University of Redlands Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


One stereotype at our school revolves around the Johnston program. Rumor has it that Johnston students are lazy hippies. This is in fact not true. To disprove the fact, Johnston students are in charge of their own education the first day they come to school. It is their responsibility to design their major, negotiate a contract system, and set course goals and objectives throughout their 4 year college career. The Johnston school has graduated prominent students that have gone on to work for NASA, TOMs and other well known businesses.


Nah. No stereotype is ever really accurate. One of the first things that I noticed when I visited this campus was that there was no "type." Everyone seemed to have their own style and sense of self. It was really refreshing after looking at a lot of liberal arts colleges that did seem to have a type. This one just seemed like everyone was doing their own thing and happy to be interacting with others doing something completely different.


All stereotypes have some accuracy to them, and at Redlands there is no difference. However, the large majority of students here aren't hippies or rich white kids. We really are a diverse campus with people from all walks of life. As for cliques, we have them, but mostly they are people you have dinner with. You can constantly find groups mixing and matching in classes, all school party settings, and even just hanging out on the quad or at the pool. We are ALL Redlands students and we all get along great.


there definitely are those kinds of people, but i think there are just about every other type of person as well. I think to say that Redlands is mostly a jock or rich kid school is not fair at all




No they are not for everyone, some students are benefited financially but many are not. I am one of those are not students living from paycheck to pay check and me and my mother are trying to get by with what we have and hopefully this will pay off in the end.