University of Portland Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Portland is the nursing program. As a freshman I have already been accepted, and now I just need to maintain a GPA of 2.7 among other things to stay in the program. This is a lot different than most school; most school you have to do your first two years worth of prerequisites and then apply to the nursing school, which can be really stressful. At UP some of the stress of applying to the nursing school for your Junior/Senior year is elevated because they accept you as a freshman.


The best thing about the University of Portland is the sense of community. Many prospective students woud shy at the fact that it is a small Catholic school, but there is so much to benefit from that aspect. The religious faculty are always warm and welcoming regardless of your religious background. You get to meet and know almost everyone. While that seems daunting now it is extremely important when you are job marketing in the future. The community not only helps you feel welcomed, but it provides you with the resources to get you a job in the future.


The student body is probably the best thing about the University of Portland. They are a well-rounded, diverse, and successful unit. Being in an environment with such a large amount of motivated students makes it that much more encouraging to work to my full potential. The students are actually more competitive with themselves and helpful with those around them. This kind of support makes the University of Portland a very comfortable place of education.


I really enjoy the small community University of Portland provides. Since there are around 4,000 students on campus, the students get to really know their classmates. Along with that, I enjoy the small classroom sizes because the teachers get to know the students personally and the student in return gets a better understanding and a full educational experience. I enjoy how the classes challenge the students to think outside the box. Lastly, I enjoy the family community and school pride the University gives.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. When I first started college, my greatest fear was making friends and fitting in. However, I quickly realized that it was actually easier to make friends in college than it was in high school. It is absolutely incredible to know that you have friends, professors, and mentors that truly care about your well-being and education. I have never felt more at home than when I am on campus.


The smallness of the campus. It creates a more intimate learning and social environment. Smaller class sizes allows for greater discussion and learning. There's a sense of pride and togetherness in being a Pilot. The soccer games are also pretty great.


The best thing about the University of Portland is the environment it is in. Portland is such a youth friendly place, and the career and life opportunities it holds are unlimited.


I'd say that the best thing by far about my school is the sense of community. Literally everyone is open and friendly and willing to include you. Each dorm is great and you can easily find people that are you can become freinds with. Campus Ministry is also fun and inviting but there is so much more than that. The way that the University organizes the freshman classes really makes it easy to get to know fellow students in similar majors and become friends with them.


Career-oriented and helpful and accomadating professors. I like this school mainly becuase everyone is very friendly, it has a realy great atmospher, and that everyone genuinely wants to do well in class and is focused; however, they still want to have fun at the same time.


Coming from a Hispanic family, I was raised Catholic. Religion, now that I am considered an adult, is something my parents do not force me to practice but strongly encourage. But ever since I was three years old, I developed a strong interest in Catholicisim. I was highly intrigued to attend University of Portland because it is a Catholic school. Also, it is a private school; it has small classroom sizes that allows for a great relationships with classmates and professors that want me to be successful. These are some things that I consider the best about my school.


The one thing i consider greatest about University of Portland would have to be the encouragement to go beyond just learning material, and learning more about the world around you. It seems that everyone wants everyone to be the best that they can be, and the push to do this is incredible. Through the emance help in the freshman resource center, a huge study abroad program, and many many many clubs and organizations to help you serve your community and learn about yourself, the University of Portland helps you in growing into the person you want to be.


The professors at my school are phenomenal. I love each class for the mere fact that I get to engage and meet a new professor. Each one has their own unique way of teaching and I have not met a single professor yet who hasn't tried to push me to do more than I thought possible. Then, the reward of having done well on an assignment and the knowledge that the professsor was able to watch you grow and aid in that situation is amazing.


I love the academics, personal focus, school spirit and study abroad opportunities. It's a great school!




The best thing about the University of Portland is the quality education a student can recieve. The teachers are incredible because they offer their help to all students and are always available by email and they offer a lot of office hours. The small class sizes make for a better learning envirnoment because it is easier to have a relationship between the student and teacher, rather than being in a class of 100 students. The education recieved here is one of the best, and one could see that just by sitting in one class.


The best thing about University of Portland is the quality of education. I do believe we receive the education that we are paying for here. The professors love what they teach and you can tell by the way they carry themselves in class and try their best to be available to help you if you are struggling. Everyone is also very friendly and accepting.


The teachers at this school are amazing. A majority of the teachers that I have had they really do want to know about you and they are there for you in order to ensure your successs. They truely do care about their students.


The best thing about the University of Portland is the community. "Community" is often a word that gets thrown around a lot when prospective students are looking at different colleges, but it is certainly the reason why I chose to attend the University of Portland and I have not looked back. The community extends far and wide! The Alumni come back to campus regularly to give advice to students. They also invite students out to their work for job shadows. The soccer games are where every student crams on the bleachers and cheers their absolute loudest for their lady pilots!


I love how the University of Portland is small yet you never feel like you are being enclosed in. It has a great sense of community and no matter where you are on campus you will always feel warm and welcomed. The courses are challening but that is what makes you more determined to pursue what you want. The professors genuinely care about you and your well being and are available to helpoutside of school for anyone who asks. It is a great place to be for four years. It feels like home.


The academics at this school are very rigorous, a lot more than I imagined. Students are driven and focused here, with a career path mindset. The professors are always willing to give help, whenever a student needs.


The University of Portland offers small teacher to student ratios that give students the necessary individual attention to succeed as well as providing students with many resources that can help them prepare for thier future. Along with this everyone at the University is very friendly, faculty and students alike, people smile as you pass them or hold the door open for you, especially in the rainy weather. I love it here and the people make the school.


The professors here are so willing to help you in any way they can in order to help you succeed. They truly care about you and want to see you prosper. They are always reminding there students that they are available to meet and discuss things you might need help with. There is a Freshman Resource Center on campus that helps students create a 4 year plan and helps with other things like study habits and connecting you with people and programs on campus like the Learning Resource Center. All these things truly help make me want to succeed.


The best thing I like about my school is the faculty. The faculty members all seem to be invested and care about the academic success of the students and will often go out of their way to aid the students in their academic success.


UP provides an amazing sense of community, where you know your professors and advisors truly care about you and make a point to get to know you. They know your name - you're never just someone lost in a lecture crowd. In some cases, even the head of your department recognizes you. The school goes out of its way to take care of its students and to make them feel valued.


The beauty of the UP campus is inimtiable by any other I have ever seen. Beautiful, green landscapes with classically designed classrooms and dorms as far as the eye can see, surrounded by views of Forest Park and the Willamette; the environment at UP is incomparable and strikingly inspirational.


It offers a great Economics program which is what I am majoring in.


The best thing about my school is its focus on offering the best education. It prepares students for the real world exceptionally. The facilities are pristine. The nursing school has a simulation lab that is run just like a hospital wing. This allows the students to get real world experience while still in school. The faculty truly cares about the students and will go out of their way to help students succeed.


I think the best thing about my school is the great community we have. This loving community stretches all across campus - from dorm life, to student/faculty relationships, to just eating dinner in the commons. It's not uncommon for a familiar face or stranger to smile as you walk past, and it's almost expected by the priests on campus. University of Portland is a very welcoming school and immediately takes students under its metaphorical wing and into the Pilot community.


The community is the best part. Living on campus, there are lots of activities both within the dorms and just on campus. There is always something to do and there are lots of opportunities to meet new people.


People are so friendly at the University of Portland. I feel like I can be walking accross campus at any point in time and people will say hi or stop me to have a conversation. The openness and welcoming spirit of the people at the University ensures that I never feel alone. I love going to class just to see people I may know and have a great connection. There is an abundance of opportunities for one to make such connections outside of the classroom too. The University of Portland does things well.


The acacemics at University of Portland are so strong and rigerous. Ther is a strong amount of community. I love seeing my friends in the commons and on my way to class.


University of Portland is a small private campus, but this has given me the opportunity to gain relationships with each of my professors. I've always lived in a small town all my life and I feel comfortable knowing everyone's name in my classes. It feels like we're all one big family and I really enjoy that about University of Portland.


I think the best thing about my school is how friendly the people are and willing to except people the way they are. Portland is extremely different, the motto is to keep portland weird and I think that the overall attitude of everyone is to not judge. I also love the programs offered, we have some of the best engineering and nursing programs on the west coast. I am enrolled in the nursing program and the professors and classes offered are incredible. They truly make it their mission to make sure the students love what they are doing.


The avalability of teachers. Even if it is not their "office hours" you can still email them to set up a time and talk to them later.


The availability of staff and the small class size.


A wide variety of classes and majors offered at this junior college. Room for students to explore majors to see what fits them best, at low tution cost.


The biggest thing about my school is the Division 1 athletic teams. It's intense, people that graduated 50 years ago still come back to UP for the occasional soccer or basketball game. Even though we aren't tht good, the stadium seats are always full.


Besides the incredible amount of school spirit (Purple Pride!) I would have to say the academics. Teachers are focused on helping students succeed, and frequently have office hours at varying times throughout the week to try and get as many students to see them as possible. Our library has great resources with helpful staff, so it would be hard to not find any material for a particular research project or something. The school is centered around learning, which is exactly what a university should be.


The teacher to student ratio allows a much closer relationship with my professors and I do not have to struggle with other students to get the help I need in my classes from the professors themselves (rather than TA's, which are non-existant in most classes).


The best thing about UP is the faculty to student ratio; the faculty always have time for students and the class sizes allow people of all learning styles to learn well.


The best thing at my school is the curriculum. The teachers are engaging, and make sure the course is challenging, but still do-able. For a student who is looking for a challenging course that will get them into a great job after they graduate, this is definitely a great college to go to.


The University of Portland is a highly supportive environment. They really facilitate you in your transition to college, making what can be an overwhelming process into a welcoming adventure. And during your four years, they help make whatever you want or need possible. It makes for a unique community feel - they want you to succeed and are there for you every step of the way. And that supportive community doesn't just disappear after you graduate. It remains a touchstone and facilitater for all your future endeavors. I can't stress enough how supportive this school is.


The absolute best thing at the University of Portland is how invested the professors, advisors, etc are in their students. They all will go out of there way to see you succeed. If they see you struggling and falling behind, they are willing to meet during office hours or make appointments with you at the times that work for you. UP also provides a tutoring and assisting program. They included all classes ranging from 100 level classes to 400 level classes.


The best thing about the University of Portland is the size of the university. There are around 3000 students which makes you feel as if you are living in a small community. It’s very easy to recognize people from classes, your dorm and in the cafeteria. Since the university is so small, class sizes are also small. On average, my class sizes are about 20 students. And because the classes are so small, it is easy to get to know your professors and for them to know you too.


The atmosphere, because everyone, even if it has been a bad day, still says "hi" to those around them.


I feel like I'm getting my money's worth of knowledge at my school. My professors are really motivating and they really enjoy what they do. Their passionate teaching inspires me to engage in classes I believed to be boring. On top of that, they are always willing to spend extra time with me on subjects I am struggling in. They never send me away to a tutor or teaching assistant when I approach them with questions. So I feel that the professors are the best thing about my school.


The best thing about my school is that the other students here actually want to learn and better themselves. This makes me work harder at my classes, and enjoy school more because the other students are as serious and dedicated as I am.


The campus is pretty small, which gives a small town feel to the campus. The students feel important and like a priority. The school, however, is right next to the city of Portland and are able to have a variety of experiences and opportunties.


The best thing about the University of Portland is the community because it provides a support network for students and gives them the best opportunity to succeed.


University of Portland is a small school, about 3,500 students. I love the small size because I can regonize many classmates and friends just walking around on campus. Everyone always seems friendly, outgoing and open to new experiences. Students know how to balance their life and stay dedicated to their studies. I can usually find a productive study group in the library for helpful, academic support. Professors sincerely care about students and express a true passion for teaching. The food service offers a healthy, fresh variety of delicious food. They buy from local venders and maintain sustainable practices.