University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UPJ is an academically sound and very promising school for any student, they are more than just a institution from where you can earn a degree from, they are like a family that wants to help everyone in hopes they will succeed in school and life which everyone wants.


UPJ is a small, fairly descent, academic intitution set in the middle of a small, woodsy town.


Just right for everyone.


One class too large (psychology), the rest were excellent, with good access to instructors, clear directions on requirements and expectations for a class, beautiful setting.


My school is an excellent learning environment located in a scenic area; the students attending this facility are diverse individuals dedicated to rigorous pursuit of learning.


Pitt-Johnstown is a small, liberal arts school, with a very helpful and friendly faculty and staff, known for its small class sizes and individual attention given to students.


The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is involved in community outreach.


My school is the best school that I have ever been too.


The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown was a discreet yet academiacally boasting place to achieve your academic goals while exposing yourself to diverse points of views that may not be expressed in larger universities.


UPJ is a friendly, challenging university


My school is a school that individualizes you, you are not just a number in a class. The profesors are willing to help and it seems like they realy care about how you do in their class and in life.


It is a small but still packs a punch.


My school fits into who I am as a person. It has made me come out of my shell.