University of Redlands Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes are typically upper division classes. As a junior I am starting to take upper level courses for my major and minor. I am currently taking a Research Methods for Psychology course and a course on Gender Psychology for my psychology major. I am also taking a physical education class titled Scientific Concepts of P.E. and Sport, which is very similar to an exercise physiology class that is a requirement for my physical education and athletics minor. To cap off my schedule, I am taking an Introduction to Philosophy course to cover one of my core class requirements. I typically have anywhere from 10-30 pages of reading per class a couple nights a week. My research methods has homework assignments from the chapter that are usually only a question or two. Other than that, keeping up with lecture notes and Powerpoints make my classes very manageable.


Small and personal. You really get one on one attention from your professors. The average class size is 18-22 students. My largest class this semester has about 20 students and my smalles has about 15. Most classes are discussion based students are very involved. Speaking of which, my class is starting now I have to go!!!


Classes are challenging and demanding, however the professors do a good job at making sure that students stay engaged and understand the material. A lot of the classes are discussion based, giving the students a chance to be more involved with their studies and contribute to the class. I am science student so most of my classes are lecture based, however there are professors who try innovative methods of teaching to better fit the learning needs of the students.


Classes are small and interactive. My largest class I have taken here was Intro to Psychology. It had about 30 students. Now, as a senior, my upper division business classes range anywhere between 10 to 20 students. I enjoy my classes because the professor knows me and what I am capable of when it comes to tests, homework, group projects, individual assignments, etc.