asian Studies program was the oldest and largest in the nation.


University of Oregon has many different majors to choose from. All the different majors lead to real world work and experiences. Also, the college tries to encompass the surrounding community into it's teachings.


The culture was great! Good mix of academia, athletics, eclectics.


Compared to other schools, University of Oregon is extremely diverse and offers so many activities and outlets for all different types of students from all different backgrounds, but at the same time, all students are linked together and support each other in all the diversity, education and fun the school offers.


The University or Oregon is a highly prestigious school and happens to bw practicaly in my back yard. The many student activitied and programs offered make being both a mom and a full- time student a little easier. As a transfer student I was anxious about starting classes some where new. My first day of class set me at ease and turned my nervous anxiety into anticipation of what's to come.


Scool pride is always very present. Its a fun and lively campus and town to live in. Theres always tons to do, or you can easily head to the cost or the mountains.


I came to the University of Oregon because of the spirt. Of course it's green and beautiful as well but I wanted to be a part of the huge spirited community of the ducks!


It was in my home town and easily accessable to me. Many other family members also attended the UO prior to me and at the same time I did. The a cappella groups (On the Rocks, Divisi, and Mind the Gap) are awesome and listening to them is a nice way to relax.


The setting, the freedom and the overall quality of education at the University of Oregon. It's a great school. I am proud to be an alumni.


For a real academic dance program, pick from the others. If U of O is the only one that accepts you (for dance), change your major and go to another school.


It is really serious about sports. If you are an athlete, this is the place for you. If not, I might suggest going somewhere else.


My school is a very diversed school with students from many different backgrounds. The school has a great environment to study and gain experience through various school-related programs. The University of Oregon also has a beautiful campus that just makes me feel like I am in a different world


What is the most unique about this school in comparison to the other schools that I considered is the free resources available to you all of the time. Some of these resources are free math and reading labs, and others are as simple as the library staying open all night.


One thing that stood out about the institution I have enrolled in, upon visiting and orientation, was how blended my campus was. There was little diversity with skin color but there were many different student groups and the open interaction between different students was visible to the eye.


The campus is beautiful, has the classes and major I wanted, and is also really open and accepting of all different types of people.


Not only do the students as well as staff have great school spirit, everyone is very welcoming, understanding and helpful to one another. We have a college community that cares for the environment, we pparticipate in recycling, using less electricity as possible as well as water. It is in the schools interest to promote a unified, peaceful and safe community amongst the students and staff. Education is very important as well, even though socializing with other people is good for new students, it is best to keep inmind the academic part of college. GO DUCKS!


Marylhurst University is a personal interactive experience. The faculty genuinely cares about your goals and aspirations. I was merely looking for information when I inquired at the campus; within minutes I was meeting with the departmant chairperson. He took the time to explain the steps necesary for me to obtain my teaching certification and masters degree. Once I enrolled and was accepted to the program all of the instructors afforded me the same personal and sincere attention. The campus is small and located in a very peacful setting. I would highly recommend Marylhurst to anyone.


The weather is a lot different than I am used to, and it is very low key and laid back.


The location. I really wanted to go out of state to experience a completely different environment.


The University of Oregon is unique because you could sit in the same place at the same time everyday and meet a new person who has had totally different and unique life experiences than the person you met the day before. It's very likely that if you did this for the whole school year, you'd never meet the "same person" twice.


Beautiful campus and amazing sports programs/sports fans, tons of extra-curriculars.


Part of the PAC 10, close to extended family, far away from immediate family, in Oregon, in the North West, liked the size.


In terms of U of Oregon, what made it unique is the people in the city of Eugene. They are realatively open minded and liberal. The campus and its surroundings are very natural (scenic) and, clean and spirited. Students also have a lot of pride in the school. Howard University is more homogenous on the main campus (African American) but in the dental school it is very diverse and multicultural. The area is not the safest and it concerns me at times but I love the students in the dental school and I have had a good experience.


I learned alot more than I imagined, not from classes, but from other activities like clubs and volunteering.


Oregon is a big school, but while hosting many students for their education, it allows each student to feel personally connected in one way or another to the University, promoting diversity and goodness in personal ethics..


At University of Oregon the people there are unique in a way that makes Eugene the great place it is. You will find mostly hippies, and really laied back people, but at the same time they are all very inteligent, as well as very motivated when it comes to there future goals as well as dreams. University of Oregon is in the top greenest schools in the United States, so being liberal seems to go hand and hand with that, and for me I came from a very concretive family so it helped shape me into a very rounded individual.


It's got its split right down the middle of mainstream and alternative. There's hardly an in-between. There are weekly demonstrations, protests awareness marches. The coolest thing is that everyone intermingles: Activists date athletes and such. But everyone in Eugene, Oregon seems to have a cause - it's a pretty cool thing.


I liked the programs I wanted to get into


The large college feel with the ability to get into a subject of one's choice.


This is in a real "college town"; the university is not just located here, but part of the identity is interwoven with that of the city.


It allows students to have all of the resources and oppourtounities without losing benefits of a small school. There are 16,000 undergrad yet on campus everyone runs into people they know and I have never felt lost or overwhelmed on campus. It also is not too far from a major city (portland) but also has a great deal of outdoor activities at students fingertips.


The amount of school spirit, greenish campus, and amount of outdoor activities offered


The University of Oregon is unique because unlike other schools and campus, the school is at a perfect balance in regards of all aspects: school work, social activities, etc.


There is an extreme emphasis put on "green" and environmental initiatives which the students are quick to support.


Really, the South Park episode where Cartman tries to exterminate all hippies, that's how I feel about Eugene and UO. I enjoyed my experience there, and made good friends, but it sucked knowing that if I wasn't in perfect lock step with the hippie party line, I was a terrible baby raping murderer. So I like to eat meat; forgive me. So I go to church and believe in Jesus Christ; my bad. So I watch NASCAR; oops. Really people, you preach tolerance and are more intolerant than the racist pigs I left from the south. Please join the voluntary human extinction movement and off yourselves. Ohh yeah, the voluntary human extinction movement has an annual booth at a conference here, because humans are raping the earth so much we need to not reproduce anymore. How about you all just save the real humans and kill yourselves. Hippies.


The UO's great, but stay away if you're uptight!


Come to Oregon if you care about creating change.


There are mainly 3 on campus bars with a few further off but still in walking distance. If you're looking for a hugely active nightlife with clubs, this really isn’t the place for you.


I give the University a 8 or 9 out of 10.


UO has such a great feeling when you're on campus...most students decide to attend the UO after they visit the campus because they loved campus so much!


The University of Oregon is a great place to go to school if you like Nike enough to go to a public school owned by Phil Knight. (Founder of Nike)....It's true, his name is EVERYWHERE.


Cafe Siena and Espresso Roma (right off campus) are my reason for living and my motivation to graduate.


Bottom line: U of O is all about what you make out of it. There isn't anything inherent in the university that will make you have a good time or a bad time. It's a cool enough place to learn what you want to learn and meet who you want to meet. Could be better, but it's not too bad a place.


If you're considering UO, I would definitely schedule a visit. This happened to be the only school I applied to my senior year of high school, but I lucked out. As much as I love Eugene, it's definitely not for everyone. But if you can tolerate Pacific Northwest weather, chances are you'll be just fine! Also, if you want to live off campus and go here, make sure you work out your transportation in advance. Parking is horrible on campus, so a lot of students ride the bus or ride bicycles. Riding the bus is always free, since student IDs count for bus passes.