University of Redlands Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We have students from all over the United Stated and from different counties. We do have a high concentration of students that are from southern california, but that does not detract from the overall diverse community. We are in southern california which means that the weather is always going to be NICE! Typically the students at Redlands wear shorts and flip-flops. Politically, we have a lot of students that are conservative and a lot of students that are liberal. It's 50/50.


My peers here somehow manage to be laid back and driven at the same time. It’s quite a feat to balance those two traits so well, but we Redlands students do it! We know how to study hard, positively influence whatever communities in which we find ourselves, exceed our own expectations, and still make awesome, meaningful relationships. People here are friendly. They actually care about you, and that makes a comfortable space to challenge yourself and hang out with people you might not have in high school or back home.


Our bumper stickers currently say "Dare to be different, you'll fit right in." Its kind of cheesy but its very true. Everyone on campus is very unique in their interests, their beliefs, they way they look, dress and act. Its something I value about the U of R. The only underlying constant would be that most students are liberal. Its not true of everyone but it is true the vast majority.


Walking around campus one will notice the friendliness of the student population. With the sun constantly shining students can't help but smile. Everyone does their homework on the quad or by the pool. Students get together for lunch and congregate to the outside tables. Personally I enjoy the weather and laid back atmosphere. The school is small enough to be familiar with the many faces but large enough to constantly meet and make friends with the new faces.


rather immature


We have a pretty wide varitey of student sat Redlands. I feel we try to keep an open mind but there will always be deep rooted topic of disagreement. I have had conversations at dinner about upcoming elections, the real meaning of words, or just plans to tan on the quad and study. Most of the students aren;t from the area but we do have our locals, because it is a small school my favorite question to ask people is how they heard about it.


At Redlands, we have all types of groups on campus, like I said, all walks of life. All of my experiences have been great, however, I have heard of of students having lack luster experiences. However, being a student of color and part of the LGBT community, I have felt safe and welcomed on campus. Most Redlands students are from California, though I'm not sure about the So Cal-Nor Cal break down. With that being said, even out-of-state students feel like Redlands really is a home away from home. It's also very difficult to even tell someone is from one place, or another. My best friend is from Las Vegas but he's just like my friends from High School. Students wear anything to class: Pajamas to Hollister, American Express to secondhand store bought clothes. Also, many students wear Target brand clothes, WE LOVE TARGET!


i think the student body is very diverse, in terms of race, class, economic background, political views, social scene, sexual orientation... everything. If you are looking for something in particular, you'll probably be able to find it. The students are definitely left-leaning, but there is a very vocal conservative minority. I think Redlands is a very casual, relaxed, chill place and the students kinda represent this. Most people, for example, walk around in flip flops, shorts, and a t-shirt.


Friendly, motivated, unique, diverse


My classmates are eager to succeed and willing to work with each other to accomplish a set goal.


The student body is not very diverse. If you are not an athlete, there is not much for you to do here.


No students are really out of place there is a wide variety of students around here there are jocks, normal kids, crazy kids, independent kids, many different races, party kds, non party kids. I think we have about every sterio type you could think of that goes to our school so you will find a place here. and some people even start there own steriotype so that is a possibility also.


Lifetime friends.


Most are independent and not too friendly, but the small classroom size allows us to know one another by name and eventually freiendships form. We have people from Hawaii, mostly californians but some international students and some from the eat coast. Most work hard to get the grades.


Hard working, cooperative, friendly, enthusiastic individuals.


My classmates usually like to participate in discussion and critical thinking if the teacher fosters this kind of interaction.


My classmates do as little as possible and rarely participate in discussions.


My classmates are unique and a pleasure to be around.


Somewhat naive rich, conservative Christians.


They are usually bored. But class can become engaging depending on the subject. I really enjoy the company in the classrooms. Also the class sizes are soo small so you really get to know your classmates and the things they are interested in.


My classmates are enthusiastic, helpful, and talented unique individuals who I hope to make long lasting relationships with.


Creative, artistic people with big hearts and rich ambitions.